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Shia LaBeouf Accused of Sardine Can Parking

11/10/2010 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shia LaBeouf allegedly committed a heinous and egregious vehicle infraction -- stuffing his pickup truck into a compact parking space and pissing off some guy in a Porsche. Quick, call the FBI.

Shia LaBeouf
It all went down last weekend at an L.A. shopping center where Shia's cockeyed parking job ended up blocking the Porsche's driver side door. It's definitely a dangerously tight fit, but it also looks like Porsche dude could've crawled through his passenger side door and took off.

Instead, he shot video, snitched Shia out to a mall cop ... and waited 40 minutes for Shia to return and face intense questioning.

So, we gotta ask... 


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Who has 40 min to wait anyway it was wrong shia parked like that but man jump in your car from passenger side and and drive off..

1442 days ago


Commenter're an idiot and a piece of garbage.

If you look at the video, there are 2 lines between the 2 spaces. Shia's back tire is barely over his side, but the porche is clearly way too far into that gap. Sorry buddy, you lose.

1442 days ago


If you watch the video closely, Shia is actually within his parking space... and the Vette driver was over the parking space markers.

1442 days ago


I agree, if you watch the video Shia was within the lines of his space and the other guy was over. But the spaces are also marked for compact cars...
Either way, who has 40 mins to sit around and act like a douche? So lame. Climb and in and get over it.

1442 days ago


By what I've seen of Shia LeDouche, he always acts like he's entitled to do whatever he wants. He acts like an A-hole and looks like a prick with ears. The spot is made for two smaller cars, not a big truck like he has. Big truck = little pecker.

1442 days ago


The porsche guy was at fault. Look how close he parked to the white line seperating the parking spaces.

If he gives himself no room between his door and the white line, how does he expect to enter the car without stepping into another person's parking space?

1442 days ago


This happened to me last christmas. some dude in a giant truck blocked us in on 1 side and then some someone in a Caddie blocked us in on the other side. We had to go in through the the cargo area. All I am saying people is "a little courtesy goes a long way". Shia kinda acts like a jerk. Hey! Say you're sorry don't be a self-important hollywood jerk. You're NOT that big of a star.

1442 days ago


I don't think it matters that Shia is within his space. He clearly arrived and parked after the Porsche was there, and it was just a terrible choice.

1442 days ago


This happened to me last christmas. Som dude in agiant truck blocked me in on the drivers side then a Caddie blocked me in on the other side. All Iam saying people is "A little courtesygoes a long way" Hey! don't act like such a self-important Hollywood jerk. You'r NOT That big of a star.

1442 days ago


How come no one is blaming the mall for those tiny spaces??????

1442 days ago


That guy just wanted to get on tv. Simple as that!

1442 days ago


You know what is worse......

How many people on here want to argue over the drama, and act like its a courtroom recreation.

Bottom line....Mr. Shia wanted to teach the dude a lesson, and the only lesson I have learned is people have WAYYYYYY to much time on their hands.

1442 days ago


Someone asks why he didn't apologize. What would you do, as a celeb (or regular person at that), if someone approaches you while filming? This idiot comes at him recording as if it was a hit and run and evidence would be needed for the LAPD. It was a close parking issue, no need for a damn camera phone! It happens every day. Big deal!

1442 days ago


That is waaaay too close. Shia should've found another parking spot. I would've been mad too if I was the Porsche guy but I wouldn't have filmed it.

1442 days ago


Uncool Shia, but we knew you were a jerk.

1442 days ago
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