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TRON Guy's Costume -- Banned from Movie Theater

12/22/2010 10:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

MILLIONS have viewed his YouTube videos -- but a movie theater in Minnesota doesn't care ... because we're told they won't let TRON Guy see the new remake in the costume that made him an Internet legend.

Tron Guy Costume

Jay Maynard -- who's been doing the Tron Guy thing since '04 -- tells TMZ, he gave his local movie theater a heads-up that he planned to see the new "Tron" flick in his famous costume ... but for some reason, they "adamantly" insisted he wouldn't be admitted if he suited up.

We don't know why management refused -- the suit OBVIOUSLY belongs in a museum -- but Maynard believes it's because his masterpiece is "too distracting."

Sidenote -- has anyone seen his stapler?


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As a fan of science fiction, I find it very hard to believe that a theatre would NOT welcome a fan (or group of) helping to promote the film! Personally, I have attended most of the Star Trek movies in uniform and did venture out for Star Wars 3 DVD release at a local Best Buy as DJ Vader, Darth's long lost cousin. Both the movie theatres and the local store involved LOVED the idea and it was neat to have people come to me asking questions about what the movie was about. Who says only Halloween is the day adults get to participate in what is known as 'cosplay' (Costume Play).... Comic Con, Toronto Trek, ShoreLeave, Creation Conventions all have unique and lively people in costume - Yes, we do have lives and are proud of our costumes!

1364 days ago


Note for Jay Maynard, dude, invest in a sport cup or a gaffe. Very nice costume, but the bulge below does not complete your look right. Some bulges can't be CGI edited in the real world.

I'm just saying.....

1364 days ago


Dude costume is awesome but it's for kids - BALLS TO THE WALL!

1364 days ago

Thom Rush    

Facebook Support Site:

1364 days ago


I agree with the theater. I'd pissed if I had to watch a movie with this jacka55 glowing around me.

1364 days ago


Reality stunt to make money. It might have caused a flood of idiots to show up and endanger people. He could have just showed up but "had" to call them and let them know. Pretty sure he has a publacyst by now and they called the theater and money was probably exchanged.

1364 days ago


His mangina is showing!!!

1364 days ago


They asked everyone to cover up or turn off their glowy stuff when I saw it.

Not that you would notice any of that during a 3D, IMAX movie that's ALL glowy stuff.

Just a theater policy.

1364 days ago


it has to do with the fact that the dudes pants are so tight you can tell what religion he is maybe if he covers up the MAN-GINA they would let him see the movie!!!!!!

1364 days ago


OOOHHHH, Look he has a Mooseknuckle!!!!

1364 days ago


This poor man-boy is very sick, he has narsissitic personality disorder. I bet he called TMZ to try to get on the show. Please don't pay anymore attention to him. He is an attention whore and you won't be able to get rid of him. Disney didn't want him to have anything to do with the new Tron movie because he is nothing but an obsessed fanboi that copied their stuff and he thinks he should be involved, i just dont get that.

1364 days ago


Oh come on! Lighten up movie theater operators. Let "Tron Guy" watch the movie with his suit on! He's not hurting anyone and he's been waiting a long time for this movie! Live a little and let him in. Don't be buzz kills. Cause those are the worst.

1364 days ago

Daniel Ramirez    

All the comments about the guys crotch are just so very stupid. Is that the first thing you all do is look at the guys crotch? Seriously. I think the theater should have let the guy in because he did call and inform them. In all honesty the lights arent even that bright, the movie screen would outshine the lights depending on where he is sitting. And I think it builds the excitement for other movie goers.

1364 days ago


Some people should NOT wear spandex and usually are the ones that should not that do. Ugh.

1364 days ago


Tron Guy has been around and proudly wearing that suit forever. You pervs dont have to look at his junk, theres much more to see here. It will be his happiest day ever when he gets to enjoy the movie in his tribute costume. This is america. Now the theaters are going to enforce dress codes? How about the 12 year olds in the micro-mini skirts and CFM shoes? Or the dirty smelly bums, or punks with tall hair? Are kids allowed to wear superhero costumes to movies? This is ridiculous.

1364 days ago
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