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JC Chasez

Victimized Before Attempted Break-In

11/13/2010 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just days before JC Chasez scared an intruder out of his Hollywood Hills home -- the former boy-bander was victimized by someone who actually made it inside the house .. and stole some very expensive stuff. 

JC Chasez
Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Chasez reported a break-in within the last week -- claiming someone got into his place and took thousands of dollars worth of music equipment.

We're told Chasez was not home at the time of the break-in -- which he believes went down during the day -- but called authorities as soon as he realized things were missing.

As TMZ first reported, Chasez confronted an intruder who was trying to break-in to his home through a window earlier this week -- and scared him off. Police tried to track down the perp ... but were unable to locate him.

An investigation is ongoing.


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he needs to stop inviting his boyfreinds over late at night..

1443 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

He victimised the world with his cheesy music. Karma is coming back to haunt him.

1443 days ago


Ok, I'd like to ask why TMZ is so down on JC Chasez? What did he ever do to them? I think he's a wonderful and talented music artist and although I like watching TMZ, I hate it when they knock him down. If someone here can point me to the right place for leaving a comment directly to TMZ about this, I will.. Thanks.

1442 days ago


It was me... I want to do him so bad ;-)

1442 days ago


He should have waited until the guy was inside and then 'surprised' him. The thief can come in on his own 2 feet but he won't be leaving that way...

1442 days ago


with all the money and valuables these celebs have you would think that they would have security alarm systems installed. make me wonder if they do it on purpose so that they can get the publicity and insurance.

1442 days ago


He had an alarm systems installed. But he upgraded it after the second break in attempt.

1442 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

The first fake break in didn't garner the attention this goofy has-been kiddie pop singing idiot wanted, so he had one of his gay buddies come over and jimmy the window and run off like a scared little girl. And with the second fake break in, this cheese pop imbecile tries to make it look like he's Stallone or something by screaming (like the little girl he is) at the fake intruder at the top of his girly lungs to "Get away from me you Beast". And I'm sure this nutty-boy is just about to release some new kiddie pop album. Because that's the way they roll in Hollywood, Get a drunk driving, release a porn, get caught with drugs, whatever it takes to get in the news. I guess it takes being a fruity nut to make it big in that looney bin they so fondly call Hollywood. NEWS FLASH----You people may make money but most of you are losers........

1442 days ago

keeping it real    

ITs an EX Boyfriend. He's A Total Bottom.
He's gotta let it go. Lance is out! Come out the Closet.

1442 days ago


If you don't like JC, why do you even take the time to comment on a post that his to do with JC? Just don't comment if you don't care. If you have nothing nice to say, just keep quiet. Problem solved.

Anyway, I hope everything's okay with JC.
I hope these ignorant people just **** OFF!
Oh, and he's NOT gay, you just wish he was.
Leave him alone.

1442 days ago


Definitely the most SEXIEST man alive!!! (Brad Pitt my a**!) People need to back off and leave him alone! He always was my favorite member of the group and always will be! Justin needs to get his head out from up his butt and realize that JC Chasez was really the lead vocals of the group. The remaining four should get back together without worked for the Backstreet Boys to go on without Kevin! =)

1400 days ago

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