Michael Jackson's 'Hold My Hand' Video Debuts

12/9/2010 12:00 PM PST

Michael Jackson and Akon's 'Hold My Hand' Music Video Debuts

The new music video for "Hold My Hand" begins with hundreds of Michael Jackson fans yelling, "Love you, Michael" -- before showcasing classic MJ clips, MJ impersonations, and a giant shadow of Michael cast on the side of a hangar.

The music video also features a heavy dose of Akon -- MJ's duet partner on the song -- and around 2:44 ... a man with one hand. A casting call for the video had listed a role for "a disabled person with no hands."

This is the first video and single from the album "MICHAEL" -- which officially drops on Tuesday. Although, as we previously reported -- and any web geek will confirm -- it's already leaked on the Internet.