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Oksana Wants Mel Gibson in Therapy

11/10/2010 12:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva's lawyers will ask the custody judge this morning to order Mel Gibson into therapy for "anger issues" -- TMZ has learned.


Sources tell us Oksana's team wants to deny Mel overnight visits until they get a sign-off from a shrink that Mel is safe to be around Lucia. 

You'll recall Mel's soon-to-be ex-wife Robyn submitted a sworn declaration saying Mel was a great parent to their seven kids and never in any way abused them.

So far Judge Scott Gordon has been unmoved by Oksana's objections, allowing Mel the visitation and overnights the former couple agreed to during their mediation.

As we told you yesterday, Oksana's legal team will also challenge the mediation agreement today, arguing Oksana signed it under duress.


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again i ask...what colour is the sky in her little world.

1409 days ago


They both look like HELL time to end this drama before your daughter turns miserable just like you two.

1409 days ago


Mel was seeing a therapist and so was Ox according to tapes and emails. Ox is clearly the one that is a danger to the child given the circus she has created. Award custody to Mel!

1409 days ago


lol what next???

TMZ can you list on a timeline the lawyers she has gone through and the accusations that she has made against Mel...

1409 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

They graps at straws.

I bet all those close to her, smile in her face and saw, noooo you are just fine, it's Mel that is crazy, pat her shoulder. When in reality they know she's a loon and they talk about her behind ehr back, hoping for this to end soon so they can get the hell away from her.

1409 days ago

Aileen (Canada)    

Let's hope the judge can cut through this coniving bitches' crap and see the truth. I pray that Mel get's custody of that child - she can then move on and fleece another rich sucker!

1409 days ago


Ox is out of her mind. Get that child away from the Picasso faced, extortionist, lying hooker!

1409 days ago


WHO has the anger and bitterness issues? Obviously the piano player.

She has her pet therapists ready and she knows the lingo, she can control everything through a therapist. Oh, Svetlana, our savior.

Tee hee

1409 days ago


You would think that with the public persecution of Mel Gibson, through 45+ lawyers and the continual trapping of Oksana in one lie after another, that the judge would order HER into therapy. She is so far out of touch with reality, based on the avarice of lawyers who care nothing for the truth, just how they will be paid. If she wishes to continue in her dream world where she actually gets paid for being a nut job, it should be in psychotherapy vouchers and long term stay tickets in a mental institution of the judge's choosing.
By comparison, she makes Lindsay Lohan look innocent.

1409 days ago


LOL It's gonna be one of those days when we get many stories.... :)

If anyone needs therapy it's Oxy and her poor children for what she is putting them through....

1409 days ago


I wonder how Judge Gordon will handle this. Mr. Gibson has had shared custody of Lucia for some time. We have not seen or heard a bad situation occur during this time.

1409 days ago


Child services already said he was a good father what more do you need?

1409 days ago


@ 4.. the timeline is a great idea. except i'd like it 4 the whole thing not just the lawyers and accusations. i've only followed since sept.

1409 days ago


Message to Toxsana. Check yourself before you reck yourself. Oops. She already has. She is the one who needs to be in therapy. She is so selfish. Care for your kids. Get a real job. I hope Team Mel rips her a new one and I also hope the judge makes Toxi pay for all her own lawyers. There is no reason why Mel should have to pay for them. She has hired way more than anyone can afford. Maybe she'll just blow them all and they will waive their fees.

1409 days ago


If Mel would throw enough money at this whore she would go away like any other slut. But she never got enough to support herself from her first baby daddy so Mel is on the hook. She should be deported back to where her skank azz came from.

1409 days ago
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