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Oksana: Mel Was Cheating on Me

11/9/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva believes Mel Gibson was cheating on her with multiple women during their relationship -- and now she wants to take it a step further and ask the women if the actor ever attacked them ... in an effort to prove Mel is too violent to be around their daughter.
TMZ knows of no evidence Mel had relations with any women while he was with Oksana much less any evidence he was violent.

Nevertheless, Oksana's attorney, Dan Horowitz, tells TMZ his team has hired an investigator to track down at least four women whom Oksana believes may have had secret relations with Mel.

We're told Oksana's team wants someone to come forward and say Mel was violent toward them.  The end game for Oksana -- trying to prove Mel is far too dangerous to be around 1-year-old Lucia.

The judge in the custody case has been unmoved by Oksana's arguments to date and has given Mel full visitation rights.

And get this ... Horowitz tells TMZ he's provided a soundtrack to keep his investigator motivated ... complete with the song, "Looking for Love In All the Wrong Places."


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Byron Green    

yup Aunt Bea.
Its kinda like a Clint Eastwood thing a fist full of 25 cents LoL
And Folks get back on the ball this has nothing to do with religion so cut the crap and start cutting the tramp opps sorry the TROLL.

1441 days ago

Your Aunt Bea    

yup Aunt Bea.
Its kinda like a Clint Eastwood thing a fist full of 25 cents LoL
And Folks get back on the ball this has nothing to do with religion so cut the crap and start cutting the tramp opps sorry the TROLL.

Posted at 6:46 PM on Nov 9, 2010 by Byron Green

sad news for the other prisoners... everything about this she devil is fake... cosmetic butt hole alert!

1441 days ago


I guess Herzhogs (sp) couldn't bribe sufficient female witnesses to testify against Gibson for money. I still believe that this is all nonsense. So, what if he cheated on this hog! Honestly, why is our justice system wasting precious court time on this woman's delusional theories that keep coming faster than light. It is all so ridiculous. Gibson raised 7 wonderful children! I think it is Oksana who needs to loose custody and soon. This woman is obsessed and straight from hell. A very real fatal attraction story.

1441 days ago


AND she is the innocent and faithful hag? She has a long history of older men. Sleeping with them for money and career advantages. Sleeping with them for support. Sleeping with them for citizenship. OMG please silence this hag. She is evil. I can understand why Gibson might have shouted at this hag. Rose Garden? Bull....I believe that is a mental facility in California and I fully agree she should be sent there. Like she cares about this baby!

1441 days ago

Jade evergreen    

Aw what pathetic bitter liar Oskank is dang she doesn't see anything wrong when she cheated with Mel when he was with Robyn but now claiming that Mel was cheating on her when they didn't even live together what gold Digging lying c-u-n-t Oskank is.

1441 days ago


Salute everybody! It's new Oksa's and her lawyers ineffective intrigue..."someone to come forward and say Mel was violent toward them" I'm tired to wait when the judge'll punish her for falsehood and extortion!

1441 days ago

Charlie edozie    

I blame all this so called actors, because sometimes what you see is not what you get.Some of this eastern europians womwen are there for the grabs. Shine your eyes first beaten, twices shy. There are still down to earth women there in america,It most not be all about money?

1441 days ago


why would you even get involved with a piece trash like this. You should of hit it then split, cause now she's gonna ream you a new one. Listen Mel it's not the end of the world and Im sure you'll still get work.

1441 days ago


She has got to get over Mel! WHO CARES? He wasn't MARRIED TO HER....THAT'S WHY YOU GET MARRIED PEOPLE!!! NO ONE will care if your 54 year old famous rich "boyfriend" cheats on you when YOU were cheating with him on his WIFE. She is SUCH an idiot... OMG I just can't stand it! When is the you know what going to hit the fan about the extortion? That's what I am waiting for people!

1441 days ago


M.G. is 'beating' the female bad now

his future is golden, public and private

1440 days ago


What a nightmare of a situation for Mr Gibson. This Woman claims he was cheating while she was probably banging half of LA County including the lawnboy. Im still waiting to hear the story about her attempting to murder him with a kitchen knife while she was pregnant. I would like to hear her explain that. Then the poor guy has to deal with her for the rest of his life if he wants to see his child. Its sad whoevers breaking these stories. Funny how you never hear Mel Gibsons perspective.Maybe its because the same people printing these stories have a biased opinion.

1440 days ago

Byron Green    

you gotta be kidding whadda u mean cheating? you are just a poke poke poke you are not married to him he can f-u-c-k who the hell with who he wants to the fact that he is willing to to pay for his sins/mistakes by paying a certain amount of cash for his daughters' welfare is fine he is just making sure that you, you sorry piece of **** gets nothing,nada nada.
Just in folks that vapour trail is the gring troll checking out an exit strategy on her broom stick in case her begging for money fall flat on her one ugly mother f face go west bitch and do not come back you slime back whore.

1439 days ago


If THAT'S the case (Mel Gibson cheating with 4 women while involved with Grigorieva), why wasn't Oksand worried about possibly getting the CLAP (STD)?

1437 days ago


No Oksana,



1427 days ago


Oksana is and never was Mel's mistress! Mel's wife filed for divorce before Oksana and Mel even met! They met 2 yrs AFTER Mel's ex-wife divorced him! His wife had GOOD reasons to divorce Mel, too!

1230 days ago
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