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Chris Brown's New Chick -- Puppy Love

12/10/2010 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown was hanging out with a pretty cute bitch in Miami yesterday  ... and his new girlfriend was there too.

Chris Brown Girlfriend
Brown and his mystery lady showed off a little P.D.A. ... while Brown's addddorable wittle puppy wuppy got its tiny little paws wet in the sand.

No heavy petting was observed.


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he'll be pulling a "Mayweather" on her in a couple weeks then blame his daddy again. I dont care you choose how the way you wanna be a man, and a man that beats a woman will always have that in him. Chris Brown is a Punk Beoth!

1411 days ago


Yes, i know what he did was a crime and having that felony will affect him in many things. I have never hit anyone either and i dont know where you asking that is coming from but i actually do know personally someone who's husband did assault her wife once but was immediately repentant about it and did go to counseling for it and has never done it again after many years. I do not condone what Chris Brown did, I never said i did but i don't think people should demonize him the rest of his life for what he did if he is obviously remorseful and is taking and complying to the right procedures to get on track with himself and the law. What people usually use to bad mouth this guy is "once a woman beater always a woman beater" but that is not true at all.

1411 days ago


he should have gotten the Little Rascals dog with the black mark around the eye. If that happens, it would be harder to tell if he decides to give that b*tch a black eye too.

1411 days ago


Oh LORD!!....We have all made mistakes, No body is perfect.....Jeez...

I have been abused in several relations...and yeah i am only 26 years, but i don't see every guy is the same. some people change and learn from their mistakes..., so can Chris.

1411 days ago


"once a beater always a beater" SHUT TF UP. Im so sick of people taking Rihannas side. Nobodys shouting "once a slut always a slut" to you btches who were whoring yourselves out as young adults. grow up.

1411 days ago


I was bored so I decided to read the comments under this story... you guys are too much! Everyone should be given a second chance. If you were defined by a mistake you made, how would you feel. I don't think there's a person alive that has not been forgiven for an undesirable action. LET THE PERFECT INDIVIDUALS OF THE WORLD STAND UP & THE OTHERS LEAVE THIS GUY ALONE.

1411 days ago


Chris Brown.. put all your efforts, kindness, efforts and recent hard work on yourself in training and loving that puppy...with the communication skills you've also been required to learn in classes, the new girlfriend is going to be easier to make a relationship with without any violence and different kind of emotion, love. Breathe.

1411 days ago


all of you need to stfu and sit the **** down!! everyones trying to be witty!! everyone jumping on the band wagon!! Half of you men are beating your wives/girlfriends, and you women, half of you on here has gotten ya ass beat by your man. Whoever feels the need to address my grammar on a gossip blog.....go to sleep and dont wake up!!

1411 days ago



1411 days ago

Anna Rice    

I don't understand how everyone can be so down on Chris. I understand that he beat Rihanna. Everyone is forgetting that she beat him first. What about her? I'm not saying that it's justified but I understand. We all know that when we are hit our reaction is to hit back. He didn't hit back right off. She kept hitting him but hes the one crucified for it when he did hit back. It goes both ways. I know that I will receive alot of ill will and ill talk about this but it's all in the way you look at it. To answer any questions, no I have not been beaten by a man. I keep my hands to myself as much as possible. I was raised by both parents who did not beat each other.

1411 days ago


UGH!!!. WTF. lol I hope this is just a fling. I mean sure he can mess around til I'm officially legal a year and some change from now. But... It blows.. lol I wish I was older..

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1411 days ago

U said it     

You fakeAss Hoz on TMZ are so lame ..Knowing very well if it was your chance to be with Chis brown you would be right by his side living it up on Miami beach...ABUSER , BATTER, OR WHATEVER LABLE YOU WANT TO GIVE THE BOY.So sit back snort a another line of Coke an take a Good Cup of ShutDa F**k Up and let the boy live his life. HE learned his lesson and lost plenty for it ...Can you say the same for your own ****? Doubt it!

1411 days ago

Moe Green    

A normal convicted felon would never get more than a minimum wage job for the rest of his life. Don't know how people can support this guy. Guess it's his PR people posting here under different aliases and styles of writing.

1411 days ago


Its funny how all these ignorant readers are ready to throw my man under the bus!! Chris do your thing!! EVERYBODY DESERVES A SECOND CHANCE AND RIHANNA AINT NO SAINT!! SHE IS AS BIGGA HOE AS HE SUPPOSEDLY WAS!! GO CHRIS!!

1411 days ago


There is two sides to every story!! Rihanna cant even keep a man let alone go on tour with Nikki Manaj!! Now who is the crazy psycho!! Get it CHRIS!!

1411 days ago
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