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Lindsay Lohan -- Taking a Trip to Flavor Country

11/13/2010 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan took a stroll around her sober living residence in Rancho Mirage, CA yesterday -- taking in a little fresh air ... and enjoying a cigarette.

Some habits are harder to quit than others.


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She is not replacing one addiction for another. She already smoked before entering Betty Ford, she was ALREADY a nicotine addict. One addiction at a time. Expecting her to give up cigarettes too right now is too much. You obviously have never been addicted to nicotine (or anything else) or you would know this.

1407 days ago


She always looks so nasty, like she hasn't had a shower or washed her hair in weeks. Is that the new celebrity look now? Why doesn't she shampoo and condition her ratty hair and put on some decent clothes. She "supposedly" owns a clothing company and if that's what they sell, I give it another 2 weeks before it goes bottom up. Get a real life, get a real job and take a bath! You look like you stink!

1407 days ago


OMG Lindsay! I see something in you, is it just my desperate need to see this, or do you really have some life in you in that pic? Lovey, you have to hang around clean people or you will fail again. If you want to be a druggie Linds, set yourself up to be one in an enviornment that will tolerate it, like 40 acres in Tennesse or something. Love, PLEASE, you are on such a merry-go-round with the legal system, the PO officer that writes her is telling you the truth. I have seen it before where people who choose to do drugs go round and round in jail because they cant handle probation. You need to DECIDE, do you want to do drugs as a lifestyle or not? IT IS YOUR CHOICE LINDSAY and I will love you, whatever you choose, but you have to choose wisely. If you want to be a druggie, you have to HIDE.
I am in prayer often of your delivery, and all those like you, that were like me...hooked into a way of living that screws you over. You cannot stay clean hanging around people who USE, there is nothing more distasteful for a user to be around than a RECOVERING ADDICT. If you get clean, your old friends will NOT LIKE YOU... BE OK WITH THAT LINDZ....BE OK WITH THAT. THere are A LOT of really really cool people in the world who are Ex- COkies...and you can join us, if you make that choice., if not, prep yourself for a lifestyle, and enviornment where you can use drugs and not get in trouble. It can be done. The first thing you need to do is decide, do you want to live using drugs, or being clean.????Take your time.
I love you. No matter what you choose, I remember who you were.

1407 days ago


Yes the cigs show addiction.....that is something that can be addessed LAT-ER!
One day at a time,
One step at time.
Smoke all you want, for now, Lindsay..keep them nostrils clean!
Surely you are NOT expects to do IT ALL, lovey!!!!
Stay off the CRAP.....that's enough for now.

1407 days ago


stank breath bitch...
those goes for all you stinking ass smokers!!

1407 days ago


Nice ass on her.

1406 days ago
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