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Mel Gibson Moves to Strip Oksana of Custody

11/18/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Mel Gibson's lawyers will appear in court on Monday and ask the judge in his custody war to award him sole custody of baby Lucia ... this according to court documents.


According to the documents, in addition to attempting to take custody away from Oksana Grigorieva, Mel's lawyers will ask Judge Scott Gordon to award her visitation, but only with a monitor.  And Mel's lawyers want the judge to deny Oksana any overnight visits with the baby.

 Mel's lawyers argue in the documents that Oksana's false and derogatory statements to the media about Mel and the attempt to sully his character show she is not acting in the best interests of Lucia.  Oksana trashed Mel last night on "Larry King Live."

As TMZ first reported, Judge Gordon has warned Oksana she could lose custody if she talked to the media.



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Does anyone have an Iphone?

*(I have not received mine from Mel's office yet. LOL! Sorry. Couldn't resist.)

Really - does anyone? Is there really an app that could produce that quality of recording? I have no idea as I am too poor to afford more than a basic phone. If anyone can tell us about this, I would appreciate it.
(Not that I believe her, really, I'm just trying to be thorough.)

1344 days ago


She's broken the law in so many different ways it nearly violates National Security by revealing how she is going to be prosecuted for what she has done.

Martin Garbus you're going to be shown oblivion.

1344 days ago


TMZ: Could you please have a specialist in child, fammily law on and a doc to explain what is going on

Posted at 4:52 AM on Nov 18, 2010 by Wendy

Sadly, I don't think Harvey can do this. Oksana has already hired/fired/run off every other family law attorney in town and it would be a conflict of interest for them to comment on this case. It's hilarious but TRUE!

1344 days ago


Based on what I have seen on this case, Ms. Oksana is not living in reality. It may be because of herself or people around her but something is not right. This is an attempt to protect Lucia. Mr. Gibson's lawyers did it another time when they filed a restraining order against the body guard. It shows they are looking out for Lucia.

1344 days ago


He attempted to take care of them, Sandy. It wasn't ENOUGH. Perhaps you should think of what it's like for that little girl when she grows up and knows her father was destroyed by her mother over MONEY.

1344 days ago


Pretty much sums her motive up

KING: But you know that he's a very famous person.

GRIGORIEVA: Yes, I know.

KING: And so, therefore, it's a risk to him. A power you had over him was his fame. Other people who are -- who treat people poorly and hit them, they're not well-known. Women are forced -- they're slaves to them. They have trouble running away. You didn't have that problem. You had Mel Gibson.

GARBUS: Yes. But look at the power that he had in a role like this.

KING: Except he's more vulnerable. She's vulnerable physically, but he's -- who's getting the bad press now?

GARBUS: No. In the courtroom, he has endless attorneys spending fortunes at times. I've said, we probably had ten applications to stop her from speaking First Amendment speeches. And they've tried to do everything to discourage her from bringing this lawsuit.

1344 days ago


thanks shocker.

1344 days ago


One day Oksana may regret for what you have done. You may find it was not the worst when you looked back. Actually it was the best. Why didn't you take the 15millions earlier, be a good mother and co-parent with Mel.

So far you haven't done anything can be called "smart move". They all seemed dumb and hysterical. How people can percieve you as a good mother after crazy acts have happened one after another. But still you'd better think in this way, things could be even worse. So get your act togehter. Act as a reasonable woman, a responsible mother now, before it is toooooo late.

1344 days ago


I noticed that Mr. Garbus brings up a lawsuit. Which one is he speaking about? I have not seen a civil suit filed yet.

1344 days ago


Maybe LK is a friend of Mels and baited her? Or maybe he did his research and realised exactly what Oksana was about?

Posted at 4:44 AM on Nov 18, 2010 by Shocker

Then why didn't he call her out on it. He just asked a question each time and let her lie through her broken "teef". Why not point out any of her discrepancies? Why so one sided? If he is a friend of Mel's I wouldn't want him as an enemy. He did nothing to help Mel.

1344 days ago


OG : Normally it would always be jealousy that tripped him off

LK Jealous of another man?

OG : No he was never jealous

1344 days ago


If Oinky had been a great mother; been civil to Mel (as Robyn is), worked hard to do what is right...there's not a doubt in my mind that Mel would have always taken care of her. She really should have thought long and hard before she pulled this crap.

1344 days ago


I wonder if he'll punch her in the face to? Of course he will, he's Mel Gibson that's his thing.

Posted at 4:48 AM on Nov 18, 2010 by Mark
Yeah because we have all heard the stories through the years of Mel beating women.... Oh wait - no we haven't.

Mark, report back to Ox that she is not convincing us with her lies.

1344 days ago


This is too funny while the new few on here think she should have rights to ignore the courts and continue to take this to the public media for her own whatever don't think he should have the right to take her to court where the case belongs. If those new oxtonut fans believe her and what she spewed on tv they should be calling childrens services having that child removed from that woman for putting that baby in the same home with a man she claims slugged her in the mouth TWICE (pic's prove different) she claims in the same incident he CHOKED HER (yet her neck shows zero signs of anything) oh and her newestest addition to the single event was he held a GUN on her! AND YOU PEOPLE WANT HER TO RAISE CHILDREN, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

1344 days ago


Sadly. Ox did not not follow the correct way to legally tapes someone to protect your life...atfer you tape the threats you call the police, yo udon't hang on to them until a mediation agreement is not to your liking and then play them

KING: Is it legal to tape a phone conversation, Martin?

GARBUS: It is if you think that your life is going to be threatened or the person is doing something on phone which has illegal connotations. So, what she did, and most people don't understand that, she didn't do it for herself, but it is perfectly appropriate. If she wanted to call the police, for example, right after the phone call, she would have to have something to show the police.

KING: Play it for 911.

GARBUS: Yes. You just have to play the phone calls.

1344 days ago
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