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Raz B to Chris Brown: It Was Never About Attention!

12/30/2010 5:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Raz B is lashing back at Chris Brown ... insisting yesterday's explosive Twitter incident was "not about receiving attention" -- as Brown insisted -- but was about standing up for what he felt was "right."


In the wake of Brown's apology, Raz has issued an apology of his own to TMZ -- saying, "I want to publicly apologize for my direct attacks done out of anger. This is now about taking the right approach, so not only my story can be heard, but so someone learns something valuable."

As we previously reported, Raz ignited the war by tweeting incendiary comments to Brown about the Rihanna incident. Brown reacted to Raz with a slew of racist and gay slurs. Raz then fired back with gay slurs of his own.

Raz adds, "Standing up for yourself does not mean yelling or victimizing others and I sincerely apologize for that.  I was told that 'you can’t hear my message if I’m screaming.'”

As for the death threats Raz B's brother made towards Brown, Raz's rep tells us Ricky Romance's opinions and statement do not reflect how Raz feels -- adding,"Raz B cannot control his brother being protective over him."


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hahahahahaha!Good job with showing that you arent ignorant.

1392 days ago


Yep raz b sure isnt doing this for attention

Razb twitter
And thats your history! you cant run from it! #WomanBeater!!!!! #WomanBeater!!!!! #WomanBeater!!!!! #WomanBeater!!!! now back to your ex about 7 hours ago via web

1392 days ago


Raz B iz a hater nd he does anything for attention nd chris brown who i love dearly shout out to chris brown #teambreezy all day had a right to say what he said first of all Raz b started it and chris finished it like chris is not bout to just sit there and be disrespected like dat and i feel that chris is not in the wrong so before you try to comment or judge go on twitter and read them yo self i witnessed this and Raz b rihanna dont want you so STOP it!!! you embarrassing yo self lil bitch

1392 days ago


Raz B didn't you already tell this story years ago? Is this really your comeback by picking the artist thats at the top of his game? Really? TMZ and other blog sites like this are ALWAYS the first to bash Chris! And racist? I can go back to the whole fight and see that Raz B was using the quote unquote "n- word" too. TMZ please do more research and don't assume Chris is the only bad guy.

1392 days ago


Chris Brown is always apologizing for something. It's just for little things like beating up your girlfriend and being homophobic.

1392 days ago


All I know of Chris Brown is that he's constantly apologizing for something. Just little things like beating up your girlfriend and being homophobic. Maybe he might consider a career as a redneck.

1392 days ago


Times like these, the true fans come out!
Chris Brown went off on Raz B, and Raz B was talking all that ****.
either fault both, or just mind ya motha ****in business.
raz-b was wrong too,
raz-b just thought he was gonna run his mouth and get away with it
but chris came for that ass!
they just making raz-b the victim cause that ***** got told!

1392 days ago


Raz B is immature for lying about serious matters that children suffer from everyday, and also for bringing up the Rihanna-Chris Brown topic on twitter. The public has already criticized and put Chris Brown and Rihanna through enough. Although, Brown was wrong, he has apologized, and is taking steps to become a better person. Raz B needs to grow up and find another hobby, music didn't work for him, niether did starting twitter beef or lying. Chris Brown is a wonderful entertainer my only advice to him is to ignore people who are trying to bring you down. Block Raz B from you twitter and keep on striving for success.

1392 days ago


I dont agree with a man hitting a woman thats wrong. But it happened 2 years ago If Raz wanted to support Rihanna he should have opened his mouth and spoke on it 2 years ago. Now he brings it up now ATTENTION NEEDY GTFO Yall wanna support Raz **** started ass fine. But its clear he is not doing it to support Rihanna he did it for his own purpose and he got it cause now his ass is in the news guess he is happy. Every body make mistakes and is not perfect damn get off Chris Brown **** let the brother be. I love Chris Brown and Rihanna there both talented and like I said before Hitting a woman is not the way to handled a problem he was young and that was stupid. But he has to deal with that his whole life. Women is abused every day in our society and those men is still free ...Umm wheres there justice there. They just focused on to celebs because they are in the spot light. Raz needs to stfu up yo days been over b2k is gone and down the drown stop being bitter cause you cant get back on top yo ass should have said something 2 YEARS AGO U WANTED ATTENTION YOU GOT IT. AINT NO DAMN BODY PERFECT UNLESS YO ASS IS GOD.

1392 days ago


Chris Brown, Chris Brown supporters, Raz B and this "Ricky Romance" are all prime examples why parents need to put more effort into raising their children. And they should all have their computers taken away.

1392 days ago


A real man would bust a cap in his a$$

1392 days ago


Raz B????Who the hell is that?The bottom line is HE started it!The Razzy can dish it but can't take it I guess.Picking on Chris Brown is like poking the bear in the cage.Chris has made a lot of positive changes in the last years and accepted/completed what the courts expected of him so........why put someone down when they are doing so well?Jealousy is all it appears to be.Raz must be mad that Chris is a decent human being now.What's this about being molested Razzy and still hanging with the dude that poked ya with his dode?It appears you need the therapy help now.I'm sure Chris has some #'s for ya since he did his due dilligance!People change.......I feel Chris has and he paid dearly for it.Soooo, you mentioned yr daddy in jail?When he is "rehabilitated" and has done his time as his peers seemed necessay---------do you think he should continue to pay?Grow up Raz.You wanting to live the dream but you got no light and you hating on others who are talented!!!P.S. I hope Chris presses charges against your old man river bro.Helloooooo!!!!!!!That was a death threat and a feeble one at it too (= Razz B I give you this years Razzy award for sucking big time.

1392 days ago


Raz B is a user. He has used the rape angle, the gay community, Omarion/Stokes/MH etc. Everything he does is plotted. He's a snake and not trustworthy. He's desperate for attention, and probably still needing serious evaluations from being raped as a child. It's like a bug, you just need to swat it and see it fly away instead of going out of your way to smack it and it getting mad. What needs to happen now is Raz B is blacklisted. Because he's doing things solely for media attention. Time to pull the rug.

1392 days ago


Raz B and Chris should fight! I would like to see that on Payperview.

1391 days ago



That whole entire conversation was so funny to me. Man I laugh so dang hard at Raz B and Chris. And then when Omarion and those other guys jumped in, that was stupid funny too. Can anyone remember when, dudes use to talk like this in the school hallways and on the bus? I can, the only difference now is that we have proof of who said what! In the past, all this would have amounted to nothing but a few bruised egos and maybe some payback ranking.

Still, Chris had to come out and apologize because his homosexual comments may come across as anti-gay. In my opinion, they were; but the comments were directed at Raz B and not at the gay community. I think Chris’ comments were more about Raz B’s accusation about him getting molested by his people in his camp then someone choosing a homosexual life style.

This entire situation was like watching a bad fight between two “punk ass” (inexperienced youth who think they are cool) kids, and then somebody’s brother, cousin and ex-best friend jumps in trying save the dude who was loosing (Raz B). Raz B was left alone because he was a LD kid suffering from emotional setbacks because he was molested as an adult. And the dude who got the best in the fight (Chris Brown) had to go to the office because he was the student body president and knew better lol!

Anyway, what this potentially means to Brown’s camp is basically less money because of a perceived diss to gay fans. Even though I think Raz B deserved it, Chris caught it in the jaw because he has more to loose than Raz B and all those other washed up “D**k in the **s” fools do LMAO.

1391 days ago
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