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Chasen Murder: Suspect Connected, Not Road Rage

12/8/2010 7:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... police investigating the murder of Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen have linked Harold Smith to her death -- but it was NOT road rage.

Ronni Chasen Murder

As TMZ first reported last week, Beverly Hills police detectives believed if Smith was involved it was probably road rage and not a murder-for-hire. We now know cops have ruled out road rage as the motive.

Police have connected the gun Smith used to kill himself last week to the Chasen murder.

We're told the Beverly Hills Police Chief's news conference at 3PM PST will connect Smith to the murder, but the investigation is not wrapped up.


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Inouno Nyx    

Keeps getting stranger and stranger!

1415 days ago

Inouno Nyx    

I just don't see how someone so unstable would be able to plan such an elaborate murder!

1415 days ago


Is anyone surprised? Of course not.

1415 days ago


Sounds like the cops tried to get themselves off the hook claiming this guy had nothing to do with it and it didn't work? Nice try :)

1415 days ago


Wasn't the killer supposed to be some sharpshooter? Hitting a moving target center mass, apparently? If somebody has such great aim with a gun, why would they go around robbing houses? Seems a bit convenient to be blaming this guy...

1415 days ago


I just don't see how someone so unstable would be able to plan such an elaborate murder!

Posted at 2:35 PM on Dec 8, 2010 by Inouno Nyx

You would be surprised how a criminal's mind work. I know somoene who is a total loser in her everyday life, but when it comes to scheming, ways to defraud and illegal activities, she is freaking picasso.

1415 days ago


supposedly another dude from harvey apts was arrested a couple days ago too,named glen

1415 days ago

sloppy seconds    

murder....never a need for it! sad.

btw TMZ? why do you have so much CRAP that loads on your pages? geez! my page keeps automatically scrolling down because of all the crap you have loading. slim it up already!

1415 days ago


As I've said before, this dude was worth way more than $10K. He knew he shouldn't have been running his mouth about getting paid $10K to kill her, but since he did, he took his own life to avoid revealing who hired him.

1415 days ago


If he was hired to kill her, it's only a matter of time before the police discover an email, phone call or some other connection to whoever hired him. That was probably why they didn't confirm a connection earlier--they didn't want to spook the real culprit before they had time to figure out who was really behind it.

1415 days ago


This statement from the Beverly Hills police sounds to be VERY, VERY, WEAK. They also seem very hesitant and unsure when they speak about this case. How does this mental case get off, what was it, 4 or 5 shots that everybody saw as a professional hit because of the accuracy of the bullet shots into her body. This sounds so off it not even funny. I just don't get this very weak response from the police

1415 days ago


Bull! They already said the bullets didnt match the gun he used to kill himself.

1415 days ago


Beverly Hills Cops are under pressure to solve this crime. BS this guy didn't do it.... Then blame it on the alcohol....

1415 days ago


The Bevely Hills cops will blame this guy for the whole thing and try and close the case as is because they are incompatent and are only worried about their reputation and that of the "Hills". If they admit openly that this was a "hit" then they would be expected to find who is responsible. By blaming this guy, they don't have to do any more work. Case "closed", BH is a safe place to live unless someone wants you dead.

1415 days ago


The cops are straight up lying. This was a hit, but they can say whatever they want. I don't believe them and know better.

1415 days ago
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