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Mel On The Hunt for Oksana's Oxycodone Rx

11/26/2010 11:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva were in a legal brawl over Oxycodone ... TMZ has learned.


We've obtained court documents in which Mel's lawyers were trying to get hold of Oksana's medical records -- specifically records from CVS pharmacy, after Mel found a bottle of Oxycodone prescribed to Oksana.

Mel's lawyers argued ... by lawfully finding the bottle and seeing the information on the prescription bottle, Oksana waived her right of privacy, and that Mel had a right to see exactly how may prescriptions CVS had been filling.

Oksana's lawyers bristled, arguing right back that Mel was on a "fishing expedition" and that the information was "irrelevant."

There's no indication the judge has ruled on Mel's motion to get Oksana's CVS records.


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Alexandra from the Land of Rain    

I would like to say that I am commenting on this web site purely because it seems illogical to me to see such derogatory statements toward Oksana, whilst fitting the few legal do***ents that have been leaked by the court to fit the case of Mel.

I genuinely haven’t formed a solid opinion of who is right and who is wrong because I don’t personally know Oksana or Mel, haven’t been to the court or seen all do***ents relating to the case.

My only solid opinion to date is that I consider it horrifying to vilify a woman, who MAY have been abused by one of the most powerful / rich people in Hollywood and be baying for her blood!!

I genuinely find it scary that many posters seem to be following the popular view purely as a way to follow the crowd and find common ground with strangers they don’t know.

If hypothetically it were found that Oksana was actually telling the truth (guaranteed exaggerated!) and Mel were to break down and admit that he was lying – would the opinion of most posters on this site change?

I personally don’t think so, sadly. I think that people would probably suggest that he was giving into Oksana purely for the sake of the well being of his child or other excuse..

I will admit that if the tables were turned and I was reading leaked do***ents with articles written slanted to Oksana’s side rather than the wealthy, popular and influential Mel’s side, in addition to be viewing Mel being slated on public websites by 1000's for fun and to join into a popular vote, then my postings would likely be from a completely different angle.

Please consider what I am saying if only to be fair.

It is now 10 pm on a Saturday night here in England and my boyfriend has just arrived and mentioned something about BJs and Jacuzzis. Please forgive me if I don’t come back to post in the near future.

If the US were prepared to adopt the same time zone as England, then it would be so much easier to address points quickly. Tee hee hee!!

1404 days ago


@ IA -- sparklies for you * + * + * + * + * + *

You are working it through -- which I find totally admirable because I heard the tapes and said 'Whaaaat'? (even without ever having seen a movie) and wanted to know more because it didn't compute.

For Alexandra -- I hope you can work it out in your own head. As I am very cynical (but very good natured), I call nonsense on most piano player allegations.

Nice debate, you two !!!

Tee hee

1404 days ago


Alexandra... I can see now why you say whilst.

Well... just understand that many of us may be older than you. We've been reading or glancing at the tabs for decades. We know who the bad boys are. There are those who were married to abusers. When one has experienced that, you can pick them out in a crowd. There is a walk, a glare, a posture, a look... a beavior one can recognize. They think they're so unique, those bullies. But they are interchangeable.

That's why most of us don't buy the Mel as Abuser story. 30 years of being the biggest target in Hollywood... no one can shut the gossip up that well. The best they could get on him was a supposed drunk rant that the cop couldn't even corroborate because he was alone?

In 30 years not one whisper about him hitting a cameraman, screaming abuse at an extra? No male Diva crap? Believe me someone would have been paid well to strip Mel of his reputation years ago if they could have found it. All they could find were a few bimbos who took a roll in the hay with Mel in the early '90s and talked about how funny and cheerful and good in bed he was.

That's not the way Hollywood works. We've known about Alec Baldwin for years... Sean Penn... Charlie Sheen... a few others that aren't as notorious but are whispered about.

You can't hide that kind of temper for 30 years.

So along comes this woman who treats her elderly mother like a baggage handler at a hotel. Someone who can't even keep a lawyer on retainer.

That's the only person who will claim Mel yelled? This woman would make Mother Teresa take a swing at her.

The Dalai Lama would want to punch her after a few hours stuck in a room with her lies.

We don't buy it... she came in with a sordid reputation and claimed no one ever said anything bad about her. Think about it. People in Hollywood have been trying to bring Mel down for years. IF there was any truth to him being whacko... it would have come out long ago. Instead there are all kinds of interviews with an easy-going very funny guy who doesn't take himself too seriously. THAT is ONE thing batterers can't fake is self deprecation. They'll hit you just if they THINK you aren't respecting them in your thoughts. They're that tightly wound.

If Mel was as big a bastard as some trolls like to claim, dollars to donuts his marriage wouldn't have lasted 28+ years. And his wife wouldn't have volunteered an affidavit praising him in any way. Ask any of the women here who were abused if they'd write a glowing report of their batterer if you held a gun to their head.

1404 days ago



Someone has to intervene for the SAFETY OF THE CHILD at least.

1403 days ago


There are actually people in this country that take Oxycontin "AS PRESCRIBED". Believe it or not...

1402 days ago


There are actually people in this country that take Oxycontin "AS PRESCRIBED". Believe it or not...

Posted at 12:49 PM on Nov 29, 2010 by Bonnie

I am not one of them, and I am really hoping I am not alone.

1400 days ago


Addicted to euphoria. I wonder if she was taking this pill when having sex with Gibson. This woman is a f FAKE all over inside and out. She has no genuine feelings of her own.

1400 days ago


I don't think this drug impairs her ability to drive. But it definitely impairs her ability to THINKS and DEAL with the challenges and problems of every day life which is a very disturbing. I think that with the Gibson's money this little girl can be whatever she wants to be but the quality of her character and her ATTITUDES remain in question as far as she is being raised by the the mother who has no idea of how to handle her problems without getting addicted to a drug like this. It's BAD.

1400 days ago


Active ingredients: 14-Hydroxydihydro-Codeinone
Source: Natural from Opium semi-synthetic from morphine
Pharmacologic classification: Narcotic analgesic
Medical use: Ease pain and coughing
Abuse form: tablets or liquid
How used: Taken orally or injected
Effect sought: Euphoria
Long term possible effect: Addiction, constipation, loss of appetite
Physical dependence potential: Yes
Psychological dependence potential: Yes

1400 days ago


Sorry Oxycodone is not synthetic heroine it is same exact paine medication that is found in percocet, percodane, and many cough medicines. Opiate based medications have no limit to the amount you can take since your body can build a tolerance. However, this is a fishing trip and under no cir***stances should it be allowed unless there is Mel has specific incidents of odd behavior that can be linked to her use of the medication. If a CVS is filling her scripts she cannot be using multiple doctors or getting early scripts as even if the doctor allowed the pharmacy and insurance would not.

1392 days ago
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