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Michael's Former Manager:

I Was Honest,

So Pay Up

11/22/2010 3:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The man who claims he was Michael Jackson's manager says he was so honest when he turned over a secret stash of MJ money ... the MJ Estate should return the favor by opening its books to him.

Dr. Tohme Tohme claims in new legal docs the Estate owes him 15% of Jacko's earnings while Tohme allegedly worked for him, but the big wigs who administer the estate won't open their books so he can figure out how much to demand.

Tohme says the Estate isn't giving him credit for turning over $5.5 million dollars of Michael's money shortly after he died -- money Tohme says he was secretly holding for the singer.  And, Tohme boasts in legal documents obtained by TMZ, he didn't even deduct his fee.  Tohme's argument -- being honest should have its rewards.

The Estate doesn't look kindly on Tohme, and they've shut him out. 



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Phantom of the Opera    

Mystery Man Behind Michael Jackson;

1395 days ago


He's not a doctor, he's a gangster.

1395 days ago


This is some sort of joke I turned over the money I was honest...BS and he knows it.. What I wanna know is how much more money did he have that he didnt turn over that he hid since he had so much control over Michaels business? I feel like he only gave the money back because The Estate Laywers hired a PI and the PI found out about Thome Thome and the money so he really had no choice.. I wonder how much money he has of Michaels that no one knows about? or what other property that he has hiden some where..Their is always more than meets the eye.. but people have been talking about him for a very long time now and so he did what came out asking for money so ppl would feel that he dosent have anything.. I say throw this guy in with Murray and loose the key..I smell A rat and just when we think things will finally start to slow down it has been put into over drive.. I hope they Get his Butt..

1395 days ago


He's not a doctor, he's a gangster.

Posted at 12:26 PM on Nov 22, 2010 by Dudley

Exactly! Tohme is the mob.
It was Michael´s choice to get involved with the mob - like two of his brothers. But it is NOT a good idea to owe them money.
Thome was/is a debt-collector.

1395 days ago


And I forgot to Add This Thug vowed in front of a room full of people to Make Michael Jackson and his family pay for him beggign fired And I think it happend.. Michael as well as the family paid the High price. EVERYONE dont forget that Thome Thome has pull with Big Ppl who have lots and lots of money AEG for Example..Hello...

1395 days ago


He didn't do a good deed handing over this money! He had no choice! The money was legally part of MJ's estate when he died and not Dr. Tohmes. He is required by law to advise the estate he had the money and then surrender it.

Honestly, this man is a dope. He isn't going to get kudos for giving MJ's money back to him.

1395 days ago


I don't believe the estate owes this man one thin dime. He performed no service that I know of.

Perhaps the Johns-(executors) can determine if he did or not.

Money, money, money. They all want a piece of the greatest singer, performer on earth. And 99% of it is BS.

1395 days ago


Thanks Phantom for the video.
He is so scary. I wonder how come Jermy never said anything about this Tohme guy? According to video, he was the one who introduced Tohme to Michael.
He got the boot on May 5th, why he was in the hospital when Jermaine made an announcement about Michael's death?

1395 days ago


Isn't his name Thome Thome ?
Not that it matters.
Honest ? this guy ? pheu - - -

It's Michael J. Jackson !!!
Getting this name right does matter.

1395 days ago


TMZ, we're interested in how are the investigations of the assassination of MJ, and whether there is an ongoing investigation into the hypothesis that there was a conspiracy to kill him.

1395 days ago


As long as MJ was gone and the money was secret, only a fool would have turned it in.

If MJ gave it to him, it's his. Have anyone prove otherwise.

This guys a loser

1395 days ago


What an impertinence.

It's simply a matter of course to give back money someone has entrusted to your care – and nothing what needs to be rewarded!
Let aside the very reasonable suspicion that this dubious person probably has kept a multiple from what he so mercifully and generously returned.

The absolute disgrace of Tohmes demand shows better than anything else the shadiness of his character. Oh Michael, what people did surround you...

1395 days ago


May the Estate continue to look unkindly upon Tohme Tohme and his false claims.He was not Michael's manager at a time when there were any deals made.Tohme just sees an opportunity to make a quick and easy dollar by putting in this claim.

1395 days ago


first i dont believe he ..gave it back ..until he was questioned as to where that money was..THEN he gave it back i think...s***

i too wonder why someone who was fired was at he hospital and i believe dismissed all the security at the house mj died in.
he was all talkative until people started to wonder what he was doing on the 25th.
remember he was supposed to be on larry king but canceled due to a supposed dental emergency, and hadnt surfaced since..
this guy was definitely bad news for poor michael. i can remember seeing pictures of him on you tube almost manhandling mj.
i really do wish the police would find out if he was at that house and how he managed to go to the hospital etc if he was supposedly out of the picture.

1395 days ago


@26 Flower Power: Jermaine might have intro'd Michael to Tohme through connections with Colony Capital, BUT, Tohme was on the payroll of Colony Capital when Neverland was refinanced end of 2008, and Colony PLANTED Tohme in Michael's life to protect their "investment". He's "connected" to whomever put Michael's life in jeopardy. I don't know how this is all going to work out; the LAPD and the DA surely drag their feet. Now with a new DA, the "prelim" set for January 4th, will surely get continued AGAIN! Justice delayed is justice denied and never more so with respect to anything involving Michael Jackson. Colony Capital, AEG, Tohme, all part of the same rat pack.

1395 days ago
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