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Jodeci Singer Arrested -- Toasted at Subway

11/12/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

When you think about Subway restaurants, you probably don't think, "Great place to go when you're super drunk" ... unless you're the ex-leader of the '90s R&B group Jodeci.

TMZ has learned DeVante Swing -- real name Donald DeGrate Jr. -- was arrested at a Subway in Burbank, CA this past weekend. Cops say he was so hammered, he couldn't even walk straight ... and it was all caught on tape.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... police received a call from a concerned citizen around 5:00 PM on Sunday ... after DeVante was sloppily crashing into tables and falling on the floor.

When officers arrived, they arrested the 41-year-old singer for being drunk in public -- and hauled him to a nearby jail.

We're told DeVante was released around 11 PM -- after cops determined he had finally sobered up ... but we're told he won't be charged with a crime.


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NOOOOOOO DEVANTEEEE!!!??? My gawd what happened to these guys?? I hope Dalvin is ok...

1385 days ago


Ohhh Noooo! Not Devante! I was so in love with him and Jodecie was the Sh-t when I was in high school. Forever My Lady, Come and Talk To Me, Love You for Life, Stay, Feen'in, etc... He was so sexy and he had that sexy voice. What in the world happened! How do you go from writing and performing baby making music to this? Please please please get help!

1385 days ago


I want to start by saying THANK YOU to all of you devout "JODECI FANS" i remember when it was announced that they were BREAKING UP, i was a potential songwriting staff member at there then
RECORD COMPANY called "CLOWNING RECORDS" & from what i was told at that time, DEVANTE
was leaving the group to persue a career as a 'HEAVY METALIST' & I SAID "THIS IS THE BEGINING OF A DISASTER" I don't think my friend is coming out of the madness that he has been going
thru these past many years. but i ain't trying to see him totally BUG DA **** OUT either,
HEY DEVANTE! KC & JOJO is taking there 1st.steps to RECOVERY, & they're looking great too,
STOP BLAMING THE WORLD FOR ALL YOUR MISERY, it ain't too late to get the same help for yourself that KC & JOJO is getting for themselves.

1384 days ago


I think it is wrong!

1383 days ago


Devante it's sad to see such a great talent wasting away so many people would love to have a opportunity in music and u have just disrespected yourself and the art of music. I hope u find your way to recovery! I have always been a loyal JODECI fan but this is sickening. I hope you get the help needed.

Former singer

1383 days ago


that phony at the beginning got the workers to call the cops
cuz devante was hitting on his gf
watch it
***** cant say anything to him, has to get subway to call the cops

1383 days ago


very interesting comments... sorry dont do these posts too much

1383 days ago

Mr Barcliff    

Ifeel for Devante. May be one of few who actually knew him back in the day. Im very saddened by the negative comments about him. No HUMAN IS PERFECT. Crazy how people who have flaws as well, talk bad about a fellow HUMAn in need. To me, seems those who never attained fame or riches love to see past acts fail. Also, if you hvaent heard of him, does it make you feel big to say you havent. Thats classless and egregious to down another person on the low like that. It doesnt diminish the 3 MULTIPLATINUM CD's they did. Jodeci dodnt fall because they couldnt sell records. They broke up, plan and simple. KC-I and JOJO had a few hits after Jodeci notably "All My Life" which was a crossover hit in 1999-2000! The sold MULTI PLATINUM on that CD as well.

LOVE is easy, hate is hard. In the cases of those making jokes, LOVE seems hard and hate easy! Thats whats wrong with the world. Misery loves company. I know this HUMAN and instead of being happy I am sad for him and hope that he is ok. Jodeci changed my life for the better. I was around them in there prime and had it not been for Devante/Dalvin/KC-I and JOJO, I never would have made it to the home I own nor the LIFE i now lead. Deavnte helped bless me with his kindness and for that I say thank you Devante. I LOVE you and ignore all this hate. Your real fans spoke up for you, we all have problems and flaws. Love, from da bassment crew member double ooo

1383 days ago


Nothing but a publicity stunt.

1382 days ago


DeVante was the founder and leader of Jodeci! The best group that came out of the 90's!! I love, love u DeVante, you need to get your act together! Reactivate the talent God gave you and start dropping those beats again. The music world is missing you, you are letting your talent extinguish!

1382 days ago

ngozi octavia lathan    

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkaratz feel that if you would get drunk the best solution for that is to do it at a party, because that is the appropiate plce to drink and have a sober driver to take you home thankyou.

1380 days ago


Why does he look skinny as hell, I think he is on that Subway

1380 days ago


hahahaha we just assumed he was one of the other local drunks that hang out outside our work. lol. sucks for the subway manager who got fired for releasing the tape.

1379 days ago


You'll don't know anything about jodeci Devante was the founder and leader of the group K-ci was the lead singer. Crack is wack though

1370 days ago


I hope he gets it together because I think Devante is very talented and just as handsome as he is talented and as the Donnie McClurkin gospel song says we fall down but we get up I hope that brother picks himself back up and rebuilds his life it may not be in music, but life goes on and you have to go on with it. I will be a fan of Jodeci music for life!!!!

1368 days ago
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