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Susan Boyle

Chokes on 'The View'

11/30/2010 3:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Susan Boyle clearly didn't realize her performance on "The View" this morning was LIVE ... and it led to one EXTREMELY awkward moment. 

Susan Boyle The View
Boyle was belting out "O Holy Night" -- when she began coughing and backed away from the mic ... then asked the producer if she could start over ... all while the cameras continued to roll.

After several awkward seconds, Whoopi and Sherri swooped in and bailed her out.

Producers tell us Boyle will retape her performance for the West Coast.

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It was a live performance (unusual these days) and she had to start over. Big deal. Ms. Boyle has the voice of an angel and deserves all the accolades she's received. You go girl!

1424 days ago


Go Susan! God is walking with this lass. Regardless of her ups and downs, and her quirkiness, she is a gracious, talented, well meaning person - and she never, ever gave up on her dream. I wish her all the success in the world - and I hope she also will settle down with the man of her dreams too!

1424 days ago


Susan Boyle has an amazing, beautiful voice that brings tears to my eyes. I don't care if she isn't professional and all Hollywood savvy. Talent is talent. She has more guts than anyone might realize. It surely can't be easy to face so much public for the first time in her life, and in so short a time. I hope to see more of her.

1424 days ago


I thought she sounded terrible on the west coast edition too. I was saying that to myself, and then logged on to read that she REALLY screwed up on the East Coast feed. If your sick, CANCEL! It is a bad time to try to promote an album sounding that way. Grant an interview, but don't sing. The audience will understand. But, sounding like crap is not gonna want me to go buy your album. I thought the America's Got Talent runner up sounds much better. I think her name is Jackie Ivanko, or close to that.

1424 days ago


Don't forget that Ms. Boyle apparently does not have personal assistants around her like other stars who could have told her it was a live feed. The people who control her contract set up her appearances -- dim music, huge choir & orchestra behind her, loud microphone system -- to try to overcome her inherent shyness before the public. She might have been better just sitting next to a piano and singing a popular Christmas carol like Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire -- than to sing a difficult religious song that exposes the voice so much. It's possible she herself cannot control the cir***stances of her performance appearances like other singers do. Given that, I feel she should stick to recording and give up live tv shows. She'll still make money without the hassles.

1424 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

I think it's nice and refreshingly human that everyone is standing up for this seemingly nice lady like they would for their hometown underdog, but she in my opinion is very undeserving of worldwide fame. Someone above said that she wouldn't be famous if she wasn't ugly, and while that's pretty crass and blunt, I think it's probably true. Even if it were a taped show, she had a live audience. I've never seen someone other than a spoiled, acting-out rocker actually STOP in the midst of a live performance. People need to stop making excuses for her.

1424 days ago


What a bunch of idiots that criticize her for making a mistake, It's refreshing to know we are all human. Good going Susan, keep up the good work with your beautiful voice.

1424 days ago


There is nothing this woman can do beyond wonderful---the Press just needs to leave her alone---if you have nothing good at all to say, then say nothing! She is a gift to the World---God gave her this gift---let her present it!! Get down to the bare facts, can any of you sing like her?---That includes me---NO--we can/t!!!

1424 days ago


I Love Susan Boyle. Sometimes things happen.

1424 days ago


The lady has tons of talent! You guys need to give her a break. No she doesn't fit the mold of a famous how refreshing. God bless her. Big Al you are just ignorant...are you weirdo too? People appreciate something that is REAL for a change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1424 days ago


@ Whamo Bahaha..couldn't have said it better

1424 days ago


Comme on, give her a break. She just had a frog in her throat, it happenned to all singers time to time.

1424 days ago


#9 is right. About 2 more minutes left on her 15 minutes. Her 2nd album sales are down about 50% from the 1st and does anybody think the 3rd will top the 2nd? Don't hold your breath. She's an amateur. You hear singers like her in the church choir every Sunday.

1424 days ago


im surprised she didnt run off stage crying saying she wouldnt preform.

1424 days ago

Bradlee TheDawg    

What do you expect? When Jackie Evancho was 5 or 6 she had as much experience performing as Susan Boyle has now... with the exception of singing to her Scottish kitty cats she is a rank amateur. Two years in front of audiences is nothing.

Susan can sing, but hasn't had those decades doing talent shows,malls,saloons, whatever to work out the kinks and honing her craft. She's very much like a small child as a performer - unable to recover from the slightest glitch. If she lives long enough, she'll eventually get it. But this is the "reality TV" era and the "reality" is - Susan is a beginner and as such - prone to beginner mistakes.

1424 days ago
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