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Teri Hatcher's Never-Ending Divorce

11/9/2010 2:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Teri Hatcher and Jon Tenney are legally divorced, but the conflict goes on ... because they showed up to court today to hash out a plan on who gets to spend time with their daughter over the holidays.

Teri Hatcher Divorce:
We're told the issue is over their daughter Emerson, who turns 13 tomorrow. The judge will decide which parent spends Thanksgiving and Christmas with the teenager.

Teri is sitting in the courtroom right now, with fellow divorcees in the peanut gallery. 

The couple divorced in 2003, but apparently custody and visitation have become nagging problems.

UPDATE: The picture above is of Teri leaving the courthouse.


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I've also heard not the best things regarding Terri either. Over the years, her ex has said publicly he wouldn't ever bad mouth her to the media because she was his childs mother. He's been very tight liped as to why they got a divorce but it's been talked about that she does have alot of issues. Sad for the kid, bet Terri wants her for all holidays that's why there always in court!!

1443 days ago


At what age in California is a child allowed to give input to the judge?

1443 days ago


Teri is the problem and always has been. She is unstable and paranoid and thinks rules don't apply to her. Jon Tenney is a saint to put up wit Teri's constant abuse while he does the right thing always for his daughter. He is the stable guiding force in that lovely child's life. He is a great parent. Teri is a poor excuse for a human being.

1443 days ago


Gay folk why in God's name do you want the right to marry? I mean I'm all for it but I'm thinking you might just be dodging a bullet.

Posted at 8:49 AM on Nov 9, 2010 by karlew
Amen to that! Marriage should be outlawed and I would love so much if it was in my lifetime.

1443 days ago


Demonstrates why God hates divorce.

1443 days ago


i would think that the parents would ask THE DAUGHTER if she wants to visit Dad for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

and i am still wishing for them to kill TH character on Desperate Housewives!! (hey, sometimes wishes come true!!!)

1443 days ago


Horribly immature parents.

They should be fined and given community service on the holidays.

Let the child visit her grandparents instead.

1443 days ago


Dear god, this sounds like they've taken a page from the "Alec Baldwin-Kim Basinger Guide to Divorce"...they are still wrangling over custody issues, too, and their child is going on 14 or so, too. Good grief!

1443 days ago


Really, let the kid decide. One year one take's her for Thanksgiving then the next year you turn it around so the other parent can have Thanksgiving. What fools. But what do you expect from a brain dead state and the dead beat dead heads in hollyweird.

1443 days ago


It's not always a case of two "nutcase" parents. If one repeatedly refuses to compromise, the other must pursue whatever means are available to spend time with a child. We don't know the particulars swapping shared holidays should be an easy compromise if both parties are willing.

1443 days ago

northern gypsy    

sad...really sad...the damage their doing to the daughter is chronic !!!
grow (not sabatoge) her through these formative years...
unless your ok with her being petty ...not unlike you two !!!

1443 days ago


Ok, for the "stupid" people in HOLLYWIERD, you trade off the holidays, one year dad gets her the next year mom gets her....not brain surgery.

1443 days ago


Sorry to hear this. Divorce is really terrible, hard on the parents and the kids. Hope this gets resolved in a manner that's not too unpleasant for them and they are all able to enjoy life and move forward.

1443 days ago


@FRED FARKEL..That may have been true in the past by now the high priced hookers hire Gloria Allred after to get a nice big settlement to keep your dirty little secrets secret!

1443 days ago


One year mom gets her for Thanksgiving and Dad gets her for Christmas. The next year they alternate...Dad gets her at Thanksgiving and Mom gets her for Christmas. Don't waste the courts time and both parents need to grow up.

1443 days ago
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