Mel Gibson, Oksana at the Courthouse

Mel Gibson just arrived at the courthouse in downtown L.A., as did his nemesis Oksana Grigorieva.

Mel Gibson, Oksana Grigorieva:
Sources tell us both Mel and Oksana will testify this AM. Oksana is trying to yank overnight visits as well as some visitation from Mel.

Even more significant ... both Mel and Oksana will be cross-examined. Fireworks expected.

On her way into court, Oksana said, "I'm fighting for my daughter and for her safety and that's all I'm doing. There's no money involved. It's all about my daughter."

Mel and Oksana:
UPDATE 9:30 AM PT: Oksana's mom -- who was subpoenaed -- was ordered by Judge Scott Gordon to leave the courtroom because she's going to be called as a witness. 

And Sorrell Trope, who repped Oksana until recently, just left the courthouse after asking for Mel to pay his firm's attorney's fees.  Sources tell us Trope asked for around $200,000.

UPDATE 11:00 AM PT: We know the identities of some of the witnesses who will be testifying today. Mady Shany, Oksana's facialist, is in the hallway, sitting next to Oksana's mom. Also in the hallway -- Jimmy Hoyson, the music engineer who claims he saw the explosive January 6 fight between Mel and Oksana.

UPDATE 1:41 PM PT: Mel is heading back into court. It begins again...

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