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Mel Gibson Doesn't Make Anti-Semitic Cut of 2010!

12/16/2010 3:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson has just been snubbed by the premier Jewish organization in America -- he's nowhere to be found on the 10 most anti-Semitic list.

Mel Gibson Anti Semite

The Simon Wiesenthal Center just released its "2010 Top Ten Anti-Semitic Slurs" list:

Topping this year's list --  former White House journalist Helen Thomas who famously said, "Jews should get the hell out of Palestine. They should go home to Germany, Poland, America and everywhere else."

The also-rans include: Oliver Stone, a former CNN host and a political leader.

Remember, Oksana Grigorieva claims Mel told her -- referring to one Harvey Levin -- "I want Jew blood on my hands."  Harvey didn't believe Mel really said that, and apparently neither did the Simon Wiesenthal Center.



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After getting to know a member of the board at the Simon Wisenthal Center back in the 1990's [I was dating his daughter and I wasn't Jewish], I really don't think you should be using them for a positive benchmark to reference hatred and bigotry.

I was raised Catholic and her father shredded me for it. I smiled and took it with a grain of salt, but I never forgot.

1409 days ago


Shocking. The TMZ Nazis would rather deflect and talk about a guy making a joke and having a drunken tirade, instead of talking about their liberal fata$$ master Michael Moore bailing out an anti-American terrorist. Classic Harvey. Sooo Classic!!!

1409 days ago

Fidel's niece    

The desperate Winona Ryder
needs to promote her new movie,
(non existent movie career),
so 15 years later she is using her
"Mel's story" to do it.

The bitches on "Celebitchy" site
are so forgiving of her kleptomania
and pill abuse,
("let it go after all these years")
yet they can't let go of bashing Mel
any chance they get.

F*cking bitches with double standards!

1409 days ago


Well some do make very good points - if you read a book (written by a Jewish guy) called "My Israel Question" he does his research on how powerful the Jewish lobbyists are, particuarly in America.

1409 days ago


Harvey; when you post an article about Ari Emanuel’s “alleged” racism, such as his comment that “everyone knows blacks can’t swim,” I may have a little more respect for you.

People like you and Winona Ryder are beating a dead horse with this Mel Gibson is an anti-Semite stuff just to keep it alive and garner some attention and money from it.

He was drunk in the 2006 incident, and also drunk at that party Ryder thinks she remembers fifteen years ago? Ari Emanuel was cold stone sober. Time to knock it off.

1409 days ago


Maybe Oksana Grigorieva should be on the list for making that comment and as for Ryder why wait 15 years to repeat that comment whats up with that trying to get yourself into the news she's hasn't done much in way of movies so many she thinks coming out and saying something like this might get attention and she might get a movie offer. Don't believe either one of them.

1409 days ago


Is there any other moniker that is used as a Religion AND as a Race? I am not really clear what benchmark is used to determine who is ANTI-SEMITE and if the ANTI-SEMITE term is unique to AMERICA. The Simon Wisenthal Center is a busy organization.
I understand the word ANTI-SEMITE is used to ONLY refer to ONE of the Semitic languages, HEBREW, and therefore the JEWISH RELIGION. How did that happen? There are other Semitic languages aren't there?

I wonder if most AMERICAN'S sensitivities and tolerances about religion allowed this sort thing to blossom. TELLTHETRUTH made an interesting point - Where is the rancor and widespread publication of folks who are ANTI-CATHOLICS? I would add what about the ANTI-BAPTISTS? ANTI-PRESBYTERIANS? ANTI-LUTHERANS? Anti-GreekOrthodox? Anti-Pentecostal? Some of what HOLLYWOOD churns out is far more hateful toward other religions than the Jewish faith! It feels almost hypocritical to me.
This organization, the Simon Wisenthal Center, includes museums, a film company, and college outreach efforts. In an nutshell they are in the business to expose anyone who is ANTI-JEW,and they define JEW as a RACE don't they? Their mission is to be PROMOTE ISRAEL over OTHER SEMITIC speaking peoples isn't it? To DEFINE the HOLOCAUST as only a JEWISH hatecrime, when in fact many nonJews were also killed.
I found it interesting apparently one of their missions is to end the US dependency on OIL. If you look under the Campus Ourreach section you will find it. I think their exact wording is "fighting for America's energy independence". I found that a bit of a reach for this organization. I thought this organization existed to help teach people not to HATE.
I found these two links an interesting read.
Take a look at
So.... would the folks at Simon Wisenthal Center consider J-Street folks ANTI-SEMITE because they question the validity or the wisdom of the westbank settlements?
So many hairs to split and ironically the whole process seems to DIVIDE and cause friction.
As a Christian I was raised to be respectful of all people. To look beyond their RACE, their socio-economic position, and what religion they practice and to SEE HOW THEY TREAT OTHERS.
As AMERICANS, we are all about FREEDOMS, aren't we? We like to celebrate our differences, don't we? The regions of our Country from COLONIAL times to NOW reflect a wonderful hodge-podge of people who come here to explore and experience FREEDOM. They leave their old homelands and make new homes in America. We have been known at the MELTING POT for generations but that didn't mean sacrificing faith for the opportunity to live here, did it? Quite the contrary. It did however mean the folks who chose to make the US HOME were and are supposed to be FUNDAMENTALLY rooted as AMERICANs concerned with the UNITED STATES interests and NOT fundamentally linked to a foreign nation, didn't it?

I can't help but wonder if some of these ANTI-SEMITE media accounts are more about CONTROL or an GRAB for PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT than about true concern for LIBERTY and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS.
Just MO, of course.

Posted at 1:02 PM on Dec 16, 2010 by V
Just wanted to add my 2 cents to V's excellent post ..

What a nasty PETTY list __ WHY to make a list like that in the first place ?!? ---- NO others race, religious groups make this kind of 'black' lists! --- are they to shut us up, intimidate us ALL & force everybody to follow the PC route out of fear ? ... Hmmm In the name of WHAT, I wonder .. Hmmm

Anybody interested in the Simon Wiesenthal Centre founder may want to follow this (well researched book)link ________

1409 days ago

Politically Incorrect    

Racism is the result of ignorance, usually less-educated people are the worst offenders, but obviously not all of the time, and racism is also the result of anger and self-maladjustment. It is sad that racism is so prevalent in our society. I just felt compelled to write because, if we all really think about it...NONE OF US had a choice as to our racial/cultural heritage, so that's why I really find it amusing that people really "get into" it, because none of us had a choice in the matter of our race.

1409 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

Hey you guys - this is TMZ not FRONTLINE!

1409 days ago

Stacy Harris    

I didn't realize that Christina Patterson is both an anti-Semite and an Orthodox Jew. Of course, if the reference to "G-d" is not Patterson's direct quote of the written word variety, she is "merely" an anti-Semite.

But that would not be beshert.

Stacy Harris
Publisher/Executive Editor/Media Critic
Stacy's Music Row Report

1409 days ago


Anyone else as disturbed as myself that frank discussion of very serious problems caused by Zionism—which is not the same thing as Judaism—are being labeled as anti semitism?

Would it be anti-christian to discuss the problems we've caused in Iraq by invading it with neither the approval of the UN nor concrete evidence of WMD's? Isn't discussion the right course of action?

Zionism is only a theory. Its a theory gone wrong, certainly, but hey, if my whole family and everyone else I knew was gassed to death, I'd retreat to my homeland and give the finger to the world too.

I'm pretty sure that happened sixty, seventy years ago, though, and maybe its time to get over it. There've been enough movies. You don't see the Irish or the Armenians unconsciously seeking the ruination of the planet, and lord knows, they've suffered just as greatly. You don't see Hutus creating an untenable diplomatic nightmare that may or may not lead to nuclear holocaust over 2,500 square feet of dilapidated bricks from a time during which people were damn sure the sun revolved around the earth.

Anyway, Zionists and Jews are not the same thing, and to suggest such a thing is dangerous. Jews are awesome, brilliant people—tough and tenacious and smart as hell—and I really wish they'd regard Herzl as he ought to be regarded, as a bi-polar nut-job whose pathological narcissism, bad relationship with his father and ironic disregard for his own religion led him to create a disastrous theory the world would be better without.

And no, Zionists, tunneling under sacred Muslim mosques is not "self determination," nor is it protection of your people. It is aggression in its purest form. Go ahead and put out lists of people you deem anti-semetic for simply talking about the problems you've caused—they'll still never be as disrespectful of the religions of others as you've shown yourselves to be time and time again through something quite a bit worse than talk: actions.

1409 days ago


So what if Mel Gibson doesn't like Jews. For every race, religion, group, ect., around there will always be someone who doesn't like them. Get some backbone people!!! Obama putting the screws to us is a bit more important than what some actor thinks about a particular race. I doubt Mel Gibson will be on your mind when the fecal matter finally hits the fan from the Obama administration. Communisim here we come. THEN you will have something to bark about.

1409 days ago


Hell yaz Harvey believed it - that's why the site's so sympathetic to Mel. Harvey got some big bucks from Mel to ignore it and some extra to be pro Mel/ Anti bet he took it seriously!
Misogynistic bastards.

1409 days ago


Hey Harvey,

Why don't you show us just how "un-racist" you are and have one of your photogs go with you into Watts or Compton and film you while you approach a group of black youths so we can watch you interact and make friends with them. That sounds fair. Simply having your lone, token rastafarian sidekick on the show doesn't quite cut it.

1408 days ago


I hate to over-simplify this long-standing cultural marginalization, but...
Wasn't Jesus a Jew?

1408 days ago
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