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MJ Movie Distributor Accused of Screwing Canada

12/1/2010 5:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The good people of Canada never had a chance to view the Michael Jackson documentary, "Gone Too Soon" -- and now the owners of the flick are declaring war on the distributor ... claiming he personally screwed the entire country.


TMZ obtained a lawsuit filed by Objective Films, LLC  -- in which they claim they agreed to sell the French and Canadian distribution rights to a company headed by a guy named Pierre Turgeon for $100k back in 2009.

Objective says they got the first $50k -- but Turgeon flaked on the back half ... and then tried to back out of the deal altogether. Objective was able to get the flick distributed in France ... Canada wasn't so lucky.

In the suit, Objective claims Turgeon never really wanted to do legitimate business -- but simply used the company so he could use the affiliation with the Michael Jackson movie to inflate the stock price in his company.

Turgeon tells a different story -- saying, "The movie was bad  ... so we applied the clause (in our contract) that enabled us to not pick up the rights to the movie."

He adds, "We paid in advance in good faith $50,000 for the project  ... We plan to get back our $50,000."


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King of TMZ

The singer who sings Michael Jackson's Songs "BREAKING NEWS" "Keep your head up" & Fake Duet with 50Cent "Monster"

it's not Jason Malachi it's Ricky Galliano

1421 days ago

King of TMZ    

hahaha first link was removed (maybe by Sony)
here is another one:

1421 days ago


Everyone wants to make a buck off MJ

1421 days ago


Nobody should be denied the right to hear or see MJ. It's very clear this new album is going to go platinum. His voice is clear and there is nothing like it.

To hell with all these baffoons that want to stir up trouble. Stop distracting from the fact it's MJ and a real gift to hear him.

1421 days ago

King of TMZ    

FAKE MJ feat. loser 50Cent - Monster

1421 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Wasn't pierre turgeon a hockey player?

1421 days ago

Ms.Rico Lander    

It's BUFFOON stupid JLS though you worked in law and don't know how to spell. Still not first even though you live at TMZ, sad bitter shrew.

1421 days ago


Posted at 12:15 AM on Dec 1, 2010 by King of TMZ


OMG. Please.

Really early a.m for me here, and waiting for my coffee to brew so was browsing, but WOW was that ever horribly annoying! .... 30 secs. in and HAD to stop it as my left eye was starting to twitch. lol

... maybe later I'll try to suffer through the whole thing to actually try to listen through to hear what's what about (MJ, or not) voice...

In future, PLEASE...have mercy, and preface anything as horrible as that "piece", with a cautionary statement before the suggestion to listen to it? Thank you! lol

** Coffee's ready, I'm outta here! ... whew **

Peace out.

1421 days ago


Well hallelujah! Finally something goes in Michael's favor. This POS "docrapmentary" was done by the idiot tabloid trashy Ian Halperin, who knew nothing about Michael and wrote blatant lies about him. A great service was done by this distributor by NOT airing it in Canada. Too bad the same thing didn't happen in the U.S. and the rest of the world.

And what's up TMZ? A week before the O interview with the Cascios and "MJ is alive" Teddy Riley, Levin is posting anything Michael Jackson. All these boards are collecting mega-hits because the singles Much Too Soon, Breaking News and Hold My Hand are all being released, causing once again, a buzz in the community.

TMZ/Levin's sugary sweet "MJ can do no wrong" attitude is somewhat frightening. Levin, as we all know, doesn't hold the highest opinion of Michael Jackson, yet he's falling all over himself to praise this album and state that the Cascio tracks "are DEFINITELY Michael Jackson's voice". (Like HE'S an expert??) Doesn't that strike anyone else as a tad bit STRANGE? Makes you wonder who is whispering (aka dumping dough in the pockets)of and to Levin.

1421 days ago

mj fan forever    

Canada hasn't lost anything that deserved to be seen given that this "do***entary" has been made by that disgusting liar Ian Halperin who said only dirty lies about Michael Jackson, and to be honest, this Ian Halperin is not even worthy of mentioning his name!!!!!

1421 days ago


Regardless if the movie was bad or not, I live in Canada, and we wont get a chance to see it...

We should have the right to make our own decisions... even if its about a movie!!

I waited to hear the release date of this movie, waited to know when it would come here and never did...

Canada (like many places around the world) has Many Michael Jackson fans!!!! who have been let down... I guess we should consider ourselves lucky enough we got to see This Is It... because i was wondering if they were going to take that away from us also...

Screw you Pierre Turgeon... who the hell do you think you are to make ANY decisions for us... If we wanna see a movie, we should damn well be able to see it!!

Thanks TMZ for shedding some light on this for me :)

1421 days ago

Bonnie T.     

I have been a huge fan of Halperin's for years. I've read all his books. Nobobdy in journalism is remotely intrepid as Ian. I saw the film and it was by far the most provocative and indepth film ever made on Michael. Anybody who knocks Ian is simply jealous of his success. Bravo to Gone Too Soon, I watched it already 6 times and will watch it again soon.

1421 days ago

Bonnie T.     

Turgeon btw is a major crook. Read this

1421 days ago


This Ricky Galliano guy sounds nothing like MJ. Even on his best day he could sound like MJ.

And even if sony was trying to pass this guy off as MJ don't you think they would have made him sign a contract to say nothing about it ?

1421 days ago


I meant Even on his best day he couldn't sound like MJ.

1421 days ago
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