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Mel Gibson Almost Calls the Cops on Oksana

11/21/2010 11:17 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson almost called the cops on Oksana Grigorieva today because she would not turn baby Lucia over per the custody agreement ... TMZ has learned.

According to our sources, Mel's nanny arrived at the scheduled time of 10:00 AM to pick up the baby for her overnight visit, but Oksana would not answer the door.

We're told as the stand-off continued, things got heated and Mel -- who was not at Oksana's place -- was one step away from calling the cops.  At noon, Oksana finally released the baby to the nanny.

Sources connected with Oksana tell this story -- Lucia was returned late by Mel's nanny earlier in the week so this was a pre-arranged make-good.

As we first reported, Mel's lawyers will ask Judge Scott Gordon on Monday to strip Oksana of custody and overnights, and give her supervised visitation. 

Should be interesting ...


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M: You hang up, I'm coming over there.

O: I'll call the police.

M: What?

O: I'll call the police.

M: You f*cking c*nt. I'm coming to my house. You're in my house, honey.

O: Yes, but you, honey, don't call me honey. You just..

M: (screaming) You're in my house! So I'll call the police and tell them there's someone in my house. How 'bout that?

O: You can do that. That's fine.

M: F*ck you. I don't, I don't involve the police in anything because I can stand up for myself. You, you weak c*nt, you call the f*cking cops.

1349 days ago

little aussie reader    

lil' aussie? Did you like the movie?

Posted at 5:07 PM on Nov 20, 2010 by Sam

Sm - it was very late when I started watching and I went to bed about 1/2 way through, but yes, I'm enjoying it very much. Thanks for putting me on to it, I'm planning to watch the rest today :o)

1349 days ago


I'm sure Mel called his attorney when this happened. Monday will be very interesting. I think that OG will lose some custody with Lucia. She is not co-parenting with Mel at all.

1349 days ago


This is just the beginning of the end...

Please someone keep an eye on that baby. So many times lately this ends bad. God please protect baby Lucia.

1349 days ago

little aussie reader    

I'm out guys - things to do.

Catch you all later :o)

Team Mel!

1349 days ago


Oh grow up already!

1349 days ago


John--I like you; I really do. I admire that you know your Bible and you also are not afraid to speak up with a religious viewpoint. You sound like a good man, and a sensible one. I also agree that Mel would be the better parent for Lucia. I feel badly for Sasha though.

1349 days ago


Some people just should not breed together...

1349 days ago


I was with someone who had visitation with his daughter. Very contentious situation with the mother. She lied nonstop, just like Oinky. Made up stuff all the time. One day, while he had the child, a family member became ill in the car. We were to be 2 hours late bringing the child back. The father called the mother and told the cir***stances. I recommended he call the police, too, or she could accuse of him anything. Wisely, he took my advice.

Thank goodness he did because she phoned the police, AFTER the father told her he'd be late, and said he kidnapped her baby. Hysterics and everything. Oscar worthy.

The mother has lost custody and gets very limited supervised visits now.

1349 days ago


What sources would these be?

Posted at 5:13 PM on Nov 20, 2010 by Ira Black
Probably Mandy Shany. Number is in the book--the facialist.

1349 days ago


I have the most appropriate punishment for Mel: He should be locked up for a week with all the crazy women here who believe he's a victim and a lovely person!

1349 days ago


I feel badly for Sasha though.

Posted at 5:13 PM on Nov 20, 2010 by fuddyduddy

Everybody refers to her son as Alexander

Close friend of the family?


1349 days ago


Stupid ugly russian whore.

1349 days ago


@Snorty - your Realdoll and life-sized body pillow of Ox is calling you. Those voices you are hearing are not Mel and Ox. They can't have contact with one another.

1349 days ago


Harvey can you please explain to us why you so bias with this story.Stop sticking up for this sick psychotic man

It's obvious you are on the (Racist, sexist, and wife beater side), and you call yourself a "jew". You should be ashame of yourself, attacking this poor woman.You must be pissed off, after Oksana said during her interview w/larry king that stoling court papers were sole to tmz.Is that the reason for all those pro mel gibson stories. All these radiculous stories that mel gibson pr firm keeps feeding tmz, only makes him look more desparate.

Again nothing you write about oksana, will ever make me feel anything but disgust for mel.This is a horrible man, who beats women, and says nasting things about other races. it would be a trajedy,if this so call judge on monday give mel custody of this child after all the horrible things that this man has done.The man is a raving psychotic lunatic, and can't even take care of himself. How on earth is he going to raise a child, the thought of him raising a child just makes me sick.This man should be in prison now, I don't know what the LAPD is waiting for, the evidence is overwhelming.If it was anybody else, they would already be in jail for domestick violence.

1349 days ago
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