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Ronni Chasen -- Fatal Shots Fired ON Sunset

12/8/2010 9:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Beverly Hills detectives believe Ronni Chasen was fatally shot on Sunset Boulevard, but managed to turn left and drive hundreds of yards -- and witnesses may have seen enough to place Harold Smith at the scene.

Our sources say the BHPD is "confident" Smith was the shooter.

Law enforcement sources say there is no surveillance video capturing the shooting. Nevertheless, the BHPD believes Smith was on a bicycle when he attempted to rob Chasen. Although no one will confirm that witnesses saw part or all of the incident ... it would seem that's the only way police could tie a bicycle-riding Smith to the crime.

We're told Chasen was shot going westbound on Sunset, waiting to turn left onto Whittier Drive ... which would mean Smith would have been in the middle of the busy street on his bicycle when he allegedly fired the shots.


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Jake Ross    

So, the ending to The Ronni Chasen Story has a sad and pathetic ending, thanks to the Beverly Hills Police Department. Let's pray those boys in blue are showing their World Series of Poker faces, for Ronni's sake---------

First, we all remember the big lady who lives in Harvey Apartments state that Harold bragged he was going to be 'paid to kill that woman in Beverly Hills.' And secondly, the Police have gone on record stating the gunshots came from an SUV or a truck, not a bike. Also, they stated the shots came from a big vehicle and that is where the shell casings were left..

Keystone cops comes to mind, and poor Ronni is fuming, somewhere in Heaven.

Why would a desperate career criminal ride 30 miles round trip, to commit a simple burglary? Please, back to the drawing board..I think, Harvey, you even concur he was just a used trigger man, probably Mr. Larry Cohen's crack/pot dealer.


1415 days ago

Surfer Gal    

Where are the shell casings????

1415 days ago


if its a supposedly busy intersection.....WHY ISN'T ANY ONE TALKING!!!!

1415 days ago

sloppy seconds    

if you're worth $6+ million dollars there's absolutely NO reason why you shouldn't be driving an armored vehicle. Read the Dupont people!

1415 days ago


yeah right, riding a bicycle in the middle of a busy car lane, shooting 5 times with no bullet cases ...

1415 days ago


Something stinks.

1415 days ago


Sounds very fishy and doesn't add up. What was his motive? Robbery? Nothing was stolen. What about the $10,000.00 he said he was waiting for? Why was her apartment ransacked separately? Why did her brother insist it was road rage before the results were even in and the investigation incomplete?
Where are the other 4 shell casings, since it is now said a bike was used? They would have been on the street. First it wasn't a match and now it is? She told people she thought she was being followed and wanted to make changes in her will. The police have not answered these questions that we all want answers to.

1415 days ago


Sick I feel bad for the family and for her. She had such a successful life with so much more to live after a life of working your butt off to be taken away from a guy on a bike. I live near Detroit trust me I wish all the guys on bikes would just go away.

1415 days ago

Surfer Gal    

So this bright bulb stops & picks up all 5 - count them - 5 shells & then gently peddles away into the night?

1415 days ago


While I find the story hard to believe, that corner of Sunset that late at night is NOT BUSY. At the hour I would make it from my job in Hollywood to Santa Monica in 20 minutes.

1415 days ago


This is absolutely crazy! I live in West LA and frequent the West Hollywood/Beverly Hills area and conducting this type of crime off of Sunset Blvd is impossible without someone witnessing or even trying to subdue the perpetrator, let alone chasing her car to check on her condition. This announcement is the result of one of 3 things, either they are embarrassed that they have no credible leads and just want the case to go away, this is a cover up, because someone of a high profile is responsible or the BHPD is actually smarter than I think and coming up with this story to lower the guard of the real perpetrator. We shall see!!

1415 days ago


and everybody is shouting fishy, but not the family

1415 days ago


How many times to you have to regurgitate the same story? You have run the same information 4 times, 4 different ways.

When is Harvey coming back?

1415 days ago


BS he did not kill her, someone close to her had her killed. The cops want a fall guy and he fits the bill.

1415 days ago


Makes you wish the white man that first settled didn't do what they did, it was great for them then and were paying for it now big time. Crime, Murder, Drugs. I would like to see where we would be without that.

1415 days ago
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