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Reggie Bush -- 'No Homo'

12/30/2010 9:00 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

In today's second gay-themed celebrity Twitter of the day, Reggie Bush asks: If someone says "no homo," is that offensive towards gay people?


For those unfamiliar, the term "no homo" is used (often in rap lyrics) to qualify a statement or compliment to a member of the same sex that they feel could come off as sounding "gay."

Although we're not Dr. Phil, we have interviewed him, and we're sure he'd say use of the term reveals an insecure need to prove one's heterosexuality by simultaneously distancing themselves as far as possible from being thought of as ... wait for it ... a gay person.

So is it offensive? Well, imagine if someone said, "I love rap music ... No black." Or ... "I'd like a bagel ... No Jew."

Seems the answer to your question Reggie ... is yes.   


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MJ is the Greatest of all    

I'm glad I'm white also. I don't get followed in stores, No po po choppers in my neighborhood, I can get a job, all kinds of other things. Posted at 4:25 PM on Dec 30, 2010 by James

Most stupid post of the day. This one surely takes the cake ...

1370 days ago


The US seems to have its fair share or racist and homophobic black people. But I still don't have a clue who this one is or why he is a celebrity? We all know by now what is offensive and whats not, so anyone still using the terms is idiot.

1370 days ago


BREAKING NEWS... Reggie Bush just tweeted something dumb, thank you TMZ!

1370 days ago


welcom to the minority Holly so what exactly do you do with your money? Help freinds family other losers? Mony goes poof huh?

In any event coggratulations u made it from tobacc picker to white mans step up for Holly yawn. what about the next generetion not good?

1370 days ago


TMZ...slow news day uh? This story is stupid! Cover the story on the old bat on Desperate Housewives who was caught on video making racist remarks towards Black people! Why Don't you cover that you hypocrites! You always defend white people when they make racist remarks towards Black People!

1370 days ago


Number 19, that made me laugh so hard I starting crying!!!! Thank you! I did need that today :))

1370 days ago

T Dogg    

"I love rap music ... No black." Or ... "I'd like a bagel ... No Jew."

I know they are trying to be funny and witty, but that is pretty racist in itself ya know? I did also like the "no talent" comment. The guy who wrote that is pretty swell in my homo.

1370 days ago

the truth    

he might be saying something about that no good rotten spoiled brat Kim kardashian because she did put him on the kardashian show on speaker phone and that was so wrong!! i hope he tells the world who the REAL KIM IS!!!!!! he might be getting even with her . i hope he is because what she did was so wrong! all for stupid ratings!

1370 days ago


Funny how TMZ didn't leave it to a poll. Guess they already know the vast majority would call B.S. on it.

So called "homophobia" has been tossed around so much, and been discussed so far beyond rationality, that no one cares much, any more.

1370 days ago


Are gay people offended by the term "reproductive organs"??

1370 days ago

Home Skillet    

Can we PLEASE stop automatically hanging the racist tag on white people? PEOPLE, in general, are racist - people are prejudiced in favor of whatever race they are a part of. That is they way it has always been. That is the way it will always be. BUT, it doesn't mean that someone OUTSIDE OF your race is any less - or more - than you. Judge people as individuals. Black people? This means you, too. Stop using your skin color as an excuse. White people? Just because a person is black or brown-skinned, doesn't mean they're going to rob you. Everyone needs to calm down about the different races - black, white, brown, yellow ... it doesn't matter. We all have hearts inside of us.

1370 days ago


Sorry tmz but no, see you gave examples of 2 RACES of humans compared to a sexual preferance. Gay is NOT the new RACE. I am pretty sick of all the progay crap now. It is the new "right" thing to do. Gay is wrong it always been wrong always will be wrong no matter what anybody says.

1370 days ago


Really Reggie! You cant be that dumb....

1370 days ago


I agree with TMZ's comment. I believe the answer would be yes for the very reasons they describe.

1370 days ago


It's only offensive if you live in California where everyone is gay or acts gay. In all other parts of the world, Homo is accepted terminology.

1370 days ago
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