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Chris Brown's New Chick -- Puppy Love

12/10/2010 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown was hanging out with a pretty cute bitch in Miami yesterday  ... and his new girlfriend was there too.

Chris Brown Girlfriend
Brown and his mystery lady showed off a little P.D.A. ... while Brown's addddorable wittle puppy wuppy got its tiny little paws wet in the sand.

No heavy petting was observed.


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chris made on freaking mistake...and he said he was sorry!!! hes seem rehabilitated.....they look more cool with each other then rihanna....but hes young it may take him a while till he finds the right girl!

1378 days ago


lol I know that girl! Karreuche Trans we both went to the same junior high

1378 days ago


Wow a perfect match the guy is not only cute but resourceful and gifted hold him well as you are prety girl beutiful like fulani girl in *****ia surely you are going to have a bounciful beautiful children in future. Rihanna she is forgotten ugly and wild that girl she is not decent to be my man choice ofcourse she deserved to be battered like a goat.

1378 days ago



1378 days ago

Carol Richardson    

I hope she knows Bob and Weave!

1378 days ago

Sue Donohue    

He is so not interested in his new 'lady love'. More interested in the adorable little pooch. More smiles and more fun. I agree it wasn't cool what he did, but, time is showing him not to be of a bad character, really! I've been abused so I'm so not for it. We don't know what happened in that car that night!! So really who are we to comment. Let's see how he handles himself in the future.

1377 days ago

vannessa hudgens    

i love chirs brown even when he beated up rhianna .but all of yall need to back up and give him space .

1377 days ago


i wish people would just shut up about the situation. its not like he hits girls all the time. actually that incedent 2 YEARS AGO was the only time he hit a girl. so dont act like he does it to everybody. your stupid comments arent needed. its not even funny.

1377 days ago


he deservs to be able to move on with his life, just like anyone else. he is very talented, and makes good music. and aside from what he did i believe he's a good person, cause him hitting rihanna was the only bad thing i had ever heard about him doing. its been 2 years people, move on.

1377 days ago


I feel that if he truly wants to turn his life around, then he will. I don't feel that anyone can change. I know what I am talking about from experience. Friends, ex's and family members who have been the abuser and also the abused. I believe Chris wants to change and I think that if he stays committed to that then he will. He made a mistake. I see a lot of young and old people doing the same thing. He should not be labled for the rest of his life for this. Life goes on and he should move on and continue to be successful and strive for better. I cannot judge him because he his human just like the rest of us.

1376 days ago


Many of you have yet to receive your first butt kicking, so never say never. Most people don't hit people for no reason, and if they do they have a problem. Considering Rhianni is the only one we have heard of him hitting, I don't think that is the case. Anyone can snap, and those of you acting like you've never hit anyone, threatened to hit anyone are lying. It's life and life happens!

1376 days ago


Well done Chris, just make sure you smack this one just as hard as Rhianna, f**kin loser...

1375 days ago


Geezzzz..I'm sure Chris Brown has learned from his mistakes...I highly doubt if he will repeat this one.. He's young and still has alot of maturing to do..

1375 days ago

Your Point    

Forget CB,the scary part is these ppl actually think they know everything about their friends, family and the person their currently married to, living or sleeping with as if they do a deep background check like the FBI/CIA or something? Even then a person can still hide things about their past/present. Because people in past relationships with them will help them hide it no matter how bad it is. I counsel and if some of you knew the secrets your parents have kept & keep from you, you too would seek mental help. Some of your dad's beat your mom just once but it happened. Some should have a extra sibling but mom chose abortion. Some are adopted and don't know it! "Once something always something ", not true, if so I wouldn't have a job and there would be no hope for anyone for anything. For those who believe in God is this how we are suppose to treat our fellow man? Have you ever thought the women taking up for CB...are or use to be abusers & know abusive women & see it from both sides?

1375 days ago


Well the Dog dont have to worry about getting beaten seen wut happen to Michael Vick and dogs. But her on the other hand he can beat on her like a teenage boy beat his meat and just get community service and a fine.

1375 days ago
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