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Shia LaBeouf Accused of Sardine Can Parking

11/10/2010 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shia LaBeouf allegedly committed a heinous and egregious vehicle infraction -- stuffing his pickup truck into a compact parking space and pissing off some guy in a Porsche. Quick, call the FBI.

Shia LaBeouf
It all went down last weekend at an L.A. shopping center where Shia's cockeyed parking job ended up blocking the Porsche's driver side door. It's definitely a dangerously tight fit, but it also looks like Porsche dude could've crawled through his passenger side door and took off.

Instead, he shot video, snitched Shia out to a mall cop ... and waited 40 minutes for Shia to return and face intense questioning.

So, we gotta ask... 


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Look at :40 sec into the video and you can see that Mr. Porsche is parked over the lines. If Mr. Porsche guy would learn how to park that over priced car than maybe someone wouldn't have to block them in.

1409 days ago


Gee, I never knew Shia LaBeouf was an *******. Now I do.

1409 days ago


While Shia should have paid attention to how close he was and shouldn't have parked in a compact space, I have to say that it's totally like a Porsche owner to wait around, film it, & make a huge deal out of it. I've never met a Porsche owner who wasn't a jerk. They all seem to be uptight & have major anger issues.

1409 days ago


west side douches

1409 days ago


Can I please point out that Porsche man is clearly over HIS SIDE the parking line? He would have had more space to get in but both parties are guilty in this case, as both were over the line divider.

It takes two to tango.

1409 days ago


Too bad Porsche Guy didn't take a baseball bat and beat the daylights out of Shia's truck. That would have taught him a lesson...maybe.

1409 days ago


Maybe porsche dude wasn't in the lines correctly & is being a jerk but I would never ever park that close to someone elses vehicle. EVER.

1409 days ago

Keith Partridge    

None of you go far enough. The dude should have shot the f****** p**** a******. He was dissed! F*** that s***! It's his parking space, and his God-given right as an American to not take any s*** from f****** p**** actors! It's totally worth going to jail over! He was dissed!!!!! Soap the windows, let the air out of the tires, key the car, then kill the m***********! He was dissed!!!!!

1409 days ago


People aren't considering the fact that once one person parks too close to the line, everyone else on that side has to park more and more over their line to compensate (and not park too close to the other person's car). You can look like a crappy parker if your car is remaining after the previous crappy parker that made you have to move over has left. That's probably why the Porsche driver is so close, or slightly over, his line. It was up to Shia to a) not park a truck in a compact spot and b) judge that the space was no longer wide enough for his vehicle and move on.

1409 days ago

Keith Partridge    

F*** that logical answer! He was dissed!!! After the dude wasted the p**** actor he should have skull-f***** his mother. That might have taught him a lesson! I've done that many times after someone has parked too close. I'm in prison now, but it's god d*** worth it!

1409 days ago


the porsche is over the line, the pickup is within its lines, this it's the porshe problem, he should learn how to park.

1409 days ago


of course everyones gonna say shia is wrong , because he has more money than you ... take a look at the lines ... shia is in his ... its even those rectangle lines where there is space between them ... the porsche guy is actually the one who parked in shias passenger space ...

1409 days ago


if you look at the vedio, you will see that the guy in the porshe parked on the outside of the double white line. It's his own fault he can't park between the lines.

1409 days ago


Shia is a jerk

1409 days ago


*******s squeezing their Hummers into compact spots or, even better, in two compact spots in a place where there is never anywhere to park is one of the reasons I left LA. If I saw a Hummer taking up 1 1/2 parking spaces, I would make damned sure I parked in the 1/2 space he left and make sure I was close enough to keep the jerk from being able to get in his car. And then they act like you've done something wrong. I sure don't miss all that self-absorption. Worst thing is, most of the Hummers are 'hauling' nothing but a plastic 80 pound woman and her chihuahua. It's a joke.

1409 days ago
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