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Oksana Grigorieva

Defies Judge with Larry King

11/14/2010 2:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva has defied the judge in her custody war with Mel Gibson by taping an interview with Larry King Saturday night, TMZ has learned ... and it's Oksana's opening salvo in "speaking out on behalf of battered women."

Oksana did the interview (which was supposed to only last a half-hour but ended up an hour) along with one of her lawyers, Marty Garbus -- this despite Judge Scott Gordon telling Oksana that if she did media, she might pay when it comes to awarding custody ... this according to Oksana's team.

Sources connected with Oksana tell TMZ she did the interview because "she feels she's been silent too long and feels bad for other battered women if she stays silent." Sources tell TMZ Oksana is now working with a group called Peace Over Violence -- an L.A.-based battered women's group -- and she's planning a number of news conferences in the near future.

We're told Larry King played portions of a number of the tapes Oksana secretly recorded, in which Mel goes crazy. King asks for her reaction to the various tapes.

And we're told Oksana repeats over and over that she believes Mel is a great father, but he needs therapy to deal with his issues so he can safely be around Lucia.

Oksana is also working with a lobbying group in Sacramento -- California Partnership to End Domestic Violence -- on battered women legislation.


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I hope this backfires on her. Ox is one very vindictive woman. What else can she throw on the pile. Just because you have money doesn't mean you should be used to the hilt.

Ox get over it. Your never going to be part of the Hollywood A-list crowd. This stuff is between Ox and Mel leave the baby out of it. Oh, thats right she has to use the baby. Ox should be kissing little Lucias feet for her meal ticket. Everyone knows Lucia is well taken care of and Ox go make your own money. Per Ox she was making 100k before she met Gibson. Nothing but Greed.

1349 days ago



1349 days ago


Oksana is not a good mother. No mother would defy a judge and bring into the media things that should be kept quiet to protect a child (right/wrong or indifferent). This child will grow up having all this in the media later and a judge knows that. Robyn Moore Gibson had every right to be bitter/vindictive and she did a sworn statement Mel had never harmed them. Robyn protects her children doesn't exploit them. Okana is doing anything and everything to try to get a name for herself, and the only thing she has accomplished is the name of a vindictive, bitter, extortionist. She has no respect for her children!!!! This isn't about a batterred wife, this is about a Russian woman who purposely seduced rich men to take care of her.

Write Larry King (I did) and tell him we would rather him wait until the court hearings are over (to protect Lucia) and do an interview with Mel on his career (not about private matters that the judge ordered to be kept quiet).

1349 days ago


@Preserve the Tiger
I took this from the link you provided, thank you

Virtually nothing has been done to encourage men to report abuse. The idea that men could be victims of domestic abuse and violence is so unthinkable that many men will not even attempt to report the situation.

This is so true, unfortunately the law discriminates against men all to often. When they rightfully began protecting women the pendulum swung a little to far and it's stayed there.

Fortunately, I think this case will bring to light many of the inefficiencies of THE SYSTEM.

1349 days ago


It is a shame when a woman, who is clearly seeking monetary gain, fame and a career in the limelight....starts using organizations for domestic violence on women.....what is this world coming to? Her publicity is merely a ploy to use an innocent child to get what she wants: money...nothing else...just money....she probably had this in mind when she decided to get pregnant....she saw dollar signs when she met Mel.

1349 days ago


Funny how everyone cr@ps on Oksana, but nobody does on Mel. Mel is the one who is a filthy, drunken racist pig who cheated on his wife, but he's not the bad guy? Even if the domestic violence stories are a load of manure, it doesn't change the fact that Mel is a massive POS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1349 days ago


# 881 karen lee
I hear your pain, karen lee. I would've grabbed the heaviest chair and crashed his f balls. Then call the ambulance and let him pay the bill.

1349 days ago


wiggity hey may not be prostitutes in the sense of they have sex and the guy then whips out his wallet, yet prostitutes they still are because they receive gifts of all kinds, trips, nights out and, yes, sometimes large sums of money. $5,000 paid on a bill here, $5,000 there, you get my drift.

I personally know 5 American women who do the same. Just the other day the guy told me he 'd met a girl over the dating site who spent a few hours with him and then asked if he could help her fix her car. He asked how much and she wanted $ 1,200.00. He gave her the money and asked if he would see her again, and she said, NO. Shall I draw a conclusion? What do you hate Russians for?

1349 days ago


If she defied a COURT ORDER she should be placed in jail the same as anyone else would be.

1349 days ago


@ Curious
And we're told Oksana repeats over and over that she believes Mel is a great father, but he needs therapy to deal with his issues so he can safely be around Lucia.--

A few days ago she was trashing him as a father by accusing him of not spending time assigned to him with Lucia while he was out spending time with his friends as well as insinuating that a child would come back from his house acting "funny." Now he is a great father. Oh well, she needs a mental checkup.

1349 days ago


The burden of proof for a ppo or restraining order is high

There is NO burden of proof to get a PPO. It's beyond a reasonable person's comprehension how easy it is. You don't have to prove anything. Just SAY and it will be granted. You can challenge it but I don't know and never heard of ONE case when a liar was being held in perjury for filing a frivolous restraining order.

1349 days ago


W H O C A R E S!!!!!!! TMZ......Can u please find some other new stories besides this stupid psychotic cu%t to put on here please. Im sooooooo sick of seeing something about this b#t$h and Mel Gibson on here multiple times daily!!!!! NEW NEWS PLEASE!!!!!

1349 days ago


I find it very interesting that every post hear is AGAINST this woman.....why have the courts let this go on so long!?! We all know WHO she is and WHY she is doing this!! And to the post earlier that mentioned shame on her for using these nonprofit abuse towards people to her profit...AMEN! They should be ashamed of themselves for accepting her...they know!

1349 days ago


To top all of this off, there were sites who wrote about this tramp over a year and a half ago who had her pegged for what she is, a selfish, greedy, Gold Digging whore...

1349 days ago


BOYCOTT the Larry King Show. She is a complete, no talent IDIOT!

1349 days ago
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