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Oksana Grigorieva

Defies Judge with Larry King

11/14/2010 2:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva has defied the judge in her custody war with Mel Gibson by taping an interview with Larry King Saturday night, TMZ has learned ... and it's Oksana's opening salvo in "speaking out on behalf of battered women."

Oksana did the interview (which was supposed to only last a half-hour but ended up an hour) along with one of her lawyers, Marty Garbus -- this despite Judge Scott Gordon telling Oksana that if she did media, she might pay when it comes to awarding custody ... this according to Oksana's team.

Sources connected with Oksana tell TMZ she did the interview because "she feels she's been silent too long and feels bad for other battered women if she stays silent." Sources tell TMZ Oksana is now working with a group called Peace Over Violence -- an L.A.-based battered women's group -- and she's planning a number of news conferences in the near future.

We're told Larry King played portions of a number of the tapes Oksana secretly recorded, in which Mel goes crazy. King asks for her reaction to the various tapes.

And we're told Oksana repeats over and over that she believes Mel is a great father, but he needs therapy to deal with his issues so he can safely be around Lucia.

Oksana is also working with a lobbying group in Sacramento -- California Partnership to End Domestic Violence -- on battered women legislation.


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Watch your wallet and count your spermies, Larry

1437 days ago


She's been "silent" for too long? Really?

1437 days ago


So much for "only wanting to protect the child"!

Oksana you lying gold digging whore!
you are anything but a fit mother and your sole intrest is fame and money with an appetite for greed like few others alive today!

1437 days ago


This woman is nuts. I don't think she understands she's being ridiculed by people. And if she is a battered wife - I'm a flying monkey.

1437 days ago


What a talentless, lying fame whore. She's threatened with losing custody by the judge and yet she choses to "speak out" anyway? This is just one more confirmation of her priorities. What trash.

1437 days ago

The Judge    

This woman is disgusting. Domestic violence is a very serious issue, and she is pretending and exploiting people's emotions for a big payday. She is a plastic faced star-****er who despite the outcome of this case will be widely reviled as a living joke for the remainder of her days...

1437 days ago


It will never end with this idiot. Hey Ox, if Mel needs therapy for anger management, you need therapy for attention-whoring, gold-digging, and lying.
Just saying...

1437 days ago


This woman is seriously insane. I think Mel should get full custody. Clearly she has serious boundary issues, issues with telling the truth, etc. etc. etc. Silent too long? This broad's kisser has been all over the media for months. She has done everything humanly possible in the media to try and garner sympathy. She's a mess and poor little Lucia is the one who is going to pay for her lunacy. And her attorney, hello you are sitting next to her while she violates a judges order and warning? Dumbass! I hope the attorney gets throwns them both in jail for contempt of court.

1437 days ago


Is this Dan O'Malley's work getting her to speak out to victims of abuse? What a load of crap.

1437 days ago


People, make no mistake: THIS IS A BOLD SHOT ACROSS THE BOW OF THE DA.

It's not about Mel now. She's trying to stay out of prison. She's taking her tactics she used on Mel and now she's going public with some groups (using again someone else for her own purposes and she's going to destroy their credibility and the good work they do in the process. How many people will cut contributions to those groups now that she's going to be their spokesperson.)

Her tactic is to become a poster child for battered women so that if the DA goes after her, they will look like they are persecuting a poor victim of violence. It's a PR campaign. A bold audacious one that anyone with integrity would be too ashamed to conduct.

Nothing is ever her fault. And all her lies and the doctor's affidavit to the contrary... she's going to keep repeating the same lies over and over as if it will make them true.

She's having a face-down with the DA here. She's trying to get America on her side. Larry King is another idiot that should know better. If he allows her to use him, then he's more senile than I thought he was.

I feel like throwing up in my mouth.

1437 days ago


Oksana is pure slease.

1437 days ago


The episode airs the night of November 22, which is the date of the continuation of the hearing.

Mel's team will resume questioning her.

1437 days ago


i'm sure there r real battered women out there who want nothing 2 do with this self serving media whore. they don't need any input from her . they only thing she could represent is how 2 take a multi-million 2 the cleaners in 10 eay steps. she is a ruthless b*itoch

1437 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

WRITE Let this organization KNOW what she is, how she lies, direct them to the many mnay lies and links ofund on Ox ace. ALl of us need to write to get their attention. They are being used and it is disgusting!!

S: Guess who Larry King's agency is--one guess.

1437 days ago


@ 15
should read to take a multi-millionaire 2 the cleaners

1437 days ago
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