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Jermaine Jackson -- Deadbeat Dad Without Wheels

12/3/2010 10:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jermaine Jackson owes so much in back child support his driver's license has been confiscated, and he's not getting it back until he antes up around $100,000.


TMZ has obtained court documents showing Jermaine owes $91,921.55 in child support for Jaafar and Jermajesty.  $3,000 a month really adds up.

The docs, filed by the L.A. County Child Support Services Dept., suggest Jermaine hasn't been very forthcoming on his income stream.  According to Child Support Services ... Jermaine claims his monthly income is $1,448 per month, but never filed the proper paperwork to support it.

The Department doesn't want to give Jermaine his driver's license back until he pays in full.  We could not reach Jermaine for comment.

Pretty interesting ... Jermaine's baby mama, Alejandra, has just been kicked out of the Jackson family homestead in Encino and she's none too pleased. 

Will Alejandra seek revenge?

Stay tuned


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Jerkmaine~Just another POS member of the Jackoff family.

1389 days ago


This loser needs to quit living off of his dead brother's memories and get a REAL JOB! But, wait he has no qualifications, no life skills to be able to get a job. AND there is no moron on this earth who would hire him. After a week he would file charges of discrimination or harrassment. One word "LOSER"

1389 days ago

me not you    

Ok, first of all, Jaafar and Jermajesty. Two names so stupid I can't even come up with something snarky to say.

Secondly, I'M making more money than a Jackson just on unemployment benefits? Hilarious.

1389 days ago


I ask myself whether authorities have taken into consideration that – as other posters said – Alejandra and her kids live for free, eat for free and have more than likely gotten paid for anything else since Katherine receives her immense monthly allowance.

If not, I'd suggest that Alejandra takes her monthly allowance to pay for her family's living herself from now on, including the rent for a comparable luxury home. We'll see whether her situation improves under these new conditions. Guess not...

How must Katherine feel with all that? Of course a father has to take the responsiblity for his children and his ex-wive, and so does dear Jermaine. But providing everything for your daughter-in-law and seeing her sueing your son anyway – this must be disappointing. Maybe that's why Katherine ruled off that living together at Hayvenhurst.

1389 days ago


clarification: Alejandra should take her monthly child support, of course...

1389 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

Taking away his driver's license ain't no punishment for him. Every time you seem him on that reality show, his wife is always driving his sorry ass around, anyways...

1389 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

if she seeks revenge she's an idiot... get your own place and move on bitch!

if you're going to tattle on your baby daddy and get in in all kinds of trouble, don't be surprised when HIS family wants nothing to do with you.

on the flip side, he's a schmuck... why is it, all these hollywood men makes all this money and can't even be bothered to support their own children... if you don't want them GET YOURSELVES FIXED! simple

1389 days ago


Jermaine has always been jealous of Michael, why else call your child Jermajesty. It's because Michael named his son Prince and Jermaine wanted to one up Michael by naming his son Jermajesty.

While Prince can get away with his name, Jermajestys name will always be the butt of jokes. His father should be ashamed for more than not paying child support, dumping his kids and EX on Gramma, trying to live off Michaels name. He should be ridiculed for the distress and pain and suffering his son will have to face all his life because a thoughtless, jealous, and delusional father stuck him with such a horrendous made up name. .

1389 days ago


Condoms cost less than child support!

Also...if Alejandra doesn't want Michael's condo~I'll take it!! :)

1389 days ago


You forgot Daddys Home, That's How Love Goes those were hits too.

1389 days ago

no way    

hopefully the dumb ass judges wisen up out there - she has liven rent free not paying for a thing for years - you shouldn't collect child support when you are living in a mansion - if it was a problem before you got kicked out you should have spoke up then but it wasn't - you were living off the jackson family and will continue to do so unless they finally wisen up and cut you off. quit being so greedy what is wrong with the women out there - my ex was ordered to pay 35.00 a month and he didn't even pay that - my son and i survived - women should not have children they are not prepared to raise themself.

1389 days ago


What were Michael's famous words? Oh yeah, "If you can't feed your baby, tnen don't have baby"!

Jermaine is $100,000 behind in child support? That is crazy! Man up and take care of your babies!

1389 days ago


What is the story on the current wife, anybody know? Does she have money?

1389 days ago


Wow. What a jerk. Why haven't they arrested his sorry butt and thrown him in jail as they would any other deadbeat dad they found? Poor Michael Jackson (RIP) he knew what leaches his family was and tried to keep a distance between himself and them. Jermaine is a grown ass man, who had children with his brother's wife (she's no saint, just a golddigging whore) and can't support his children. Not to mention they have the worst names ever: Jafar and Jarmastery (can't spell it). Get a job! That goes for all the family members that don't work and just want to live off Michael's money. Thank G-d Katherine is finally getting some sense in her. Janet, Rebbie and even LaToya at least don't munch off of Michael, but all the brothers seem too.

1389 days ago


Who is paying for the other 3 she has? Oh wait her baby grandma foots the bill for the clan. Jermaine and Randy were just keeping it all in the family, probably shared a little with Joe too.

1389 days ago
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