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TMZ Live: Miley, Mel, Diddy & Hulk Hogan

12/16/2010 7:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Harvey and Charles hit all the big topics today on TMZ Live -- including Lindsay Lohan's possible stalker, Miley Cyrus' bong excuse, and a change in the Mel/Oksana custody agreement.

We took your questions on everything today -- including ...

- New TMZ Live features
- Michael Vick wanting a dog
- Mel & Oksana's new custody agreement
- Cameraman in the Hulk Hogan wedding brawl
- Brody Jenner's apology to Joe Francis
- Man stealing $1.5 million in chips from the Bellagio
- Rapper Waka Flocka's house raided
- Top celeb-spotting places in L.A.
- Sexual assault charges for the Wikileaks honcho
- Model at Diddy's party catching fire
- Lindsay Lohan's alleged stalker
- Miley Cyrus downplaying the bong video
- Winona Ryder's anti-Mel GQ interview
- And ... the Kardashians' Kreepy Khristmas Kard!

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who dat    

OK first day of the "new" TMZ and i noticed ABSOLUTELY NOTHING different. With the exception of a few polls underneath. If you want to fix it, make it that the users don't lose the feed when we click from one page to the next. I could provide alot of cool ideas, but i'm not getting paid to do so.

1304 days ago

who dat    

Obama would be a great dream guest. He could make a bunch of promises and not keep any of them. Oh wait, he's already doing that.

1304 days ago



The only thing I found more repugnant than the alleged "oven dodgers" comment in your Winona Ryder story was the fact that you and GQ chose to print this in the first place.

No dog in this fight? This is a convicted thief and a liar who is trying desperately to revive her career; and she comes out with this comment fifteen years later? So not buying it.

Enough is enough!

1304 days ago


The reason someone asked is Ryan would be on the Christmas card was that he was on last year card........... see the link

1304 days ago

who dat    

You want to make the site a better experience? Get rid of the spammers. Hows that for feedback.

1304 days ago


I know the show is live. Though it might be nice if you archive the show, so you can watch it if you've missed an episode.

1304 days ago


I guess I missed this, but I love Miley and don't know that she is downplaying this until I hear it from Miley's beautiful, sexy mouth!

1304 days ago


If you want to try the best snack bar ever, try bota bora bars available on line or at costco. vegan, gi, etc. A friend of my was stopping a rape in that park & was killed by the rapest. This happened in the 1980's sharon (ghost stories, paranormal, wt loss)
ps great new site but takes 9 min on my computer to get into it. live chat would be nice

1304 days ago


How are you guys now talking about this? FB just went down for 30 minutes! This is today's culture completely shut down for 30 minutes!

1304 days ago


Did Waka Flocka ever turn himself in?

1304 days ago


One of the guests on Doctor Phil's Housewives was also on Millionaire Matchmaker. Her name is Gloria. I wrong the Dr Phil show and got no response. I think this fact hurts the credibility of the show. Like Gloria is just making the reality show rounds like so many others.

1304 days ago


Has Waka Flocka been apprehended yet? and any news on the charges?

1304 days ago


miley was smoking a legal substance..should of been pot. then maybe she would write music we can all relate too..bahaha

1304 days ago


How about Colorado and Arizona for the snowy mountains/warm weather situation? I've been caught in a blizzard overnight in Colorado, and then hiked down the mountains the next day to find it hot and people swimming.

1304 days ago


What are you thinking about wikileaks! They attacked/hacked PayPal, Visa and Mastercard as payback for the companies not accepting donations. These are not nice people!

1304 days ago
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