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Cops Reviewing

'Teen Mom' Violence

11/10/2010 2:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Cops now have the unedited video of a recent episode of "Teen Mom" -- which allegedly shows T.M.'s Amber Portwood beating the crap out of her ex-fiance ... this according to Anderson, Indiana cops.

The Anderson P.D. tells TMZ, MTV turned the tapes over yesterday -- after receiving a subpoena for any evidence of domestic violence.

Cops launched the probe after a recent "Teen Mom" episode aired -- showing an altercation between Amber and her baby daddy Gary Shirley. During the episode, Amber repeatedly hits and kicks Gary.

Amber could face felony domestic violence charges if the couple's kid witnessed the altercation.



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Why is she with a 45 year old fat man with bad body hair?

1444 days ago


I look at this girl and see somebody who is in desperate need of help. She is an unwed teen parent with no education who is acting out of frustration and desperation and now we're looking to pin a felony on her, geez! MTV needs to realize they've crossed the line and need to get her some serious counseling, instead of using her as the train wreck we can't stop staring at for ratings.

Gary needs help also. There needs to be intervention instead of prosecution.

1444 days ago


It is domestic violence whether Leah witnessed it or not. Leah's presence will only determine whether Amber will be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony.

1444 days ago


Really? She let Shammoo mount her and get her pregnant in the first place?

1444 days ago


I do not condone violence but this dude taunted, teased and threatened her. Your a bad mom, I don't want to be with you, I'm call CPS on you, you need to keep the baby clean, your abusing the baby and on, and on, and on. One can only take so much!

1444 days ago


Good - she needs to be responsible for her behavior otherwise she's not going to stop. Poor Leah.

1444 days ago


I think Gary needs some counciling to build some self esteem, and parenting classes (I think he shows the baby love, but needs some guidance with parenting, to better understand a HEALTHY meal for anyone, let alone a small child, is not from a drive thru). As for her, I definately believe she should do some jail time and SERIOUS long-term counciling to get control of herself and her life and understand that there are consequences to everything in life, and to understand WHY her actions are so terribly horrendous, because she clearly doesn't get it.

1444 days ago


I can't believe they waited this long to do something about it!
If Gary had so much as laid a hand on Amber the cops would have been on their way as soon as the first episode of it aired, not watched 2 seasons of it before taking action!

1444 days ago


Amber NEEDS to be charged with domestic violence as any man who beat a woman like that would be and Leah needs to be given to Gary.


She should be required to go to anger management and parenting classes before she is EVER left alone with Leah.

1444 days ago


She needs to go to jail and some serious therapy. The girl has a rage problem. How long before it transfers over to their child?

1444 days ago


Wow, I am soooo glad they are doing something about this sorry excuse for a mother. I did watch this show, and found myseld often thinking "How can they possibly film this, and show it on national tv, and she not get arrested?". Im sad for them, but she needs to be handled the same as a 220lb man would be handled if he hit and KICKED in the back a 100lb girl. That girl needs to be held accountable. And good for him for being a decent human, and not hitting her back (even though she has it coming). He deserves way better, he is a nice man. I also am confused as to why she will only get a Domestic Violence charge if the baby saw. Thats ludacris.

1444 days ago


That precious baby needs to be removed from such a violent mother. I hope somebody can file a lawsuit to get the child removed if the police aren't able to. It sickens me to the core. Leah needs to be with her father. He loves her so much and it's been evident since day ONE. Amber should only get visitation rights with the stipulation that a court appointed adult be present during said visits. This whole thing with her calling 911 is nothing more than her being advised to make Gary look bad so he does NOT get full custody of Leah. I hope Amber ends up in jail. It's where people like her belong.

1444 days ago


To think that these fools are actually on magazine covers astonishes me. "Hey MTV, I'm a slutty idiot who has violent tantrums. Make me famous!" Puh-leeze! Throw her in jail the way you would a man. MTV is acting as if unstable, irisponsable kids having kids with other unstable irrisponsable kids is just some new entertainment trend like sexy vampires or something. Ugh!

1444 days ago


Put Amber in jail. Give Gary full custody of Leah. After Amber is released from jail, she can ONLY see Leah in the presence of a court-appointed adult who is present at ALL times during the visit. MTV needs to be sued for NOT stopping the incident and allowing Leah to witness such horror. This is going to effect this child for the remainder of her life. I'm so sorry Leah that NOBODY has stopped your mother, and put you in a loving and nurturing environment. I wonder if someone can represent Leah and sue Amber for abuse??? If so, they need to immediately.

1444 days ago


Somebody pleeeeeease tell me what she did to get banned from Walmart. Dying to know.

1444 days ago
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