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Hulk Wedding Photog on Video:

'I'm Carrying a Gun'

12/16/2010 1:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In what may be the biggest bonehead move of 2010, the photographer who threatened one of Hulk Hogan's friends with a gun during Hulk's wedding actually videotaped the entire incident ... and we got the tape.

It all went down on Tuesday in Clearwater, Florida -- when the pap tried to shoot video of the nuptials.

Listen to the tape -- you hear the photog tell someone in the wedding party, "You're in my space and I'm carrying a gun."


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When someone tells you not to take their picture you need to kindly move on. If you insist on taking someone's picture without their consent you deserve whatever trouble you get.

Right to privacy is more important than freedom of speech.

Argue it all you want, it all comes down to what is decent. How shall we regard eachother? Shall we be decent toward one another or shall we assault each other freely?

He was asked not to take photos, he deserves to be thrown in jail. The law of the land needs to catch up with the times.

Right to privacy on public property should be a law when encountered by paps. Selling your intellectual property should not be legal without consent, regardless of where you are in the United States, public land or not.

For now it's up to the cop on the scene, if he was asked not to take the picture but kept doing it, they can nab him with harressament. He should be in jail for assault.

1409 days ago


So a photographer doing work to be sold to TMZ broke the law by trespassing, lied about having a gun, assaulted a security person, lied to the police (erasing tape, I said "what if I had a gun"), etc. Yet TMZ still bought and published the tape. Come on TMZ, you owe Hulk Hogan a big apology and should promise your readers you won't hire this knucklehead poor excuse for a photog again!

1409 days ago


This story is getting old...

1409 days ago


Clearwater, Florida?? does that mean Hulk's a scientologist?

1409 days ago


how do you know that TMZ bought the film from the photographer and didn't get it through a leak in the police dept? Seems to me that the pap would not want this video out there, because it shows him clearly in the wrong.

1409 days ago


We're not free men if we can't practice our most sacred rituals without being accosted, assaulted or harrassed by passer-bys. We should allow our neighbors a right to practice their religious beliefs openly in public spaces without interfering as long as those practices do not disrupt our daily routine.

Hulk Hogan and his family has a right to practice religion, has a right to security and has a right to privacy. All of this rights should be protected by the state and when possible by federal authorities.

The pap is not creating an inspired artwork but instead is stealing an image of someone else. Many of us every day snap up photos of strangers, it's commonly accepted to capture an imagie of someone we don't know as they pass into our photos. This pap did something different.
This pap intended to use the image of a celebrity without the celebrites consent to gain money. It needs to be illegal.

The pap is abusing a loophole in our constitution to assault celebrities.

If celebrities cannot enter into public domain in the United States those celebrities will chose to live elsewhere.

The government of the USA needs to make adaptation to her laws to protect it's citzens from mis-use of current techonological trends.

1409 days ago


If you read the police report you would know the police gave the tape back to the pap and was told to erase it.

1409 days ago

Bob Loblaw    

What a s***bag. These guys are the worst. They could get all the clips they need at the appropriate venues, but it's much more profitable to catch people off-guard, crowd them so they fall, or push them just enough to have them flip-the-****-out... all on video.

I'm all for enacting a law to be able to punch them right in the face on sight.

1409 days ago



He's not a Scientologist, but he does belong to a similar group. It is some sort of new age church where the preacher is one of the main contributors to "The Secret", that book everyone is going crazy over since it tells everyone all you have to do is wish for something and it will come true.

1409 days ago


Hey brothers. You need to leave the Hulkster alone. He was my best man and I love him. He is tall, sexxxy, and hairless.
Bubba the Love Sponge
PS Heather, get me a towel, I made a mess.

1409 days ago


Can't walk up to someone in the street and slap them in the face, taking their picture is the same thing. Five years from now the laws will all change, it's just a matter of when. Could be sooner.

Are celebrities different than the rest of us? Are they given seperate accomidations? Are celebrities better people than the others in the United States?

No they are not at all.

Currently there are no laws in place that allow celebrities to walk freely among us without suffering from photographers. Authorities make special adjustments to hold back photographers. These special adjustments are only used because of a fault in the constitution, a fault that has not been amended. The current state of techonology has allowed for new threats against the citizens of the USA.

These are my theories, thank you for letting me share them with you. I do so freely out of a hope that someone other than myself, with more strength, pursues these theories into fruition.

1409 days ago


if it looks like a smeghead and acts like a smeghead then it's a smeghead

1409 days ago

Ronald RayGun    

He might be carrying a gun but it's on only 2 inches long!

1409 days ago


Unless the s***bag had a Florida or reciprocal concealed carry permit he should be in jail. Carry without a license is illegal in Florida. Jail him and throw the keys away. It's s*** like him that will ultimately cost all of us our Second Amendment rights.

1409 days ago



1409 days ago
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