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Kelsey Grammer

Wants Quickie Divorce

to Remarry

12/27/2010 3:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer has asked a judge to put a rush order on his divorce from Camille Grammer, so he can marry his girlfriend ... TMZ has learned.

Kelsey is asking the divorce judge to grant the divorce decree asap, and leave all of the money issues for later.  In legalese, it's called "bifurcation."

Under California law, a divorce can become final 6 months after a petition is filed.  Camille filed on July 1, 2010 ... so if the judge grants Kelsey's request for bifurcation, he can marry Kayte Walsh Saturday, January 1.  Kelsey and Kayte have been engaged for several months.

There were reports Kelsey was trying to keep Camille from grabbing his pension benefits -- but in fact the pension papers are merely a formality which is required when someone files to bifurcate.

UPDATE:  A friend of Camille's tells TMZ, Camille "is not surprised but continues to be disappointed at Kelsey's immature and disrespectful behavior."



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Chris O.    

did i mention the new "girl" is just about as trash homely in the face as a man can get?
whatever happendd to money buying you the hot chicks? not this fatass beast who is waiting to get pregnant so she can get her hands on his money.
what a sloppy pig that"flight attendant" kayte walsh is.
Camille looks like skeletor's younger beat up low estrogen sister, but its still a downgrade.

1362 days ago


If you think a man's wife is a horrible person you have to also look at the man who married her. There was something about her that appealed to him. If she is really horrible then what does it say about him that he picked that kind of woman? He did marry her and stay with her for 14 years. What does it say about a man's connection to his children that he would rush into a new marriage before letting his children heal from the break up?

1362 days ago


What is immature and disrespectful about this? The only reason she'd be upset about this (not the whole relationship, just this petition) is that she still wants to be Mrs. Grammar. Since this won't affect the money issues why not make the separation final?

1362 days ago


CAMILTOE is a deranged, evil woman. I wish Kelsey all the happiness in the world. Even Camiltoe's kids don't want to live with her. Google 'stoopid housewives' for some great HW stuff... bookmark it.

1362 days ago


That DB needs time with Dr. Crane if he dumps that P.O.A. She is serious sack time stuff. I'd like to try to break it off in that!

1362 days ago


Many men are unable to be alone and as such they end up being serial-marriers. Personally, I cannot stand people, men or women, who are unable to entertain themselves, who are afraid of being alone and fearful when they're not in a relationship. They're desperate for another person to validate them. It's sad because it's those quiet,alone times when we learn the most about ourselves. Obviously Kelsy's one of those insecure people and in my eyes that makes him someone to pity.

1362 days ago


Kelsay just wants Camille to "SHINE" and leave him the hell alone! All that bitch deserves is.... NOTHING! She's so stuck up she couldnt even carry her own children.. Kelsey get everything and leave Camille to her Drunken Medium friend

1362 days ago


Pathetic plastic people

1362 days ago


If Camilee is considred a "gold-digger" by some, tell me who can marry Kelsey Grammer that is NOT a gold digger? Is there anybody? Anybody he dates or marries will always be called a gold-digger just because he has made some money. FYI...he did not have all that success and money when Camille first married him 14 years ago. I don't mind Camille at all....and I love her medium friend Allison Dubois......especially b/c she told that Kyle chick on RH of BH what a total POS she is and what a sham of a marriage she has....which is probably sooo true!!!!

1362 days ago


What I would love to know is why all the women on here on putting down Camille? Why do women constantly put down other women, and then claim to be feminist? This Kelsey jackass cheated on Camille, and is most likely going to do it to this new woman. Why do you concentrate your vile comments and vitriol at Camille instead of the cheater? Women should stick together. When we turn on each other, it makes us look weak and stupid.

Camille did not deserve this, and I'm quite sure Allison Dubois DID see this coming, doesn't mean she can STOP it! Some men are just dogs. Why is Kelsey SOOOO desperate to get married again? Afraid his fiance will find out who he really is and leave? I mean he is really quite nasty looking, so looks are not his strong point, he's only got money left going for him.

Did anybody ever watch his POS show anyway? I sure as heck didn't, and I certainly won't watch anything he's in now....I like watching men with a little class and maturity.

1362 days ago

summer days    

Looks like he left the glamourpuss wife for a younger, normal looking girl next door.


1362 days ago


I agree Summer days! He didn't act like a honest guy but watching the Housewives of Beverly Hills I understand why he was craving for a girl next door partner. Camille is not a nice woman at all, she is quite evil I should say. . The way he dumped her it tells how deeply disappointed he was at Camille.

1362 days ago


Rebound marriage? It won't last long.

1362 days ago


Wow, comments on here are pretty shallow and cold. Do any of you know his new gal? Do you really know Camille? All we know of any of these people is what we see from EDITED film, where everything is taken out of context. I wish Kelsy well, have always enjoyed his acting and care nothing of his personal life. Camille seems victim of intense insecurity.

Posted at 11:26 AM on Dec 27, 2010 by b boop

I agree with you about Camille being a victim of intense insecurity. I remember shortly after she and Kelsey got together; he had crashed his car in a serious accident because of his drug and alcohol abuse. Camille stuck with him through thick and thin, actively helped him to overcome his demons, and put aside her own dreams of a career while trying to provide the stable home life with their children that he *said* he wanted. I personally believe the reason she is "messed up" now is largely due to the way Kelsey has treated her all these years. He is an arrogant, self-absorbed, pompous *** who has thought of no one but himself. He in all likelihood insisted on her getting plastic surgery because HE is the one obsessed with being young. You only have to look at his new girlfriend to see that. He is a great actor but a horrible man, and I hope Camille takes him to the cleaners!!!

1362 days ago


That information is NOT true. The law states you can become "legally" divorced or in legal terms, "take status" six months AFTER service on the party or after the first appearance by the Respondent. NOT six months after the Petition is filed.

1362 days ago
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