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Lindsay Lohan -- On the Road Again

11/22/2010 5:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Lindsay Lohan is officially a California driver again, because her privilege to get behind the wheel has just been restored.

The L.A. County Probation Department and officials at the Betty Ford clinic signed off this morning, so Lindsay can drive just like us.

And speaking of just like us ... we're told Lindsay is not getting special treatment. The folks at Betty Ford routinely allow people "at Lindsay's care and treatment level" the right to hit the road.

It's interesting ... because all of Lindsay's legal troubles emanate from driving.


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You can make all the excuses in the world for why it took her 3 years to take an 18 month class, but the fact is it took her 3 years and that is HER fault and no one elses. Exuses don't matter.

1342 days ago


$5 says she runs over a nun during a coke binge in the next week.

1342 days ago


no.....all of her troubles stem from coke, alcohol, Dina and Michael.

1342 days ago


If this is true, Betty Ford is a sham.
Here is a young women, who a month ago, couldn't stay CLEAN when she KNEW she would go to jail for using.
And they are going to santion her getting behind the wheel of a car?
Someone is going to drive up right next to Lindsay, and... shoot.
It happens in this town for less.

1342 days ago

Alan Carver    

It just means her insurance will be through the roof, like with all sucky drivers. - DUFUS1000

Hey Dufus,(intentional)
She is not going to have higher insurance rates due to her GOD-AWFUL, CITIZEN ENDANGERMENT DRIVING INABILITIES, she is going to have higher-rates due to her TWO DUI's! She will probably have to have an SR-22 (insurance doc - indicated she is a DUI offender) and she should be REQUIRED to have a breath-alyzer installed to prevent the car from turning over, if she has consumed alcohol. That is pretty standard for DUI offenders in any state. Especially in CA since they are bankrupt - they could really use the revenue from a repeat offender like Lohan!

1342 days ago


Comparing Nicole Richie's case with Lindsay Lohan's is laughable. The only similarity is the length of the probationary period. Nicole Richie has complied with everything the court has requested. She has not had any probation violation hearings, additional stints in jail, etc. Due to her busy schedule she requested additional time to complete her classes and her request was granted.

During the last 3 years Lindsay has been photographed repeatedly where she was clearly under the influence of some sort of substance. In contrast, Nicole Richie is generally seen with her kids, clear eyed and standing without assistance.

Nicole Richie has been quite open about her struggles with drug addiction. Unlike Lindsay and the rest of the Lohan clan, Nicole admitted that she had a problem and took responsibility for her actions, worked on getting better and blamed no one else for her problems.

1342 days ago


Put her in the trunk with Bristal pain in the but and her mother then ship them off to some far reached iceberg to hunt polar bears.

1342 days ago


Anybody else find Nicole's obvious lesbian obsession with Lindsay Lohan creepy?

1342 days ago


Special treatment for Lindsay - free publicity for the Betty Ford Clinic. That is Lindsay's problem - too much special treatment.

1342 days ago


Sarah Sue,
That is really nice about Nicole Richie cleaning up her act. Particually since she is a Mommy.
However, someone here wrote that Nicole Richie is one of Lindsay's "best friends". Why would a clean Nicole Richie pal around with Lindsay, who is such a mess? I can only suppose, she would be trying to help her if that comment were true...Maybe it's all nonsense. I just though that was a weird read, that Nicole Richie was Lindsay's buddy. Richie being "reborn" and all. (Off drugs, not infering anything "christian"). Also, if that is the case, it isn't very hopeful that a clean best friend hasn't seemed to be able to help Lindsay at all.

1342 days ago


You know Linds, there is a person with a gun,in LA right now, just killed someone in the Industry.
Still at large, last I heard.
You are beyond foolish to get behind the wheel of a car in LA.
I am starting to really believe you have a death wish because now that there is no future in Hollywood for you, you have a need to continue your "tragedy".
Do you ever, ever, ever THINK AHEAD?
Good luck. Something tells me you are about to learn what pushing your luck really means.
I am now truly convinced you are brain damaged from meth, beyond hope.

1342 days ago


She should at a minimum be required to have an Interlock device in her car! Anyone convicted of DUI should have to have an interlock device. This is the device where you have to blow into the device in order to start the car. Any alcohol detected and the car won't start. It also requires you to blow into the breathalizer at random intervals while driving. This is then uploaded every month (and calibrated).

If you blow 'hot', the car won't start the next time you try and it has to be reset by the installer (at a cost to you and a report goes to the state).

1341 days ago

Alan Carver    

@ Mike (54) ABSOLUTELY! With a REPEAT OFFENDER like Lohan, the state certainly could use the REVENUE generated from her repeat offensives! She needs to have this device while on probation formal or informal! Regardless Judge Fox should have made that mandatory if she was to get her license back. But these two divisions, courts and DMV do not 'work-together' they each have their own rules and justice served. Mike, a RESOUNDING YES to what you posted! Lohan need this device in her car(s)!

1341 days ago


What is wrong with her ear? Eww!

1341 days ago


What happended to her ear. It looks like it's infected?

1340 days ago
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