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Gene Simmons

Hard Proof

He Banged 5,000 Chicks

12/20/2010 4:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gene Simmons not only claims to have knocked boots with around 5,000 women in his lifetime -- dude claims he can prove it ... saying he took Polaroid pics of practically EVERY SINGLE ONE.

During a kiss and tell session on the "Woody & The Wake-Up Call" show today on WCOL -- Gene says he took "Polaroid photos of the ladies who graced the bed in my room" during his 37 years of touring with KISS.

Gene then copped to having "right under 5,000" Polaroid snapshots of his conquests -- with each woman holding the key to the hotel room where Gene conducted the coitus.

Coffee table book, anyone?


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this is old news................. :(

1400 days ago


He is telling the truth, he has 5,000 warts on his penis to prove it.

1400 days ago

S. Lee Charlebois    

I saw this book. I was a receptionist at Casablanca Records and we had a "date". I went up to his room (I thought we were going out for dinner" and I was mad that he was in a robe. He then started showing off his clothes in the closet. Then he handed me this album with all these polaroid pictures in it. Said he did everyone of them. I left. I think Im the only date he ever had that didnt go to bed with him or even kiss him. To think, he had Cher, this woman star I admired and she even went to his bed. Gross. He was a nasty man. Now hes just old and nasty.

1400 days ago


Gene Simmons is an old Jew with bad hair....needs to head to Florida and "recall" the old nasty days".

Nice example for your kids, Gene. If you think you set a stellar example, maybe your daughter will photograph her "activities" for all to see? Like father, Like Daughter?

Reality Show my butt....Phoney Nasty Show.

1400 days ago


Interesting, he claims also to not have had sex with any other women since he and Shannon became a couple. He said this on a lie detector test at a radio. I wondered why the question was asked as "Have you made love to any other women since Shannon" he answered not, but since he did not consider having sex as making love he was able to fool the machine. Now who is the fool, if he has had that many women, it was while he was with Shannon.

1400 days ago


My ex was one of them about 18 years ago. She told me he took a pic. And he even gave her 20 bucks for a cab ride home. She still had the 20 bucks 10 years later. Thanks for the pizza Gene!!

1400 days ago


shannon tweed must be so proud.

1400 days ago


Is this something to be proud of? Any un-neutered stray dog or cat could probably stake the same claim. He acts like it's an achievement, when in reality, it's trashy.

1400 days ago


How embarrassing for Shannon.

1400 days ago


Ewwww. If this were a woman talking about having 5,000 men I wonder how it would be perceived? I'm willing to say not to well. I hear people talk about Karrine Steffans,aka Superhead, like she was the worst thing to ever walk the Earth and yet this nasty mother****** is a player?!? NO! He seems to be a selfish, nasty whore of a man. If I were Shannon I would get an AIDS test, among other things, pack my stuff, and find a man who had some respect for me and himself.

1400 days ago


5000 IS NOTHING..I HAVE HAD 10,000

1400 days ago


Just goes to show you, it doesn't matter how ugly you are, as long as you are in a band or you have a ton of cash, there will always be some skank out there who will spread her legs for you. Gene, you are a pathetic piece of garbage to brag about all of these women, as if you could get a single one if you worked at a gas station. You're old and used up and I hope one day some crappy musician bangs your daughter and grand-daughters. I'm sure you'd be fine with it.

1400 days ago


if someone is literally a d*ckhead, meaning they have pubic hair on their head couldn't just kissing someone be considered banging?

1400 days ago



1400 days ago


Gene, you're a Rock legend and a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer. You live with Shannon Tweed,a supermodel and one of the most beautiful women ever, even at her current age. You have more money than God and have racked up record sales most bands would kill for. Kiss is hands-down the all-time merchandising champion for Rock bands. You have two suprisingly well-adjusted kids and a reality TV show. ...And you STILL have to go around trying to prove what a stud you are!!! What's wrong with this picture? Methinks you're overcompensating for something...

1400 days ago
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