Oksana: Why I Recorded Mel ...

11/16/2010 1:21 PM PST

Mel Gibson, Oksana Recording: Why I Recorded Mel Gibson

Oksana Grigorieva told Larry King she recorded Mel Gibson's threatening rants because she thought Mel was going to kill her and she wanted her mother to have proof.... this according to sources connected to the show.

During Oksana's tell-all interview -- set to air tomorrow night -- Larry asked why she decided to capture Mel's rants on tape. Oksana replies, "I started taping it around 11 o'clock because I thought I'm actually not going to live through the night."

She continues, "I wanted my mother to be able to prove that if I'm dead that this is who did it."

King asked if alcohol ever set Mel off -- she replied, "There was no liquor, not once.  He never drunk.  I mean, one time he drunk when he was away.  That's the only time he drunk.  I've never ever seen him drinking."

She continued, "That's why I keep saying on those tapes, you need medication.  He does need medication for the sake of our daughter.  He needs to be treated."