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New York Cops Want to Interview Charlie Sheen

11/24/2010 3:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

New York detectives have made contact with Charlie Sheen's rep, asking for an interview with the famous Plaza Hotel guest.

Charlie Sheen Police

We're told detectives contacted Charlie's manager, Mark Burg, and asked for the interview in connection with the criminal complaint filed by Capri Anderson. 

Charlie's lawyer, Yale Galanter, would not comment on whether he will make Charlie available.  Galanter did tell TMZ ... after detectives reached out to Burg, he called detectives back and gave them some info on the case.

Galanter says he'll be speaking with cops again after Thanksgiving and will then make a decision on whether he, Charlie, or a combination thereof will fly to NYC for an interview.



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Dean Martin without the class, a cartoon character of a man, a spoilt idiot, Martin, where did you go wrong? your sons an idiot

1399 days ago


I agree with #14--Charlie needs to keep his mouth shut, but that lawyer of his is useless--he really needs to shut up. This should be handled like any case--let the facts decide the outcome of the case---not who has the best lawyer, or the most fame. I really am sick of hearing about Charlie Sheen. He needs to grow up, and be a role model for his 5 children.

1399 days ago


yes kanye west i love everytime may god bless you jah love.

1399 days ago

gena osborne    

how come gang task force investigates cartel crime and lets gena osborne and her pimp at the i street 7 11 in chula vista get scott free with murder pediphilia tortue of babys ect ect...

1399 days ago


A simple case of detectives wanting to make a name for themselves. They know the case if false. If there was anytime there is visual evidence of assalt, the police dose not need the victim to make a complaint for arrest. There was none the day the hotel case happend when cops showed up, so there is nothing here but detectives spend NY tax money to investagte a case where it was already looked into and nothing was found. That and they probly just want to meet Sheen...

1399 days ago


Charlie Sheen is one disgusting, perverted individual..I don't watch the 2 1/2 Men show anymore because I can't stand to look at the pervert...gross!

1399 days ago


This is just a matter of due course. She filed the complaint and the NYPD is required to investigate her claim.

Nice that they are speedy about it. No reason to drag it out.

I noticed she didn't file the civil action she threatened him with on Monday. I wonder why (snicker). I'd bet this one is going to sit down and shut up very quickly since she never mentioned being choked to the officers on the subject night.

1399 days ago


New MORONICA comedy rock track just released on iTunes!


1399 days ago


I HATE TO SAY THIS BUT, I AM GOING TO ANYWAY. "Cholly" Sheen has become one of the most repulsive individuals in recent memory. There is hardly any difference between his real life behavior and his character on his show. Only he knows why he is so much out of control. He seems to crave publicity to the point of being completely and absolutely sickening. I don't know what kind of addict he is but, for goodness sake and, for the sake of our young people, get him off the air and out of the tabloids. Simply put, he is no longer worth the time, the effort and, certainly, not worth the salary. For God's sake, "Cholly." go away and stay away, for good!!!

1399 days ago


Let the cops fly to wherever he is. Why should he goo to them?

1399 days ago

Marilyn Monroe    

The cops need to give Charlie a ticket for being stupid with a crack head ho-bag. He should have paid off the tramp BEFORE she started running her mouth.

1399 days ago


This low live, woman abuser, prostitute loving s***bag should be in jail. He should have been when he pulled the knife on his wife in from of the kids. Typical howmoney bought his freedom. Then in New YOrk, on druge and on probation, the hotel lets him walk after thousands of dollars of damage. Another ass kissing from a business more concerned with celebrity money than with making sure he was put in jail for probation violation. He is a disgusting pig of a human being and does not deserve to breath the air I do. For the 1st time in my life, I can honestly say I hope this pig dies of an overdose, or is killed by some other hooker he tries to rape and beat. Stop kissing his ass TV producers and the public. He is NOTHING special. Just some poor excuse for ahuman being. My cat deserves better treatment than this pig

1399 days ago


Wow, do you really feel?
I kinda agree, though. This guy has become a total joke...and he keeps getting away with stuff. I have a feeling that one day he's gonna end up in a bad way.

1399 days ago


The police are just doing their due diligence. No way does it mean Charlie is in trouble. All it means is they want Charlie's version of the incident.

1399 days ago


he is so freaking ugly these days...and why is he so rich???...his hey day has come and gone and I don't understand why anybody likes him. He has proven to have no character or anything really likeable. He is really a bad person...and reeks it now too. Too bad he reproduced cause he is not worthy of his kids or any of his ex wifes and he keeps proving to the world what a bad person he really is. Charlie needs a reality check big time...and it is LLOONNGG overdue!!!

1399 days ago
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