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Kardashians 'Terminate' MasterCard Deal

11/29/2010 6:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Kardashian family has officially pulled the plug on the new "Kardashian Kard" -- a prepaid debit card backed by MasterCard -- over allegations that it's riddled with hidden, possibly illegal fees.

Kardashian MasterCard Kard

The family fired off a "Notice of Termination" to the companies behind the Kard moments ago -- stating they're sick of the "negative spotlight" since the Attorney General of Connecticut opened an investigation to determine if the Kard violates consumer protection laws.

The A.G. was concerned over several fees associated with the Kard -- which reportedly costs $9.95 to own ... plus 12 monthly fees of $7.95. It also costs $1.50 every time the owner wants to add money to the Kard.

In the letter, obtained by TMZ, Kardashian lawyers write, "The Kardashians have worked extremely long and hard to create a positive public persona that appeals to everyone, particularly young adults."

The lawyers claim the investigation "threatens everything for which [The Kardashians] have worked" -- so the family has decided to "terminate the agreement ... effective immediately."


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o lord ...all i can do is smdh

1392 days ago


Ok, so they cancelled the

1388 days ago


cancelled the kardashian kard less than ONE week after it comes out...if they really cared they would have looked into the fees a little more before endorsing the stupid card!

1388 days ago


You can find more info about the hidden fees that caused this card to get cancelled at

1388 days ago


Boycott and BOO these lying thieves and they will crawl back into the woodwork where they belong!

Why would Robert Kardashian defend OJ Simpson, some ask? IMO it is because he is the father of Khloe. Look at the physical resemblance and do a DNA test! Even she has questioned her parentage and these stuuupid people act like they are actually from Armenia LOL! They have never even BEEN THERE and the decent Armenians detest them with a passion. They are just capitalizing on their dead father's name and he wasn't even a good lawyer. He just renewed his law license so he could sit in on the trial and be privy to what was going on which tells me that the Kardashians were in deep illegal doo doo and he had to find out who knew what so he could destroy any and all evidence. Just what kinds of business dealings did he have prior to the murder of Nicole and Ron (the waiter)?

IMO Robert Kardashian could have been as crooked as they come and even hired a hit man for OJ if he'd been asked to do so. Think about it....Khloe Kardashian could be Sydney Simpson's true sister and what impact would that have on these thieves if the truth came out?

Khloe and Sydney Simpson should insist on getting DNA tests and if my theory is correct, then that would make for a most interesting reality show. In the meantime, Karma has finally come to call and I hope these creeps stfu. Boycott them and let Kim make a fool of herself by showing up where she is not wanted. Do not buy any sponser's products and their 15 minutes will be over.

1388 days ago


Sydney Simpson and her brother seem to have turned out to be very decent people! MUCH BETTER than any of the "Kardashians" who are as much Dutch as they are Armenian, according to the claims Khloe made after having a DNA test done when she thought she was adopted.

OJ together with Nicole's family and his own did their best to raise and educate Sydney and her brother and seem to have done a good job! Pity Kris and Bruce Jenner have raised nothing but a bunch of morally bankrurpt losers!

How could anyone in their right mind support the Kardashians or attend any of Jenner's "motivational" speeches aka. rip-offs after this credit card scam?

1384 days ago


Legally the Kardashians are correct. A contract that is illegal to begin with is not enforceable. Hopefully, this will set a precedent with ALL debit cards or at least educate people on why these cards suck. Many companies are now doing payroll via debit cards. What the card cos. are disclosing verbally isn't even close to the 10 pg. photocopy of a so-called brochure that was written using 5-6 font (illegal many times). If the Dash card is about Consumer Protection Laws, don’t payroll debit cards violate major Labor Laws?

Listen up people, this is my personal example but it will affect you sooner or later. My employer no longer issues payroll checks and I opted for the debit card BASED ON WHAT I WAS TOLD by my HR and the card rep. Now, in order to get your own paycheck, you must find an ATM that is approved by the card company to avoid high ATM fees. So each time I get paid, during lunch, I have to find an APPROVED ATM, take out $300-500, then, find another ATM and get $300-500 more (but now because this is my 2nd withdrawal, I must pay an ATM fee even for an APPROVED ATM). I have now taken the maximum of $1000 but my $2000 mortgage is due so I must now rush to my own bank to deposit the $1000 so when my mortg. payment bounces, at least my other bills will be covered. Additionally, I must now endure the backlash of all the late fees charged by my utility companies, credit cards, gas cards, NSF bank fees and because I was 1 hour late with Edison, they now require a $250 upfront set up fee if I ever move or open another acct with them. It does not end here. Late fees have put me over the limit on some accts and the remainder of my so called paycheck, will be spent in fees. I can however, buy gas for my car since I have $ on my prepaid debit card but it will cost me because it is another transaction. My break is over, I have not eaten and I feel faint, I’m afraid to get medical help and because I cannot afford health ins, don’t want another bill. Did I mention my payment agreements with the IRS and the State of CA bounced so now they can garnish my wages up to 50%? AND, I have to do this all over again tomorrow for the next $1000 and since my check is close to $3000, I will have to do this yet again, a third time. I know this sounds a little extreme, but believe me, this is the norm for millions of people. Also, I am now I am out of cell phone minutes with no $ to reload. I don’t have a LAN line because Time Warner keeps changing their “contract”(oxymoron). As I smile, I keep dialing the # for the suicide hotline but it’s busy, go figure. Why do I work? It was much better when my unemployment check was being mailed right to me. I now prefer to drink the gas rather than put it in my car. (LOL!) I guess in the end, life would be pretty boring if all of this wasn't going on :-)

1353 days ago


You know they have lawyers and they had accountants those three sisters don't sign anything unless advised to do so. They knew what they were doing. And i bet they knew how much money they were going to make off of "The Kard". You can't tell me they didn't have a clue about the fees i bet it was disclosed up in front all they seen was dollar signs. So i hope they do get sued and have to pay the 75 million and i hope it teaches them a lesson. Shame on them for trying to make money off the fans that look up to them. That card would of made them millions and they would of laughed all the way to the bank. I bet the mom was the voice of reason for them and really thought it out what it would do and how the family would look.

1348 days ago

Isabella Rottura    

OMG if you look at pictures of Kloe and Sydney Simpson they do really look alike I never once thought this theory even existed. But now i am totally open to this theory that Kloe is the daughter of OJ Simpson this should be totally investigated there is hidden truths somewhere

1315 days ago

Isabella Rottura    

I think Khloe's nose dose not know if it is black or white. Regards Isabella Rottura from Australia

1315 days ago


I think their career is cancelled as well. Tey jumpoed into the Lime Light, but why? In reality they have done more bad things than good, they just are very Vixen and sneaky, and try to trick everyone just like they are getting away with anything. It is more close to crime. It is too bad, we don't need people that are not celebrities impersonnating celebrities. Maybe if Kim or any of them helped clean up the messy past they got as fast as if someone was asking to goto jail. Things might get better, and we might belive they have crashed and are changing ways. Now there is no hope.

1251 days ago


im sure their mother kris new exactly what she was doing before signing the contract aswell as the girls. (pretending not knowing there was hidden fees good move)

1129 days ago


This is ridiculous. Kris is the greatest pimp of all time and she knew exactly what the deal was and the fees that were going to fill her and KKKKK's bank accounts. It wasn't until the CT AG realized there was something not right with what Kris was planning and the media started reporting. So, yeah once their "positive public persona" was threatened did they pull the plug. And, what does that tell us? Well, their "private persons" will do anything for a buck to include taking advantage of those less fortunate and/or to young to not have the credit for a regular credit card normal credit just to make big money via outrageous and unethical if not illegal fees. Disgusting.

27 days ago
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