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Kelsey Grammer

Wants Quickie Divorce

to Remarry

12/27/2010 3:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer has asked a judge to put a rush order on his divorce from Camille Grammer, so he can marry his girlfriend ... TMZ has learned.

Kelsey is asking the divorce judge to grant the divorce decree asap, and leave all of the money issues for later.  In legalese, it's called "bifurcation."

Under California law, a divorce can become final 6 months after a petition is filed.  Camille filed on July 1, 2010 ... so if the judge grants Kelsey's request for bifurcation, he can marry Kayte Walsh Saturday, January 1.  Kelsey and Kayte have been engaged for several months.

There were reports Kelsey was trying to keep Camille from grabbing his pension benefits -- but in fact the pension papers are merely a formality which is required when someone files to bifurcate.

UPDATE:  A friend of Camille's tells TMZ, Camille "is not surprised but continues to be disappointed at Kelsey's immature and disrespectful behavior."



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I think Kayte is much prettier than Camille...let's hope her personality is too!! I agree that Kelsey should have had a cooling off period, but who knows how long he has tried to get away from Camille. She/Camille just seems very manipulative and kind of "crazy", in my opinion. He probably had to divorce her from a distance.
Good luck Kelsey and Kayte. I hope you are happy together and you include his children in your lives.

1396 days ago


I would want a fast divorce from Camille too. She comes off as very fake and mean spirited. Just another one of the gold diggers in La la land. Do not get me wrong Kelsey is gross too. I would hate to wake up to that every morning. Ugly!

1396 days ago


I think she made a huge mistake going on BHHW...she is making herself look like a total ass....poor kids!

1396 days ago

camille suxs    

Camille is trash best wishes Fraiswer

1396 days ago


Isn't she a recovering pole dancer? Not sure, but that's what I heard. Also heard she was a prostitute. Social climb is definitely on the rise...all divorced BH housewives seem to get screwed. Maybe she should screw her buddy on RHOBH...looks like they are doing it anyways.
BTW...does she have a lazy eye, or is it just misbehaving?

1396 days ago


can't believe all the negative stuff about camille-yeah shes weird and a plastic surgery addict,but Kelsey started affair,gets a nobody and an ugle woman pg,then ditches his own 2 kids on the holidays! he is no man! i hope they all go to hell!

1396 days ago


Good luck to Kelsey and his new bride. I just wanted to join others to say what a lucky break for Kelsey! That Camille is a horrible liar, mean spirited, and too ugly for Kelsey! Money may all be all she has, it will be a bitter end for this gal. Any man who takes up with this tramp is sure to regret it.

1396 days ago


Doesn't anyone find it strange that the younger version of Camille was pregnant and "lost" the baby only after the marriage scandal broke? That he pulled strings to get her on the RHBH so he could relocate to NYC?

If anyone is a fan of Kelsey's you must remember his many drug related run-ins over the years. He was probably too incoherent to manage what money he was making at that time. Blonde doesn't necessarily mean empty-headed, people. Thank God for "Head for business and bod for sin," Camille! No prenup, infidelity & "child" out of wedlock? He's lucky Camille didn't have her lawyers flay him alive in front of that bar where everybody knows your name...

1396 days ago


The guy is a douche bag who treats all his women like ****. Look at his track record. All his ex's say the exact same things about him, the real him not the actor. He abuses them while with them and there after. He hates woman. His new rodent like wife to be will see and feel the same when she get's to know the real him and not the act.

120. I read that he forced her to have a abortion because the child might not of been his. Apparently the new chic had several sperm donors at the time they had their adulterous affair. Who knows and who really cares in the end he'll do whatever he wants because he was famous at one point and celebrities get free passes but it doesn't mean his not a complete lowlife.

1396 days ago


They are all nuts. And Kayte's turn may be sooner than later. How long does she 'dream' they stay wed?? Look at the way he has treated not only the soon to be 'ex', but the son and daughter. Doesn't matter how full of herself the 'ex' may be. Kayte's a fool to not see she's next.

1396 days ago


Once again we see...there's no fool like an old fool. Yes Kelsey look in the mirror!

1396 days ago


Camille is nothing with out Kelsey. Shes just a gold digger. Her medium friend is a big joke. I can't even see what Kelsey saw in Camille....she looks like a guy in drag....Sheesh My question is what were ya thinking Kelsey!!!!??? Atleast this lady is nice looking.....

1396 days ago


Camille is a heinous person - that in no way excuses Kelsey's behavior. He is disgusting. He has a record of trading in one stripper after another after abusing them. He did not pay child support way back when to some of the many children he has left behind him. He stayed with Camille for 14 yrs so obviously he liked something about her - she didn't chain him to the bed (at least not for the full 14 yrs). He hooked up with the ugly, morally bankrupt (ha!) fligt attendant while he was married. She is a s***bag too. Impregnating her while married to Camille is the cruelest of acts &, for once, karma did it's thing. What a bunch of s***bags.

1396 days ago


Cut the trash a check Kelsey and know it was cheap at any cost to get rid of Camille.
Your new little darling is just so precious.
I wish you all the luck and the love in the world.

1396 days ago


NO PRENUP???? Proof positive his "intellectual" characters on Cheers and Frazier were a complete act! The height of stupidity, no matter how low on money he may have been, I could see this coming when he married Barbie... I mean Camille.

1396 days ago
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