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Oksana Never Told Doctor Mel Injured Lucia

11/12/2010 5:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the pediatrician who examined the child of Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva the day after their explosive blowout never saw any evidence the baby was injured, contrary to Oksana's claim.


We've obtained a declaration from Dr. Linda Nussbaum, who says Oksana brought Lucia in for an examination on January 7, 2010, the day after the January 6 showdown.

According to the declaration, Oksana brought Lucia in to check on a protrusion on Lucia's belly button, but never mentioned an injury to the baby's chin, which she now claims Mel inflicted.

Dr. Nussbaum says, "...I did not see any symptoms of trauma, abuse, bruising, redness or injury on her face, head or elsewhere on her body."

Oksana is alleging Mel struck and injured the child during the argument, but Dr. Nussbaum says, "Ms. Grigorieva did not state to me that Lucia had suffered any trauma, abuse or injury of any kind."

We're told Mel's side believes a photo Oksana is using in the custody case -- showing a mark on the baby's chin -- was doctored.


No Avatar

"two cm to the left two cm to the right..." LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1411 days ago

Jus Another Viewer    

she is so sick she should check herself in to mental hospital her stories are febale and untrue she is sick just have to wonder if she is talking to herself and has huluisanations cause she knows her lies are so bad

Posted at 12:49 PM on Nov 12, 2010 by angles

Check herself into a place.. like "The Rose Garden"? You know the FACILITY Mel was s'pose to have 'threatened' her with. It's a freakin HOSPITAL! Not a DEATH threat!

1411 days ago

Frieda search for Oksana and Bodyguard Pics

What does this mean? It means she's a lying liarface, liarhead with extra lying on top!

Which she keeps proving over and over again

1411 days ago


Did she notice any thing with Ox like missing teeth?

Posted at 12:33 PM on Nov 12, 2010 by angelika466

Wicked catch!!

1411 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Say my name -

Ok$$$ana Grego-LIER-va

1411 days ago

what a mess    

Mel should put a STOP PAYMENT on the 60,000.00 check he just handed over for back child support. My guess is pretty darn soon, Child Support, Child Custody and DV will finally go away.

As far as EXTORTION........that will soon become the ONLY thing being investigated. I doubt it will fall apart BUT if it does, this whack b.itch will be in jail.


1411 days ago


If my daughter had been abused by anyone, I would rush them to an ER for examination. Same goes for myself. How is it possible that such a terrible thing occurred and she neglected to even mention it so the baby could be thouroughly examined?

1411 days ago


A declaration such as this would not be standard procedure, correct? Someone would have asked for this. Would this have been something, if obtained by Mels lawyers, that would have to be shared with Oxy's lawyers prior to this release? Does one side have to show all evidence to the other side or can they hold it back for use at a later time?

1411 days ago


This one is better than CHEESE CURLS imo.

1411 days ago


Well well well, now we know why she wanted to change pediatricians!! What a liar Oksana is!!

She crossed the lone where she sees no difference between lies and truth... if she ever knew this difference.

1411 days ago


Now that the proof is coming out I fear for the safety of Lucia. Obviously this woman has proven herself to be a liar and mentality unstable. When the gig is up and she is pushed up agaisnt the wall...I worry for all the innocent children around her.

1411 days ago

Fidel's niece    


Say my name

OK$$$ana Grego-LIAR-va

1411 days ago


If HE is exonerated from the abuse claims (of her and baby) and SHE is convicted of extortion, etc does he still have to pay her legal bills? Can someone weigh in on this for me?? Thanks!

1411 days ago

what a mess    

I'm thinking those zits on her face are from the stress SHE is now going thru.....

1411 days ago

Lynn M    

Well well well, now we know why she wanted to change pediatricians!! What a liar Oksana is!! Why doesn't she just admit she made all this up to try to get more money?? People would respect her more if she come clean!!

Posted at 12:27 PM on Nov 12, 2010 by Muppet

She can't come clean. She's buried herself in so many lies and half-truths that even she doesn't know what is real and what she made up.

There is a reason for Mel's cryptic interviews last Spring. It now seems clear she was already strong arming him months before the custody agreement was worked out in May.

1411 days ago
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