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Jermaine Jackson -- Deadbeat Dad Without Wheels

12/3/2010 10:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jermaine Jackson owes so much in back child support his driver's license has been confiscated, and he's not getting it back until he antes up around $100,000.


TMZ has obtained court documents showing Jermaine owes $91,921.55 in child support for Jaafar and Jermajesty.  $3,000 a month really adds up.

The docs, filed by the L.A. County Child Support Services Dept., suggest Jermaine hasn't been very forthcoming on his income stream.  According to Child Support Services ... Jermaine claims his monthly income is $1,448 per month, but never filed the proper paperwork to support it.

The Department doesn't want to give Jermaine his driver's license back until he pays in full.  We could not reach Jermaine for comment.

Pretty interesting ... Jermaine's baby mama, Alejandra, has just been kicked out of the Jackson family homestead in Encino and she's none too pleased. 

Will Alejandra seek revenge?

Stay tuned


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Throwback kid    

Why does Jermaine keep having kids if he has no job or money to support any of them?

1417 days ago


Good grief, It's bad enough to have parents name you Jermajesty, and then, you have a father who will not support you. What a Jerjerk that man is!

1417 days ago


Jaafar and Jermajesty, WTF

the more you learn about this family the more it forces me to rethink my opinion of MJ. To suggest that the family is dysfunctional would be an understatement. One day Kitty Kelly is going to write a book on that family that will serve a a seminal last work on Rise and Fall of the Jacksons.

I remember, back in the day, when the Jackson 5 thought that their crap didn't stink-as they hitched a ride on Michael's fame. Even the handsome kids are a trophy for Jermaine, along with the double dipping [that's gross] trophy wife-that sounds like something you'd hear about in Bible days. You would think that Randy could have found his own trophy chick. But Randy doesn't look like the other Jacksons-I've always be curious about that-just say'n.

Jermaine has raised his kids to believe their crap doesn't stink-was evidenced in the TMZ interview when Jermaine was minimizing (and contradicting himself)the incident with the stun gun. But he's no different than most self-indulgent, egocentric, white middle class parents. The only difference is they work.

1417 days ago


If my ex-daughter in law was living with me rent free and all expenses paid for would dare to ask 2 my 2 sons for money. I would thrown her out years ago. She would not have time to blink her eyes.

1417 days ago


What kind of example is this goof setting? Have as many kids as you want but take care of's not that difficult of a concept. You don't want to take care of kids then put a raincoat on the little man. We wonder why the country is heading where it is look no further than this example of a 'father'.

1417 days ago


KICK Her and the kids out of the condo.

1417 days ago


Maybe hes waiting for that fat check from Opa!... Wonder how much she paid for his balls...

1417 days ago


Don't those kids live with Catherine? Why should he have to pay child support if this is the case? If anything he need's to be giving money to his mother. Bitches come and go alway's with an agenda when you're in the entertainment field... Divorce sucks when you have money...someone alway's wants to take it away.

1417 days ago


Come on... do you really think this guy cares about if he has a drivers license.... jesus.. come on .. and to Joe and Kathy - nice job on parenting.... Always knew a solid Gary family would do so well... F&%king blood suckers..

1417 days ago


What message does this give to Jermaine´s children?

This family has got SO many problems and they have always lived in the la la land, not having a clue what the real world is like. All this thanks to MJ providing for them. He had a heart of gold but maybe he should have put a stop to their leeching.

Which one of the brothers works in a grocery shop?
He has my respect!!

1417 days ago


If he can't support the kids what is he doing expecting twins...LOSER get snipped and also he should be in jail!

1417 days ago


He is a dead beat who is worthless..... But in the same breath so is the babies momma, or should I just say Ho..... She lives with her ex's fam for free... given food,,,, a rich home,,, no doout many many many other special gifts and freebies... and she wants to get pissed couse she he dosnt want to pay a dime couse she was free loading with his mom and she ends up getting kicked out couse she can be a real mom and keep her kids from being spoiled delequants????

1417 days ago


He also sang Momma I think I Found That Girl..which was a huge hit with the J5..

1417 days ago


Hell no...he know he need to sit his ass down somewhere. It is sad how any of their names came up only after the death of MJ...Before then all of them except for Janet was some has beens. Even though their brother had other issues he was still making some kind of money and he is even worht more now that he is no longer here. They tried to maek a sorry ass come back with that tired show they had on TV notice Michael did not have to put his bizness on display in order to be talked about or seen...His broke manequin looking ass that Jermaine....Maybe he can make some money off of his 1980 hairdo!!!!

1417 days ago


Jermaine milked Michael's death from minute 1, sold his brother's death and made a lot of money and he STILL does.He is doing a "tribute" in Japan

Jermaine, you are an embarrasment to JAckson Family and particularly to Michael's legacy!

Posted at 8:19 AM on Dec 3, 2010 by MichaelJACKSON


Per Jackie Jacksons Tweets, he claims the news of the brothers touring in Japan are false.

1417 days ago
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