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Charlie Sheen -- Rollin' On Very Expensive Dubs

11/24/2010 9:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen just got something to take his mind off that really expensive watch Capri Anderson pilfered ... allegedly.

Charlie's people tell TMZ ... he plunked down a fortune yesterday for a Maybach that cost him north of $500,000.

When you make $2 million a week ... it really isn't that expensive.

Hope it doesn't end up on the wrong side of a cliff.


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Well that is a sensible purchase, in that it is large enough that a hooker/porn star can't steal it and hide it up her vagi. Or can she?


1397 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

does it have his irreplaceable watch built into the dash board?! cuz i would go after the cheap whore and her pornottorney entourage until my watch magically reappeared. eff the maybach.

1397 days ago


Charlie would love a plate of $350 french fries.. because they cost $350! Make sure he gets them.

1397 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

i'm just a bolunteer....:DDDDD!!!

1397 days ago

Rent A Yenta    

Actually, Charlie used his BIG head to think with this time. Not only is he helping the economy by spending his dough, he's thinking about that big tax deduction he can take by buying this car before the end of the year. Pretty sure he can write it off as a business expense. (The IRS hasn't taken too kindly to his trying to expense his hookers, though. He keeps calling them "entertainment" on his Schedule C.)

1397 days ago


This guy is living a really wasted life, almost 50 and he is always in the news for sleeze, and cheeze, you can have fun discretly, no problem, but he is obviously very unhappy individual , no class, no self esteem.
He is paid enormous sums for a show that requires no talent, no creativity and same with his personal life. he is perfect example of how someone with so many assets can create a prison for themselves....... he has no imaginatin. and i am sure he is a bore to hang with............ and what about the cars over the cliff? more than one? more off duty cops friends of his sending threats? probably

1397 days ago


I am a guy, but its sad that charlie sheen has many male fans out there who are really just boy/men of all ages, too bad they cant see what a miserable truly lonely pathetic life he lives, he is a spoiled boy, real men know how to raise a family, be a man and have a relationship for years with a real woman with kids who they spend their lives caring for. not boy men like him who are constantly in the news for his "badboy" imagine , if you have a real man for a dad,like I did, you will learn that the charlie sheen types almost always end up with sad pathetic lives, jan michael vincent, ken wahl, types no class, howard hughes, they were all man messes,... with not class, you live a very sad life charlie sheen and NO the money is not enough... the car, especially that one will be old in a few months, the watches, the houses, the fame, its all boring, i know

1397 days ago


I can assure you he's not buying that vehicle w/one dime of mine. As I no longer give 1 1/2 men as it's lacking one the time of day!

1397 days ago


"Dubs" means 20-inch rims. Your headline makes no sense. Could you be any whiter?

1397 days ago


#8....I totally agree with you. His show is stupid and disgusting. There are more actors on TV right now who can act rings around him.............he DOES NOT deserve the money he is being paid!!! He shows no range at all - sounds like he is reading straight from the prompter with NO emotion.

1397 days ago


Coming soon to a ditch near you.

1397 days ago


Charlie is driving a grown up car. At this point I'm thinking he is mentally challenge, and that is an understatement, is not deserving of that nice car.

Too bad all that class oooozzzzing from the car won't rub off on him.

I'm with the poster who said Denise is about the most sane of the bunch. At least she figured out she wasn't going to change who he really is.

A pig.

1397 days ago


Maybe someone will steal it and drive it off a cliff.

1397 days ago


"Dubs" means 20-inch rims. Your headline makes no sense. Could you be any whiter?

1397 days ago


"Dubs" means 20-inch rims. God you guys are so white.

1397 days ago
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