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Wesley Snipes -- Viva La Prison Food

12/10/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Wesley Snipes had one hell of a surprise waiting for him when he checked into federal prison yesterday  -- BURRITO NIGHT!

TMZ has learned the "Passenger 57" star got to chow down on some quality prison-made Mexican food during his first night in lock up ... his menu options were:

-- beef and bean burrito or bean and cheese burrito
-- Mexican rice or steamed rice
-- pinto beans, corn and salsa.

Always bet on ... Pepto Bismol.


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Looks like vomit freshly spewed on a plate - should be grateful though - it is served warm!!!!

1412 days ago



Get your facts straight. Every1 knows it was Wesley Snipes who busted her ear drum. Christopher Williams clearly states it was Snipes. There has been no retractions or defense from both Berry or Snipes to the contrary. Just silence and no comments. Proof...

1412 days ago


Why is Wesley Snipes in jail?? For some MF taxes!! WTF is our justice system coming too? We are wasting tax payers money for this fool to sit in jail for some back taxes. That is extra WACK!! Paris, Britney and Lindsay are roaming the streets cracked out but America is worried about Wesley Snipes not paying taxes.

1412 days ago


OMG...are y'all kidding me your taking shots at this dude for some taxes!! The only reason Snipes went to jail is because he's black. If Donald Trump had did that **** they would have slapped him on the ass and fined him.

1412 days ago


If the real truth was known - there would be more prisons than churches!! They like to use personalities or people with high profiles as scare tactics - to seemingly frighten people into paying their taxes!! How about Charles Rangel on Capitol Hill - 18 years worth - still a free man and there are so many more that the taxpayers would go broke paying for the incarceration because there would be thousands upon thousands in prison.

Check this--->>>

Cost of Imprisonment
It costs $55.09 on average per day or $20,108 per year to keep an inmate in prison (FY0708)
Most of the daily cost to incarcerate an inmate in a major prison is spent on security and medical services. The remaining 20% or so is spent on feeding, clothing and educating inmates, and some administrative issues.

A total of 8.5% of the state general revenue budget goes to corrections in Florida, which has a budget of more than two billion dollars. $1.47 billion of that goes directly toward security and institutional operations, and another $424 million toward health services for inmates, including mental health and dental care.

The cost of each prison varies, depending on the types of inmates who are housed there. For example, it costs $99.12 a day to house an inmate at a reception center, because the inmates residing there are being evaluated and tested medically, psychologically, academically, vocationally, etc. In contrast, a typical adult male facility costs just $44.96 per day to house an inmate (excluding private prisons). When you average all types of state prison facilities together like those listed in the chart below, the daily cost to house an inmate is $55.09.

Most (80%) inmates work to help off set the cost of their incarceration. They work on farms and gardens producing their own food, constructing new correctional facilities, and performing repairs and renovations to prisons. Inmates also prepare and serve all meals, maintain prison grounds, participate in sanitation and recycling processes, and work in PRIDE (Prison Rehabilitative Industries and Diversifi ed Enterprises) programs. Additionally, inmates are assigned to Community Work Squads under agreements with the Department of Transportation, other state agencies such as the Division of Forestry, counties, cities, municipalities, and non-profi t organizations.

In FY0708, the DC’s Community Work Squad Program saved Florida taxpayers more than $57.2 million through inmate labor. In addition to their every day duties, correctional offi cers at 36 of our institutions serve as K-9 offi cers and are available to local law enforcement to aid in searches for fl eeing felons, wandering elderly patients, and missing children, in addition to escapees from county jails.

Cost of Imprisonment:
$55.09 Per Day/ $20,108 Per Year

Posted at 10:41 AM on Dec 10, 2010 by Bippy

1412 days ago


I think Mr. Snipes should pay all the costs for his incarceration. He's a millionaire, taxpayers shouldn't have to pay a dime. If he had paid his taxes like he was supposed to he wouldn't be in this situation.

1412 days ago


I'm hungry.

1412 days ago


damn that looks good

1412 days ago


Wesley Snipes is a BUM who made gobs of money doing the easiest thing on earth, acting. What a selfish egomaniac who couldn't pay taxes like the rest of us do.

Sheesh, I'd love to keep my earnings, but I PAY UP so that OTHER PEOPLE'S KIDS can go to school, and use the roads.

Sheesh, what a jerk.

He is where he belongs, in the slammer.

1412 days ago


Man... These MathaF**kers eat better then most hard working tax paying middle class Americans.

Feed em Sh*t on a shingle.

1412 days ago

Matt Nemeth    

sounds like my nipples are at it again... although he reminds me of a broad-backed, big-bootied horse. actually on my farm we have a horse named ronnie, he reminds me of him, that had a bladder problem and erectile disfunction.

1412 days ago


I am not a fan, but I don't think he deserves jail until Charles Rangel, Maxine Waters, **** Cheney, and eni meni miny moe are all there too.

Wesley Snipes trusted a financial and tax adviser who was out in left field and believed the whole "you are not required to pay taxes to the IRS or federal government" scheme that has been around since there have been tax protestors.. Is he foolish for trusting a loon, yep jail him for that, but get the others in there too that steal, and pocket money in the name of politics and get a slap that they condemn as "inhuman" and "unfair". And you know as well as I do, he will come out, gain street cred, and be making millions again, only I bet he hires a proper tax representation firm this time...

1412 days ago


I, too, was in a federal camp bc of a white collar crime (not proud). But the only hard part about a camp is being away from your children. Camp has no locks and is dorm style. You can go outside at 2 in the morning if you so choose. The food is not great, but is is fairly good and there are vending machines and commissary. Mine had a track, workout facilty, softball field and pool. So Mr. Snipes is just fine!! He will just have to work a crappy job for pennies.

1412 days ago




1412 days ago


My dad lives less than a mile from where Wesley Snipes is being held. FCI McKean in Lewis Run, PA. It's a low security prison. A few years back, Willie Nelson was also there.

1411 days ago
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