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Jermaine Jackson -- Foreclosure Victim

12/21/2010 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jermaine Jackson could become homeless early next year, because the house he's living in is going up on the foreclosure auction block.

TMZ has learned the 5 bedroom, 6 bathroom Calabasas home Jermaine is renting is on the brink of foreclosure ... set to be sold on the steps of the Pomona, CA courthouse on January 21.
The minimum bid, according to, is  $2,184,233.

It is unclear if Jermaine even knows the owner is about to lose the house. Under California law, he has 60 days from the time of foreclosure to vacate.

Jermaine -- who has lived in the house for a year-and-a-half -- filed a police report in September, claiming someone stole $150,000 in jewelry, furs and clothes from a suitcase in the house.

And there's more ... Jermaine is behind on child support to the tune of nearly $100,000, and he's asking a judge to reduce his support payments from $3,000 a month to $215 a month.

But one ray of hope.  Katherine Jackson rented a mansion just a few blocks from Jermaine's home, so maybe she'll take him in.


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Even in his death, this entire leechy family is still sponging off of Michael. Disgusting Gary, Ind., trash. Why do these nothings need to live in mansions? Try living in a "regular" Suburbian home and maybe, just maybe, you can afford your bills.

1368 days ago


They all lived off of Michael. This whole family is nothing but a bunch of leaches. Apparently, this bozo does not pay for anything, just like his parent's. They sucked the life right out of Michael. He sould be in jail for not paying his child support. Lock him up dano.

1368 days ago


Starting from the very top Senior Jackson, Mrs. Jackson to Jermaine.. they all milked that cow (MJ) all they could- although, Mrs, Jackson is the only one well deserving of his royalties, afterall, she was his mother and best friend.

Jermaine should be ashamed of himself being in the financial state of ruin- not a good picture to paint to the public ESPECIALLY since he is out in the media-world. Meanwhile, Jermaine's children are doing WITHOUT while Jermaine lives at a mansion--"you reap what you sow" i.e. Thanks Joe Jackson.
Once Michael Jackson died, their cash cow died too.
Greedy, greedy family!

1368 days ago


I bet he could buy that house if he would sell his Vaseline for facial stock. I wonder how many times all the brothers call Janet for bail outs. What a bunch of idiots.

1368 days ago


What a sad excuse for a human being. On so many levels. At least he's not publicly begging for money "for the children" like that piece of garbage Nadya Suleman and then spending it on other things. Yes, he's trash, but he looks good compared to her.

1368 days ago


@62 Robert...Clever and Hilarious!

1368 days ago


I don't think the other brothers treated their children like Jermaine does. U don't hear all of the negative news on their peronal lives.

1368 days ago


What an A Hole. He has money to rent a place this huge but can't afford child support. I guess only a few of the Jackson brothers were smart with their money.

1368 days ago


me: exposure victim. Please stop showing his makes me cringe.

1368 days ago


And everyone thought Michael was just bad with his money. He was supporting that whole family and their kids! Rent, medical, cars, insurance, everything.

Miss you Michael

1368 days ago


Jermaine Jackson a VICTIM? ha ha ha ha ha

1368 days ago


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1368 days ago


I am asking why Janet Jackson refuses to help her big brother Jermaine financially. Maybe because Janet got fed up with Jermaine always living the rich life and expecting his brother Michael or his sister Janet or his old mama Katherine to pay his child support/house/utility bills.

1368 days ago

Oval Beach    

What a deadbeat worthless piece of plastic this bum is. Claims to have had $150,000 worth of items stolen from his home, behind on his child support by $100,000 AND he wants a judge to lower his support payments...worthless peice of crap if I ever saw one.

1368 days ago
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