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Nic Cage to IRS: It's Time for a Little Payback!

12/12/2010 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nic Cage is slowly climbing his way out of that MASSIVE debt he owes to Uncle Sam -- TMZ has learned the actor has PAID OFF $360,545 in back taxes he racked up from 2002 to 2004.


As we previously reported, Cage owed roughly $14 million to the government for unpaid taxes and fees for the years 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2007. Cage had blamed his former business manager for driving to "financial ruin."

But now, TMZ has obtained documents showing Cage has officially knocked out a small payment -- getting one teeny, tiny, itsy-bitsy baby step closer to being even-steven with the IRS.

Hey, it's a start!


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Iowa Dan    

Geez, here we go again with the race card. Poor black man is punished while whitey goes free. Do you think, possibly, cir***stances could have had anything to do with it? We're perpetuating a whole class of victims with this mentality.

1413 days ago


"Snipes didnt file, for like 5 yrs"

That's a lie. He missed 3 years whereas Nicolas Cage missed more!

"Nic cage never was a member of a I DONT HAVE TO PAY club,"

Really? then why did he not pay for so many years?

1413 days ago


According to Wikepedia he has made 9 movies from in the past year and come that are due to be released ... and all he has paid so far is $360...,000+ ?? I KNOW he gets paid more than that!

1413 days ago


This is what I am talking about. Why don't they go after Cage, like they went after Wesley Snipes? Snipes offered to give the IRS something like 6 mill to start a payment plan ASAP. 3 years for Snipes, which should have been max 6 months! As for Cage, I love him. How in the heck did this man squander his money??? Very crazy. This is so unfair to Wesley and others....

1413 days ago


Mr. Cage definately had a spending problem and the mismanagement of his funds certainly didn't help matters. I wish him the best in meeting his obligations. Seems like helping him square this deal would've been a pretty simple thing for his family, but then again, maybe he's trying to do the right thing. I'm still saying that sittin' on " The Kings " throne brought some bad mojo on ya bro.....

#10... great name for ya Pinhead, cause that's what your statement is... pinheaded. Enough with playing the race card... we've all had enough of it!!!

1413 days ago

Angry Nigga    

Wait,he suppose to be in jail like Snipes.whats going on here a black man committe the same crime with a white man online the black man goes to jail.

1413 days ago


How much of the $14 million has he paid back in total? The $14 million total was 2002 to 2004 and 2007 taxes. Hence, this do***ent indicates that he's paid back ALL of the 2002 to 2004 taxes, which means he only owes taxes for 2007.

I agree with those who say that people should always know what's going on with their money. A financial/business manager is all well and good, but look at your statements every month and have a DIFFERENT independet CPA look at your books every six months or every year.

1413 days ago


According to Wikepedia he has made 9 movies from in the past year and come that are due to be released ... and all he has paid so far is $360......,000+ ?? I KNOW he gets paid more than that!

Posted at 8:26 AM on Dec 12, 2010 by Angelanc

I think this was the FINAL payment for the 2002 to 2004 back taxes. Hence, he's paid off what he owed for those years. Now, he only has 2007 taxes to pay back.

1413 days ago


He makes at least 10 mil a movie/ multiple movies per year. How can he have money troubles? He uses 14 mil to blow his nose so what's taking so long to pay it back?

1413 days ago


Pathetic that enormously wealthy LUCKY talented people like Nick Cage has to screw Uncle Sam while the rest of the citizens in this country pay their taxes. And they always blame someone else....what? you never looked at your taxes or paperwork or knew what you made in a year? Please.

1413 days ago


No wonder he's been in so many movies lately....

1413 days ago

john johnson    

when u white, its all right, but when u black, u gots to stay back, and thats a fact! FREE WESLEY SNIPES!!!!!!

1413 days ago


I'm sure he saw the example they made out of Snipes and thought he better make an effort?

1413 days ago


Nic, If you need some food stamps this Xmas, I'd be happy to share.

1413 days ago


I get so tired of people getting pleasure out of rich people running into money problems. Do you have any idea how complicated taxes get when you're making that much money from different sources? You're supposed to estimate your tax payments and pay quarterly, which is also tricky. I can totally see why, if Nic didn't have a good tax man, he'd end up getting screwed (this is why you never trust anyone w/ ur finances). And there's a big difference between not filing your taxes and copping an EFF U UNCLE SAM attitude - like Snipes - versus just screwing up, but making a good faith effort to try and pay it back - like Nic.

1413 days ago
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