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Demi Lovato

Settles With Punch Victim

12/23/2010 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Demi Lovato reached a financial settlement with the female dancer she punched in the face on a private jet back in October ... TMZ has learned.


Under the settlement, Alex Welch will get money, though the amount is confidential.

Welch's attorney, Donald Karpel, tells TMZ, "The parties are satisfied and the dispute has been resolved amicably and completely."

As we previously reported, Lovato decked Welch with such force that the backup dancer had visible bruising on her left eye and cheek.

Lovato went to a treatment center shortly after the incident and claimed she felt "awful" about her behavior.



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You know, I noticed that the people who support Alex Welch tend to live in a world of PC ridden litigations. Where they feel that it’s ok to sue someone for a minor injury to same effect as suing someone for beating the crap out of them with a baseball bat. You guys say DEMI is the real bully and what not yet let me ask you something. How is someone a bully when their mindset isn’t even in the right place? You say it doesn’t matter but how is that possible when you can’t even think straight? The typical argument I hear these days when it comes to Demi Lovato is “Mental illness don’t real.”

Well then if you believe that Mental illness “don’t real” you have to believe that things like sickness and diabetes “don’t real” either. Because a healthy mindset needs to be supported with healthy emotional support. Just like a healthy body needs nutritious support to make it function. This is NOT an opinion. This is scientific fact. Not saying that what Demi did was right, but any decent human being won’t blame Lovato for acting mentally ill when she was suffering from a mental illness.

And speaking of Alex Welch, the little Ambulance chaser that could, Since you live in a world of pointless PC litigations and no room for logic, I’m just trying to understand your sue happy ways. This is the same type of mentality that would file a bogus malpractice suit lawsuit against a hard working doctor with just so he can get a few bucks. That’s ten times more deplorable than giving someone a black eye. That’s character assassination and that’s ten times more reprehensible than giving some one a facial boo boo that will heal in two weeks. But unfortunately Character assassination isn’t against the law. Which can do more damage than any sort of physical violence.

Sorry but no. The real bully isn’t the disney actress who is put under a microscope. It’s the red headed dancer who decided to make a mockery of this judicial system and turn little black eye into a ****ing media circus.

1402 days ago


wow she is stupid i liked her to

1400 days ago


"wow she is stupid i liked her to"

You actually liked Alex Welch? DUmb ass.

1400 days ago


alright 1 if your gonna comment to hate that dont comment at all because you haters are like little ants and everyone eventually you will get stepped on ! next demi lovato is not a druggy whore because last time i checked...she didn't Evan do drugs so you just made yourself look stupid ! ok and next give demi a brake shes going through alot she human and i know you hate it when people talk as much **** like you people are in high school some one said so who are these skanks their's a fight and you know what how are we so sure its about Alex snitching demi out ? maybe Alex was talking **** like you haters are ever thought of that and demi couldn't take it no more ....if you didn't think of it well than now think about it and do me a favor to all hater stfu or back the f up !

1399 days ago


wow demi lovato is so fake! she says she is a victim of bullying then punches a girl in the face WTF i knew demi lovato didnt just get bullied just becuz on the outside usually people get bullied on what they do and stuff if demi didnt disrespect anyone then she probably wouldnt have been bullied as much as she says and no offense but if demi lovato would have punched me in the face i would've kicked that bitches ass lolz im 13 but still if that girl would have put her hands on me i wouldve knocked the spit out her mouth lolz i dont play!!

1394 days ago


Wow some of you all are ridiculous with your comments! Here is some advice: If you don't like the story or the person IGNORE IT!

1387 days ago


demi is amazing and i find it wierd that all these backup dancers that where touring with demi r saying all theses things they r sappose to be her friends, if i where her friend i would never talk about what happened i would keep it between me and her. i dont get why this grl that got punched is wanting all the attention, now i feel like punching her!!!! all the fans care about is demi getting better! we dont care about this dancer, no one even nows her name!

1386 days ago


i'm a little shocked by this story demi seemed like one of the only disney stars left to understand she is a role model for alot of young girls but i guess not..
it's really sad this human being doesn't realize her actions in the public eye are affecting so many girls. she could put her fame to good use but instead she's just another public face making this world more messed up.

1372 days ago



1369 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

next time, just use a baseball bat!! lol!!

1327 days ago

youve just been p*wned!    

oh puhleeeaze, ppl, not everybody is perfect in this world, i bet none of you bitches talking **** of demi can actually even be in a "pro-active" commercial, shes actually talented believe it or not, not like skanky-hillbilly, miley fugly cyrus, if you wanna talk about skanky, drug infested, red neck, non-talented whores, miley should be the one! and as for the "victim" HAHA! what a *****! you attention whore!

1312 days ago

Sandra DeVaughn    

that's Demi Lovato she's a disney channel star the red haired one is alex welch her back up dancer demi had every right to punch her in the face i would've done the same thing and for the record demi is not doing any drugs she is physically healthy well other than anorexic and her eating disorder yes she's healthy and all of you that's saying bad things about her just leave her name out of your mouths if you don't have anything good to say keep it to yourselves i am 14 years old and i will beat ya'll asses or me and demi will jump ya'll and this is coming from a true lovatic Sandra DeVaughn and yes i mean every single word she's a good girl and eveybody is messing things up for her by making rumors about her she got it bad enough just leave her alone the rumors was spreaded by alex wasn't it i wish i was up there i would've punched her in the face for demi but yeah leave her alone let her live life without you guys being haters thank you point blank period bye

1235 days ago


@marissa you don't play but you talk **** on the Internet? Lol if you got punched in the face by anyone, you would cry like a little bitch, **** off ****.

1121 days ago
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