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David Cassidy DUI Tape -- Wandering Eye Defense

11/29/2010 7:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

David Cassidy's DUI arrest in Florida was all caught on tape -- and during the incident, the former teen star can be heard telling officers that his "wandering eye" could be a factor during the field sobriety test.

David Cassidy DUI Arrest Video

Moments after the Florida Highway Patrol pulled over the "Partridge Family" star on suspicion of driving drunk on Nov. 3 ... a trooper asked Cassidy if he had any problems with his eyes.

Cassidy responded, "I do ... I had a wandering eye as a child ... my right eye still wanders when I get tired."

Cassidy then performed and failed several field sobriety tests -- and was subsequently cuffed. In the report, the arresting trooper claims Cassidy blew a 0.139 and 0.141 -- way over the .08 legal limit.

Cassidy can be heard griping, "As a guy who's supported you guys over the years ..."

The trooper interrupts ... saying, "It doesn't make a difference who you support." Cassidy responds, "I know ... it doesn't."

Cassidy was eventually charged with driving under the influence, failure to maintain a single lane and driving with an open container in the car.

He's due back in court in January.


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Hey #23... I'm with you Ralph... The officer makes mistakes he never would have overlooked if they had been made by Mr. Cassidy. Can you imagine if he had asked David to walk to his car and he had been unable to identify it??? I actually think that he does a fine job and sounds completely coherent. Tell ya what... back in the day I was pulled over more than once in worse shape than that and allowed to go about my business. Thumbs up for David... not so much for the occifer... oops my bad!!!

1388 days ago

Sad sad    

I know I watched the video. He walked the line. I'm confused. Some people have no balance. That 1 leg thing proves nothing. He talked fine to me? I'm not siding because i like the guy. Though if he did have anything that day he has enough $ for a taxi.

1388 days ago

Sad sad    

ralph There's drunk drivers on the road at all hours or under the influence of something. Not limited to certain hours of the day.

1388 days ago


I knew him when in his heyday 1970-1974-Danged, he has a Lazy Eye and it was corrected with surgery at age 9 not 12! Wandering Eye my left teet! He's got a Wandering Eye alright, not located anywhere on his face though. I do feel sorry for him a bit, he has never got over that huge ego and he really never has stopped the bottle in 40 years. Stop it and grow the heck up David Bruce Cassidy.

1388 days ago

bob watford    

I think the cop made David Cassidy point to him during the touch the nose part because the cop is an obsessive fan of Cassidy's. The cop was dreaming he was in the front row of his concert and Cassidy was doing the classic teeny point move. Cop was probably swooning but then got angry when Cassidy wouldn't play his game and busted him.

1388 days ago


to me it looks he passed the sobriety test, if he had trouble hearing the officer it might be from all the semi trucks going. any way. if it ever happeneds to you and they tell next i want you to bend over and put your hands behind you back you will know the cuffs are comming

1388 days ago

Sad sad    

I think he just never got over the partridge family stigma. I'd probably drink too. Thought the Partridge family was way cooler and kicked the Brady bunches butt. All those dam do gooders goody two-shoes. When do you ever hear about them doing anything bad? Like never. If I read Greg Brady gets busted for a DUI I know the worlds ending.

1388 days ago


It looked to me like David passed, so the chp kept trying to find something. The CHP was being a total D*ck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1388 days ago


This cop is the biggest A--HOLE ever! Give me a break
Even sober, these roadside "tests" are a big joke!

1388 days ago


Those cops were d*cks. Especially that one cop. Such egos these cops have.

1388 days ago


I think the officer had it out for him.He passed the field test.And I'd fight it.The cops wife is probably a fan,and he is pissed off cuz he never looked as good as David as a teenager!!

1388 days ago


He didn't look or act drunk to me.

1388 days ago


I don't know much about Cassidy but the cops should be fired.
putting Cassidy's life in more danger by keeping him on the
blacktop just so barney could be in the video when it hits You Tube. How many cops does it take to arrest a small framed
tv star.

1388 days ago


Cop was a **** as usual!!!!

1388 days ago

memphis girl    

How obviously not drunk. What does anyone see that leads you to believe that?

1388 days ago
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