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'Ugly Betty' Actor: I 'Killed the Demon Inside' My Mom

11/26/2010 11:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Brea -- the small-time actor who once appeared on "Ugly Betty" -- has an explanation for (allegedly) killing his mother with a sword: "I didn't kill her. I killed the demon inside her."


In a frightening interview with the NY Daily News, from the prison ward at Bellevue Hospital, Brea explained how God came to him in his sleep and told him it was to be his last day on Earth.

He recalls how he left his apartment because a man was trying to put a curse on him, and while riding the train to Brooklyn, he explains, "I felt like Neo from 'The Matrix.' I began hearing voices and feeling powerful ... They were asking about the difference between mom and mother. It was a sign."

By the time Michael returned home he knew he was going to kill his mother.  When she asked him to pour water from a pot in which she was cooking chicken, Michael attacked her with a sword, believing a demon had taken hold of her soul.

Michael says, "I was slashing my mom and I heard the police knocking on the door yelling, 'Michael, open up, Michael, open up,' but I knew they wouldn't open the door and stop me because the spirits were protecting me ... I just kept cutting her. No one could stop me. I was doing the work of God."

Brea has been charged with 2nd degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon.


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German Princess    

Why is it that this is not the "FIRST" case of people joining the FreeMason lodge and would come and commit horrific crimes against their loved ones. Before we all rush to judge this kid, perhaps some of u on this blog needs to look up the FreeMason and their cult. They are no different from the cult of James Warren "Jim" Jones." The Pyscho who brain washed over 900 people to kill themselves or any other satanic cults out there. Everyone needs to be careful of these clubs or cults that they join and be wary of their rules. One of FreeMason Rules is too draw blood of Family member. So Good-Luck to whom-so-ever think is something to toy with

1428 days ago

Sad sad    

German Princess oh wtf ever. Go back to your Christian cult. Be very careful of churches. Stay far far away. That was equal to what you just said. Oh, no! Don't join clubs. Oh holiness stay away from the elks lodges too and the good sam club. Evil evil evil. haha!!!!

1428 days ago


Yup, crazier than bat guano.

1428 days ago


Ok, wait! I'm a little lost here..let me get this straight. So this women (his Mom) carries this sick sonova-bitch for 9 months, gives birth to this prick, changes about 500-60...0 of his dirty diapers, takes him to school, throws him birthday parties throughout his life, makes him her #1 focus in her life,.. virtually giving up hers to provide for this piece of sh&t!! and this is how he pays her back?!??
I'd say. let him rot in jail!!

1428 days ago

Bleeding American    

Regrding: Posted at 9:27 AM on Nov 26, 2010 by Eileen - This poor guy is clearly delusional - obviously has paranoid schizophrenia which is not being treated. This is not his fault. He is clearly ill. Only in the USA (in the civilized world) do you even suggest putting sick people to death. He needs medication and then he'll need treatment for the guilt he's going to have to live with for the rest of his life. This is horribly sad for all involved.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but NO - not only in the "civilized world" does this happen. In fact it happens a lot more in what you might call the "uncivilized" (or, if you waned to be a little more generous to those less fortunate than you - the "less-civilized") world. And in these countries they usually put people who have killed unconscionably - especially a parent - to death - more often than put them away for a long time.

1428 days ago


when did it go fro 'beheading' to 'slicing up' ??? he chopped her head off so say that

1428 days ago


It's sad when these actors and actress take the demon right in order to act better in certain role and they think that they can control and just turn it off. It doesnt work that way when you open yourself up to possession of any kind 99% of the time you wont get possessed by a kind soul or angel spirit. I bet you think is what happened to this guy like all dumb ass actors he opened him self up for possession in order to act better instead he got more than what he bargined for. That demon took him over and this is the end result. This is happening all over hollywood every star has taken the demon ride EVERY STAR! luck for some this aint the end result.

1428 days ago


he isnt insane

why does everyone try for insanity?

and they almost always get let off for acting insane

he is a ****ing actor of godssakes

1428 days ago


Wow if this is true Bellvue needs to review its policies. Its sad to see so many people on these boards who seem to think their Dr's who are qualified to judge this poor man. Maybe its a stunt to get insanity maybe not, for the record insanity pleas work less than 10% of the time and even if it does its likely he'll spend the rest of his life on a locked ward not exactly "getting away with it." How about we all wait until we get the real facts and not some drivel from the Daily News (which is basically a tabloid) before we start calling for blood.

1428 days ago


what the hell?pysco mother****er.......way to make black people look bad -___- ******* and his poor mother :( may she RIP

1428 days ago

KpopIsTheBest and Heath Ledger is the kindest old soul    

@46:Well in the bible god asked
a old man to kill his own son who was his miracle baby

but this actor is a psycho

1428 days ago


Clearly this guy is schizophrenic. Its too bad his family didn't have him diagnosed earlier so this may not have happened. Although they might have known but he may not have been able to afford his meds cause of the silly health care or lack of it !

1427 days ago


Makes sense to me. Geez

1427 days ago


I don't understand how the police were already banging on the door before he killed her. Did he call them and tell them what he was doing? It doesn't sound like she was in a position to call police, so I don't get it.

1427 days ago


What the **** is wrong with this *******? He killed his own mother and now is trying to cop an insanity plea? Bull****! Execute this waste of space right now!

And why do people listen to the voices in their head when it tells them to stupid **** like kill your family? An old an weak defense, looks like the psycho has been studying serial killers and knows the defenses they used in their cases.

1427 days ago
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