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Last Moment of Freedom

Keep It Hood

12/9/2010 6:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the last photo of  Wesley Snipes as a free man -- at least, for the next three years.

This photo was taken this morning at Bradford Regional Airport in Pennsylvania -- near the federal prison where Wesley surrendered soon after.

We're told dude was waiting in line for a rental car so he could drive himself over to the clink. 

Hertz, don't it?


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Hope he does the full 3 years and pays his back taxes.

1384 days ago


Hey Wesley you POS or should you be called "Little Wesley Tax Cheat". When you arrived at "Club Fed" I hear you were greeted with open arms. Were your accomandations to your liking, were the towels nicely folded and you bed made perfectly. Did they give you a menu for lunch and dinner?. You low life tax cheat'n POS.

1384 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

What kind of suble racist statement is that TMZ KEEP IT HOOD! Last time I checked there is nothing "Hood" about Snipes. He never carried himself ghetto neither is he a so called rapper.
He is to keep it Hood in Jail because that is where all NIGGHARS Are? Yes it is true but is that what that title means TMZ?

1384 days ago


YAHOO! If we can pay our taxes on our meager pennies, he sure has heck can pay for his millions!! NO sympathy from me!

Tell him to bypass the shoe laces and wear loafers!! Of course, even Bubba Da Prisoner has some taste. Oh well, maybe not from the south end.

1384 days ago


Poor man! It's not fair! There are millions illegal people in America not paying taxes and there are Ok.
FREE WESLEY! He's a good actor. Just make him pay it all back!!

1384 days ago


Those defending Snipes sound foolish. No one knows the EXACT PARTICULARS of his case, so you do NOT KNOW exactly why he went to jail, versus others.

That he claimed to be exempt for religious purposes shows the FRAUD THAT HE IS, because religious men of God do not hit women.

He is where he belongs, what a thug. I can't believe Halle gave him time of day! no judgement whatsoever!

1384 days ago


Having lived in Bradford for a long, long time, I can tell you that the prison is right behind the airport. It would take longer to rent the car than to drive there by 15 minutes or so. What a tool.

1384 days ago


Wha! no wonder they keep playing his movies on UK tv every week. Not the damn same though.

Free Wesley - goodness he can redeem himself with more high functional movies - he can do it and get himself better accountants and money advisors to manage his monies.

1382 days ago



1382 days ago


No, he doesn't deserve to go to jail. None of you are legally required to pay taxes. I do not think the majority of dumbed down Amercians even know their rights. You all pay taxes because you've been brainwashed in to thinking that you're required to do so. You should read your Constitution and Bill Of Rights.
Of course you'll carry on paying them though. Won't you. It's easier to rather than put up with the hassle non-payment would bring.
So, question? If you knew you didn't have to legally pay taxes. Would you pay.
I challenge anyone to find any literature that says you are required by law to pay them. Good luck finding it because it doesn't exsist. But you need to do your own research and make up your own minds.
WESLEY SNIPES should NOT be in prison. End of. He has committed NO CRIME.

1382 days ago


ya'll some ignorant people. so what he messed up, but the man is not a horrible person. wonder what race some of you guys are that's talking all of that trash.

1381 days ago


and just for the record, ya'll dumb ass people with so much to say should read up on what ACTUALLY happened. ignorance shows with every letter you idiots type.

1381 days ago


This kind of thing wouldn't happen if we eliminated sales tax and brought in either a national sales tax, or an import tax from all chaina's cheap crap, or give the phone and electric co.s to the gov't. Why put everyone through the hell of a personal income tax in the first place.

1381 days ago


what about all those senators and congress people that did not pay their taxes. why are they not in jail.

1380 days ago
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