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Yes, Steven Seagal is Training My Opponent

11/18/2010 2:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rampage Jackson says he's well aware that the guy he's set to fight on Saturday, Lyoto Machida, has a brand new trainer in his corner -- a trainer who once took down an entire war ship ... and then torpedoed his own career.

Yes, for some reason ... Machida enlisted the services of Steven Seagal -- star of such cinematic classics as, "Hard to Kill," "Out For a Kill, "Driven to Kill" and "Kill Switch."

Footage of Seagal training Machida has surfaced on the web -- which we've titled, "Career Kill."

If you haven't seen it yet ... you're missing out.

FYI -- Rampage is set to take on Seagal's protege at UFC 123 this Saturday night.

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As old and fat as Seagal is, I've always thought of him as a bad ass. Good for him.

1397 days ago


Small joint manipulation is illegal in the UFC...

1397 days ago

Good riddance!    

Coming back to look at what's going on and dh and a few others make some good points. One thing that is not deniable is Segal is a blowhard of legend and even he might admit to that (or not?). Anyway, the most humble person or the biggest blowhard can often teach you things that make all the difference in a style or a fight. Anything can teach you lessons, if you are prepared to learn them. The act of simply driving a nail could show you something you missed before and you can often find information in other unexpected ways and places. So fencing, is that MMA? No, but Bruce Lee was able to his knowledge of it it life changing ways when it came to developing Jeet Kune Do. Mixed Martial Arts, is exactly that, mixed. There have been countless matches where a new technique or style trumped what was known and previously thought bulletproof. To paraphrase, what you may find to be trash maybe treasure in the hands of another. Who knows? Maybe the old blowhard can teach the young grasshopper something, maybe not. Will Machida confuse and confound Jackson until he catches him, or will Jackson catch him and powerbomb slam him into next week? I won't be able to watch this fight, but I plan to surely keep track of the results later on the MMA blogs. It's probably going to be a very good fight, or people wouldn't be arguing about on an entertainment blog.

1396 days ago


Steven Seagal is legit!!!! I used to think it was all movie magic but after researching him I found out he's a legit martial artist

1396 days ago

Dave Welsh    

Seagal--even with the extra weight and at his age--still throws his hands quicker than MMA stars. He's right: don't wrestle and divert the other guy's limbs to nullify his attack and gain the advantage on him by repositioning yourself. There will always be the snarky losers who like to tear down guys like Seagall, but that only reveals their own insecurities and the pining for days past when they "coulda been a contenda" (in their own minds, of course).

1396 days ago


Yuk it up, bottom line is 99.99% of you including myself would get owned by him. Beat down ICU style.
He may be getting old but he still looks sharp. I would not want to test him...

1395 days ago


Old? Yes Over weight? Yes Done with movie career? Yes KICK YOUR ASS STILL? YES! All you mouths,Steven would **** all of you up.old or not.. The man studied for years as stated above,speaks Japanese,Canton and many other Asian languages! To bad most of you would never get to act an ass in front of the man. Keyboard Cowards!

1395 days ago

Jeff Hoover    

Lot of ignorance in these comments. For all of those calling SS "old" "out of shape" "overweight", I would love to see any of you take him on. I guarantee not one of you could last 20 seconds with this man. Educate yourselves before casting such judgement. Go watch some of the video out there of him training Silva. Read up on some of the other people he has trained. Maybe more importantly, get a life and stop sitting on you a$$ casting judgement on people.

1394 days ago


People seem to forget, seagal started in japan as a teacher long before he became an actor. do you realize how good you have to be, to be an american white guy to teach in japan. they take that seriously in japan.

Hes teaching it wrong. i laugh at that statement. i really do. when this guy holds seminars, masters from around the world come to see him. the man is a master. you may or may not like some of his movies, but don't confuse that with his proficiency in his martial arts background.

1233 days ago
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