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'Dexter' Star

Files for Divorce from

Michael C. Hall

12/16/2010 8:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Jennifer Carpenter just filed her petition for divorce this afternoon from her "Dexter" co-star Michael C. Hall ... but it turns out they've been separated for a long time.


According to the document, the date of separation is listed as August 9, 2010

Carpenter cites "irreconcilable differences" in the petition filed in L.A. County Superior Court.

Carpenter is also asking for spousal support and for attorney's fees.

The couple, who married in 2008, have no children.

Julia Stiles -- who guest starred on "Dexter" this season and is rumored to have gotten "close" to Hall  -- just issued a statement saying they're just "good friends" and she's not the cause of the breakup.

Jennifer Carpenter


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Jennifer's acting always made me cringe. Hope this divorce means she won't have any active engagements for a long, long, time.

1313 days ago


She'll need spousal support. Once Dexter ends, she'll never find any work!

1313 days ago

D Wayne    

I like these two, just not together. I'm not suprised about the split. WTF, spousal support? Though #50 jim, you may be right about her, what has she done besides Dex and Quarantine. Never hook up with a co-worker, and never, ever s**t where you eat.

1313 days ago


She wants spousal support???? WTF???? She works on the same frickin show! So her paycheck is less, that's life. he earns his and should keep it all. What a b*tch! (btw, I'm female)

1313 days ago

Harvey's Momma    

Very interesting .... Julia Stiles rocks. She was excellent this season. Pissed me off that Julia Stiles left Dexter at the end. GET BACK TOGETHER! Writers, what the hell is wrong with you guys.

1313 days ago


Why does she need spousal support? She's a friggen working actress. She has a job and a career.

No soup for you, witch!

1313 days ago


Boy, is she one fugly mo fo. Her face is about as long as a yard stick...sionara greddy wench

1313 days ago


Apparently her attorney didn't proofread the Petition. Jennifer is the Petitioner in this matter, but her attorney refers to Jennifer as the respondent TWICE in the Petition.

1313 days ago


Since we're all participating in this gossiping medium, I'll indulge. I'm curious about any creative impact any of this may have on the show. Honestly, I'd be curious about knowing how dates of episodes airing line up with the shooting season. All this drama obviously went on during the shooting phase of the season because there was no talk of this while this season was being aired. so, Dexter ended last week. Do the actors & producers plan this sh**t?

1313 days ago


January 2010 Dexter show star Michael C. Hall contracts cancer and battles for his life....

December 2010 Dexter show costar and wife of Michael C. Hall Jennifer Carpenter files for a divorce and spousal support....


1312 days ago


I agree with number 6 completely, we don't know anything about these people so we really judge them one way or the other. And if Jennifer see's fit to have spousal support, and that's something that she and Micheal agreed upon in private, then that's their business. Plus Micheal's a producer on the show so it's not like He can't afford too. For all we know she may have made the decision to leave the show, just to keep the peace and decided that spousal support would be the only way that she would or could leave the show.

1311 days ago


Your idiots for putting down Jennifer Carpenter when your dumb asses don't even know the back story. You're such Star f@@@@ you can't even comprehend reality. Keep putting down Jennifer if you want but the reality is Micheal C. Hall dumped his first wife after joining the show in 2006 begins dating Jennifer supposedly in 2007 marries her in 3008 and separates from her in 2010. Sounds to me like Micheal C. Hall may be a bit of a Diva himself, which wouldn't be a surprised seeing how all of this new found excitement and love for his Character "Dexter" may have just gone to his head. But none of us knows any of this and yet, feel compelled to judge their lives without having any clue, what-so-ever about what really led to the break down in the marriage. Jennifer filed the divorce papers and for all we know, maybe she learned he was banging someone behind her back, or maybe she just got fed up of his dry and superior attitude. Who knows, bottom line is, she filed for divorce and now Micheal's eye balling Julia Stiles as Jennifer's replacement. I see a pattern here with Micheal so, I'm just going to go out on a limb and say maybe he's the reason the marriage didn't work out.
And good for Jennifer for filing for spousal support, I hope she gets half his entire check, how bout that!

1311 days ago


Michael seems to like Boylike Girls..1st Jennifer then Julia
Noth IBTC members....

1298 days ago

ana julia    

#14 who is kate mara?

1293 days ago
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