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Kelsey Grammer -- $50 Million Will Set Him Free

12/28/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey and Camille Grammer will divide up a 9-figure pot of gold, and Camille will walk away with more than $50 million ... sources connected with the divorce tell TMZ.

As TMZ first reported,  the couple never signed a prenup, which means all earnings during the marriage are divided 50/50. 

We're told during their 13 years of marriage, the couple amassed a fortune in excess of $100,000,000.  Much of it was invested in real estate. They have homes in the Holmby Hills area of L.A., Malibu,  Hawaii, the Hamptons, New York City and Colorado.  

Our sources say when they married Kelsey was strapped for cash, but turns out Camille is savvy in the business department and taught Kelsey a thing or two along the way. One person familiar with their finances says, "They made a lot of smart decisions. They were really a good team."

Sources say the couple is working out a financial settlement, made complicated by the fact that some of the properties -- like Hawaii -- are in the toilet because of the economy.

We're told no real "Cheers" money is coming in, but "Frasier" is still a cash register and Camille gets a cut.


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give her the money and run Kelsey!!! She is just crazy and you would be better off! Get RID OF HER!!!!

1393 days ago


i've never been a fan of kelsey grammar, so it even surpirses me that I am on his side on this one.Camille Grammar is the WORST and i wish there was a loophole that resulted in the original gold-digger, Camille, not getting ANY money.

1393 days ago

Big D    

She's a gold digger. Plain and simple. She's just the typical LA female out for the rich man's money. Too many gold diggers in LA. Something needs to be done. 50 million bucks?!!! Are you kidding me? Men get screwed in a divorce. Getting married to a female is like playing Russian roulette...especially in LA. Kelsey's getting screwed big time. No female is worth 50 million! What a joke!

1393 days ago


People are quick to judge but when it comes down to it any woman would want to walk away with a nice settlement if they were in the same situation. That doesn't mean you are a gold digger just practical. Also people have been quick to dismiss Camille but if what is said here by TMZ is correct then it looks like Kelsey got a better deal out of the marriage than Camille did. I don't think Camille will be broke any time soon.

1393 days ago


Can you people NOT read? SHE is the one that made the money! He was BROKE!! She isn't a golddigger.

1393 days ago


They were not happy and let them just move on.

1393 days ago


Kudos to Disturbed he/she is 100% right.
If you're not liquid then you're nothing right now.
Camille is NOT business savvy, she is WHORE savvy.
Kelsey is a classically trained and accomplished actor, if anybody hating on him looks at his resume or ever tried to act.
Unfortunately he, like most men, can't be alone, and ropes in young cuties by offering marriage.
Who the hell would want to get married again while just starting a divorce???
Insecure love addicts.
And addict is an addict no matter what the drug.

1393 days ago


Damn, $50 million for a piece of plastic a**! What's he thinking, what an idiot!

1393 days ago


I think $50 million is fair. He walked out of the marriage and 13 years is pretty long for Hollywood. If I were Kelsey, tho, I'd definitely get a pre-nup if he marries the 'other' woman.

I think he is funny. I loved his show Fraiser. Yeah, Niles stole the show but it was all around cute.

1393 days ago


kelsey likes them young girls

1393 days ago


So why do homosexuals in CA or any where want to get married again? Oh, I know so they can force the Christians & others who disagree witht heir lifestyle chocie to have to accept them & it is their way of saying screw you. Wait til a few of the rich ones have to come off with 50% of their money every time, LOL

1393 days ago


Which of her paid friends passed along the nonsense that she is business-savvy? Yeah, right. *buzzer sound*

1393 days ago


No prenup. Now THAT'S funny. What a dumbass...

1393 days ago


Ahhhhh, only in America.

Some of these posts are a kill. 50 million ain't enough huh? By todays standards and all......I guess some of you have been raised to think when you get married you start to compile what your worth is huh?

Unreal. We get one go-around folks. Just one. Even if there is a set of Gates's waiting for us, which if one has sense they know there isn't. So, would you want that kind of life or marraige?

I guess I should be thanking my lucky stars, I have enough to live on and then some, like most. I'm happy, married, have kids and grandkids, not old, but certainly not young. Younger than Ms. Grammer and I have more common sense.

The day I would ever be foolish enough to go on a stupid reality show. None the less one souly surrounding my life for the world to see and judge me in a public forum...

Ahhhh, yes, only in America. We are truly heading for the toilet. Slapping these losers on TV for 'entertainment'.
Really? I don't care how much cash this makes any of them.

They have horrible reputations, zero character, and no class or commonsense. They have zero real friends either. They talk smack about one another, and behave like teen age girls.

I bet their husband's LONG for a normal, grounded, unselfish, less attention wanting, confident, personality in a wife and mother of his children. Some natural beauty without all the 'Dentist office visits' cutting up their faces. Some attention paid to HIM instead of the beauty salon.

Whatever, I have to vent when I see GROWN women behave like morons, we just get better when we age.....usually. So THIS makes me NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1393 days ago

Kate Kahn    

I have caught a couple of "The Real Houswives of BH" and find it hilarious that the arch bitch "medium/clairvoyant" nastily made comments on someone's marriage breakup but never saw that best friend Camille was headed for the dumpster. Too funny!

1393 days ago
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